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Cozy DIY Blanket Patterns That Will Keep Baby Warm on Winter Nights

Where we live, fall is slowly coming to an end and winter is fast on it’s way, so we’ve been rotating our closets. Each year around this time, we make sure to put all the light, summery clothing and linens towards the back of our closets until we need them again, pulling all of our warmest, thickest things to the front so we can grab them easily whenever we’re cold. Each year, however, we’re reminded that some of our blankets are getting a little worn, so we pack them up for donation and we make ourselves a few more! Without fail, this always fills our spare crafting time with requests for new DIY blankets for friends and family members. We try to actually make as many of these as we can for the people we love, but there’s one kind of cozy, warm winter blanket that we always make sure to get done: warm winter baby blankets!

Just in case you’ve been looking for toasty baby blanket patterns for this coming winter too, here are 15 amazing patterns that are perfectly sized for keeping the littlest members of your family warm without smothering them!

1. Dual sided cuddle fabric baby blanket

Dual sided cuddle fabric baby blanket

If you’ve never felt cuddle fabric before, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! Cuddle fabric is a super soft material that has little bumps scattered across its surface for some interesting, comfy texture and people often use it for baby blankets because it’s gentle on soft, sensitive skin. That’s why we’ve made this double sided cuddle blanket design from Orchard Girls so many times! They use cuddle fabric on one side and soft fleecy fabric on the other, giving you an opportunity to add some more colour and pattern.

2. Ribbon taggie blanket

Ribbon taggie blanket

When you make things by hand, are you always tempted to make the prettiest designs you can find because you find that people are more apt to take good care of wares that have lovely designs or keep them as heirlooms? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy this lovely little ribbon taggie blanket design from Domestic Charm! They guide you through the process of making a soft double layered blanket that features pretty loops of differently coloured and patterned ribbon all the way around like a border.

3. DIY personalized receiving blanket

Diy receving blanket with a name

Do you know someone who’s about to have a brand new winter baby and you want to make sure Baby is toasty warm on their way home from the hospital? Then perhaps a lovely little customized receiving blanket like this one from Inspired by family is the best idea for you! They show you how to make it thick and perfectly sized for swaddling, as well as how to add an applique name and a cute waving border.

4. Scrap fabric patchwork picnic blanket

Scrap fabric patchwork picnic blanket

Picnic blankets might be something you’ll use primarily in the summer, but we actually like to keep ours around during the winter too! Our picnic blanket certainly isn’t baby sized but we still use it for our little ones all the time when we go on family trips or do winter activities. We keep it in the back seat of the car to cover Baby on chilly morning drives to daycare or we grab it on our way out the door to wrap Baby in when we take winter hay rides at the local farm. Find out how to do some basic quilting on Vicky Myers Creations.

5. Cottage inspired double sided throw blanket

Cottage inspired double sided throw blanket

Do you like the idea of having a grab-and-go blanket that you can keep in the car and such in the winter but you’d rather make a basic cottage blanket than learn how to do a whole new technique in order to try quilting? In that case, we think you might prefer this double sided design from Making Lemonade! We love that it’s simple in construction and we also like the idea that you could make each side in any pattern or colour you please.

6. Easy minky blanket

Easy minky blanket

If you’ve never heard of a minky blanket before, you’re in for a nice surprise. Minky fabric is kind of like cuddle fabric but with more textured dots! It also comes in many different adorable baby colours, so it’s popular for baby blankets too. Check out how Sew Like Sisters made a double layered blanket from minky fabric and a soft, adorably patterned fleece.

7. Floor pillow and matching blanket tutorial

Floor pillow and matching blanket tutorial

Are your kids, babies, and toddlers always dragging their blankets downstairs with them on weekend mornings to curl up on the couch while they have breakfast and watch TV until the house warms up a little? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy this tutorial from Shannon Fabrics that shows you how to make not just a kid-sized blanket but also a matching floor cushion for them to sit on!

8. Fleece and faux fur blanket

Fleece and faux fur blanket

Did these softer blanket designs with cuddle and minky fabric catch your attention, but you’re still scrolling looking for the absolute softest blanket ideas you can possibly find? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at these faux fur and fleece blankets from The Creative Mom! They show you how to make another standard double layered blanket design but this time with faux fur on the softs ide rather than lightly fuzzy fabric. Check out their tutorial to learn some extra tips and tricks for working with fabrics that might shed when you cut them.

9. Personalized birth stats baby blanket

Personalized birth stats baby blanket

Have you actually been intrigued by several of the designs you’ve seen on our list so far but you’re still having trouble choosing between the blanket ideas? Well, who said you have to choose between them? We’re big fans of this design from Fireflies and Jellybeans because it combines double layering, minky fabric, quilting, and personalized lettering so you get a little bit of everything!

10. Ruffled baby blanket

Ruffled baby blanket

If you’re going to make a blanket that has some cute texture on one side, would you rather make the other side have something a little more unique and interesting about it too? In that case, we think you’ll appreciate this cute ruffled striping design from Our Thrifty Ideas! They show you how to seam together stripes in different colours and patterns, as well as how to use a thread pulling method to get that cute bunching effect.

11. Rick-rack baby blanket

Rick rack baby blanket

Are you looking for a blanket idea that’s quite simple to make but still has some cute visual appeal? Take a look at this adorable rick-rack blanket design from Pretty Prudent! They walk you step by step through the double layering process and show you, in just a few surprisingly simple steps, how to add a waving border edge using trim in contrasting colours.

12. Easy knotted monogram fleece blankets

Easy knotted monogram fleece blankets

Have you been scrolling through our list looking for a pattern that’s actually a lot easier to make then some of the things we’ve shown you because, even though your sewing skills are quite limited, you’re still intent on making your very own blanket? In that case, we think you should try your hand at making a knotted fringe fleece blanket instead! Polka Dot Chair shows you how to seam two layers together, cut the layers into fringe around the edge, and tie them in knots with their contrasting colour for a neat visual texture.

13. DIY arm knitting blanket

Diy arm knitting blanket

Do your primary blanket making skills actually lie in yarn crafts rather than fabric and sewing so you’ve been holding out for a blanket that uses your knitting skills, but you’d still rather have your blanket be a little more unique than the average knitted throw? Well, this arm knitted design from Pink When might not be baby sized, but we actually made ones of these and now we used it as a sort of folded cushion to throw Baby’s blanket over top so their tummy time is extra comfortable.

14. Ruffled edging baby blanket

Ruffled edging baby blanket

When we started talking about ruffles above, did you get excited because you were actually picturing ruffled edging that gives the blanket a really pretty, girly finish? In that case, this pattern from The Little Fabric Shop might be a little more up your alley! Their tutorial shows you once again how to make the standard double layered design, but they also walk you through the process of lining the edges with a slight pinch so the fabric ruffles all the way around. We love the idea of using a bright contrasting colour!

15. DIY muslin swaddling blanket

Diy muslin swaddling blanket

Do you actually live somewhere that has a fairly mild winter, so some of these thicker, fuzzier blankets might be a little bit overwhelming if you swaddle Baby in them? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to make this lighter muslin design that will keep a breeze off but still keep Baby toasty coming between the house and the car. The design is very easy and Must Have Mom lays all the steps out for you. We like the idea of using a contrasting colour of thread for the simple stitching around the edges!

Have you made other types of cozy blankets before that you or the friend or family member you gave it to loved but you don’t see a similar design on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to photos of your finished blanket in the comments section!

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