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Fun Emoji Inspired DIY Projects

Emoji faces make messaging your friends much more fun. The little faces are bright and friendly and they let your friends know how you’re feeling. Emojis can also add some fun to your DIY process! Check out these awesome Emoji-inspired DIY projects.

1. Emjoi macarons

Emoji macarons

Studio DIY shows you how to create Emjoi faces on delicious lemon macarons using the magic of icing pens!

2. Emoji pillows

Emjoi pillows

Choose your favourite Emojis and turn them into cuddle buddies! Life Ann Style shows you how to sew these simple pillows.

3. Painted Emoji shoes

Painted emoji shoes

Fabric paint gives you endless creative control when it comes to customizing sneakers! Try painting your favourite Emoji on the toe like Modcloth did.

4. Emoji embroidery

Emoji embroidery

The free Emoji needlepoint pattern on Miss Make shows you a fresh, trendy take on cross stitching.

5. Emoji greeting cards

Emoji greeting cards

Unbelievably Human‘s emoji greeting card idea is perfect for birthdays or friendly valentines.

6. Emoji coasters

Emoji coasters

Give your friends a smiley conversation piece at parties with these adorable DIY Emoji coasters by Lovely Indeed!

7. Emoji pinata

Emoji pinata

Studio DIY’s Emoji pinata idea brings a bit of trendy pop culture to a classic party activity.

8. Emoji Christmas ornaments

Emoji christmas ornaments

Lines Across shows you how to make these bright, hilarious ornaments for your Christmas tree. Who says Christmas decor has to be traditional?

9. Emoji clutch

Emoji clutch

A Beautiful Mess walks you through the steps for making these bright Emoji clutches that make a great statement pieces to any outfit.

10. Emoji Easter eggs

Emoji easter eggs

Emojis fun during any season! Check out how Studio DIY incorporated them as hilarious Easter decor.

11. Emoji pumpkins

Emoji pumpkins

Do you love putting out pumpkins at Halloween but wish you didn’t have to touch the slimy insides to carve them? Bespoke Bride uses Emojis to show you how much fun painting your pumpkins can be instead!

12. Emoji cupcakes

Emoji cupcakes

Cupcake Jemma has the perfect recipe for cupcakes that will suit your love for Emoji faces!

13. Vinyl Emoji purse

Vinyl emoji purse

In a helpful video, What Day Made walks you through the steps of sewing your own vinyl Emoji purse!

14. Emoji masks

Emoji masks

Sometimes all you need for a fun DIY project is some construction paper, scissors, and glue! Check out how Alice and Lois DIY made these hilarious Emoji masks.

15. Emoji manicure

Emoji manicure

Are you looking to add a playful touch to your regular manicure? Check out Stylaholic for a guide on how to paint Emoji nails!

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