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These 15 Entryway Ideas Will Create An Even Warmer Welcome Home

Instead of walking into your front door and being greeted by a bare, dull corners, why not add a punch or two of style to make it a cozier entrance? These 15 entryway ideas will create an even warmer welcome home. From unique wreaths on the door to console tables filled with fashion-forward home decor, there’s just so many ways to personalize and decorate the foyer area. Let’s have a peek at what you can do with your own two hands and your own creativity – all while organizing for the family as well!

1. Farmhouse Bench

Diy farmhouse bench tutorial

Bentley Blonde has a DIY for a farmhouse bench that is truly the perfect addition to all kinds of entryways. From traditional homes to farmhouse-inspired, this piece will certainly help to dd a cozy flair. And it’s super easy to make too!

2. Metal Organizers

Organized metal baskets for entryway

We’re loving this DIY organizer idea from Cherished Bliss too. The mixed material vibe is super trendy but the overall setup will help out with the family’s biggest needs. Get all of that school stuff, those shoes, and the sports equipment up and off the floor of the mudroom or foyer and put them in bins instead!

3. PVC Pipe Shoe Storage

Entryway pvc pipes shoes storage

Homedit showed off this fun, DIY PVC pipe shoe organizer and we thought it was a great entryway addition as well. It’s funky, it’s stylish, but its super functional for the family as well. No more shoes in piles, instead, they’re easy to find and not causing a ruckus.

4. Trendy & Themed Decor

Themed and trendy entryway decor ideas

Theme your decor and have fun with it! Over at Flamingo Mango on YouTube, you’ll find tons of inspiration for decorating and styling your own entryway. Personalize, make it seasonal, but do anything but keep it dull and boring.

5. Built-In Lockers

Builtin family lockers entryway idea