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15 Whimsical Fall Baby Shower Ideas

Fall has snuck up on us. And if you’re planning a baby shower for yourself or a loved one, why not utilize the season as inspiration. From crisp, colorful leaves to the romance that surrounds these chilly, windy days, there’s so much that this time of year has to offer in terms of spirit. Check out these 15 whimsical fall baby shower ideas and see if one strikes your fancy. Take notes and get ready to celebrate that new baby!

1. Little Pumpkin

Little pink pumpkin baby shower idea

Creative Juice starts off our autumnal bridal shower fun with a “little pumpkin” themed event. Filled with pumpkin accents and treats, easily dipped in pinks or blues, this is the quintessential way to pay homage to the season as you celebrate. Of course, you can go with classic fall colors as well – orange and greens work too!

2. Vintage & Rustic

Rustic fall baby shower

Here’s some definite cozy vibes that come along with the fall months, and what coincides with that same comfort? Rustic styling, of course! And over at White Buffalo Styling Co.  you’ll be able to take a peek at a baby shower focused around those same country-inspired vibes. From wooden accents to cotton décor, every detail was made to perfection.

3. All About Football Football baby shower idea

What’s one of the major things that everyone looks forward to come autumn? Football season! And you can style an entire baby shower celebration around the pigskin if you’d like. Check out all the details behind this one over at HWM.

4. Charming Fox

Fox themed baby shower

Inspired Blog went with a red fox theme we love. You can go more stylish, girly or even more rustic with this one. But whatever the case, you can easily make it oh so charming. Add some plush foxes and a bout of turquoise to set off the red.

5. Apple of Their Eye

Apple of their eye baby shower

Fall is also apple season, so you can use that as inspiration too. Create a themed event like the one you see here from Enchanted Events & Design with some fun, apple-inspired treats and “apple of their eye” taglines for the entire event. You’ll love how spirited and unique this one is.

6. Camping “Out”

Camping themed baby shower

Style Me Pretty featured this fun setup on their site and we snatched it right up to inspire our readers. Autumn is also a great time for camping so focusing on that as the theme could be a really fun way to celebrate and plan! And that goes double for planning the menu, just look at this table!

7. Autumn Leaves

Leaf themed baby shower

The beautiful tones and leaves of the fall are the perfect way to set the scene for your autumnal baby shower. Salsuba gave us this gorgeous display and we gobbled up all of the rich colors and details – from the sunflowers to the paper Mache gourds on the table! If this is themed towards Thanksgiving you could also theme the menu around the holiday with miniature versions of the entire feast.

8. Ready To Pop

About to pop themed baby shower

“Ready to Pop” is a great baby shower theme – especially when you fill it up with all kinds of popcorn. Caramel corn itself is a staple of the fall months so make sure you add that in there as well. Baby Prepping served up this extra special idea.

9. Brunch Foods

Brunch style baby shower

Thanks to Pinterest, we got a hankering for a whole lot of brunch foods. And then we thought, why not create an entire event around this time of the day. Create a brunch-themed event with all the comforts and flavors of the best part of the week – just make sure the mimosas are nonalcoholic for the mom-to-be.

10. Parisian Sunflowers

Parisian sunflower baby shower

Sunflowers are a fall flower and just the thought of walking the streets of Paris in October has us swooning. Bring those two dreams together like Fete Fanatic did for a classic, chic bridal shower. Pops of yellow and a lot of Euro influence, it’ll be one of the most sophisticated showers around.

11. S’more Bonfire

Bonfire baby shower

Bonfires work well throughout September to November as well. And what goes great with a bonfire? S’mores do, of course! Make sure you serve these sweets up along with all the topping for your themed event like Mary Makes Good had in mind.

12. Halloween

Halloween baby shower

A to Zebra Celebrations went all-in with this Halloween themed shower. And we’re in love. There are so many different routes to take with this idea. From kitschy to a bit spooky, have fun with the menu and all of the intricate details you can add.

13. Movie Night

Movie night baby shower

One of the best parts about fall is all of the scary movies that come out in the theatre – in preparation for Halloween. So, we got to thinking, what better way to celebrate than with a “Movie Night” themed baby shower? Check out Mimi’s Dollhouse for some great inspiration and ideas!

14. Farm Boy

Farm boy themed baby shower

One Charming Party went the rustic route too. And this time it was with a “farm boy” vision in mind. Farmhouse style set-ups and comfort foods like savory pies and sweets, it’s an easy one to recreate but a lot of fun too!

15. Woodland Creatures

Woodland creatures baby shower

Rachel McCauley ends our fun with this woodland creature-themed cake that we found extra adorable. You can spring to life so many ideas with this one as well. Add in the fox, the rabbit, the porcupine too. It’s also a great route to take if you’re having a unisex kind of celebration!

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