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12 Essential Feng Shui Decorating Tips

Coming home shouldn’t cause more stress or anxiety. Instead, coming home should help reduce the affects of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. And that is where the laws of Feng Shui come in; these ideas focus on the flow of energy – positive energy. Familiarizing yourself with some of the tricks could help you start to cultivate a healthier space to enjoy throughout your days and nights. So, where do you start? Check out these 12 essential Feng Shui decorating tips and jot down some notes.

1. Choose Colors That “Spark Joy”

Feng shui color rooster

Yes, we’re taking phrase from the Marie Kondo playbook here. When choosing colors for your home, make sure they make you feel good. Don’t go with a trendy tone or shade you saw on Pinterest if it doesn’t make you feel right. (photo via)

2. Keep it Concealed (in the Bathroom)

Fengn shui neutral bathroom

Shut the door. Slide the shower curtain over. And keep the toilet seat down too. Why? Because in Feng Shui tradition water equates wealth, so let’s not give it any opportunity to seep from the house. This is more symbolic but keeping the bathroom spaces concealed will also make the area feel a lot tidier. (photo via)

3. Steer Clear Of  “Possible” Bumps & Bruises

Feng shui serene living room

What does this mean exactly? Well, place the furniture around the house in ways that don’t get in the way of the home’s natural pathways. When we walk around our space, we shouldn’t be fighting for footsteps. This creates a natural flow and balances to the rooms and hallways. (photo via)

4. No Backs To The Door

Feng shui home office

When it comes to the home office, don’t allow your chair to face away from the door. No one should walk in and be greeted by your back. Instead, situate your desk so that you’re no directly in front of the door but have a nice, full view of the entrance. (photo via)

5. Add A Higher-Up Focal Point (That You Love)

Feng shui bedroom with focal point