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DIY Clutches Your Friends Will Envy

Treating yourself to an adorable new clutch is always a thrill, but making a new one yourself can be even more exciting. DIY clutches can be altered, embellished, or made to match your favourite outfit. Check out these great ideas for unique DIY clutches!

1. Faux bow

Faux bow clutch

Sometimes an actual bow is a little too much for your understated look. Try making a clutch with a faux bow like I Spy DIY did instead!

2. Adjustable chevron clutch

Adjustable chevron clutch

You can wear this clutch two different ways! Used the strap to make it a small purse or fold it down to actually clutch it. Brit + Co. shows you how it’s done.

3. Upcycled 80s sweater clutch

Upcycled 80s sweater clutch

Vintage sweaters from the 1980s are the shiniest, most colourful fabric you’ll find for miles around! Elle & Ish shows you how to upcycle a sweater you love the look of but won’t wear in terms of style.

4. Seashell clutch

Seashell clutch

Anna Wii‘s bohemian seashell clutch is perfect for beach vacations or an earthy style.

5. Blanket wrap clutch

Blanket wrap clutch

Do you have an old blanket or rug that you like the pattern in but don’t use anymore? Swell Mayde teaches you the steps for turning it into a folded clutch.

6. Suede envelope clutch

Suede envelope clutch

Design Love Fest‘s blue suede design can be worn fancy or casual, depending on what you pair it with. DIY items are versatile!

7. Glitter clutch

Glitter clutch

A glittered accessory will brighten up any day! I Am Style-ish gives you the steps for creating this subtly sparkly gold clutch.

8. Sequin clutch

Sequin clutch

Maybe you’re looking for more than a subtle sparkle? Check out this glamorous sequinned clutch idea from Hello Glow!

9. White envelope clutch

White envelope clutch

Bold patterns, loud colours, and minimalist chic all call for simple accessories. Get the look with this plain white envelope clutch from Behind the Seams.

10. Crystal clutch

Crystal clutch

Statement pieces are a necessity in every wardrobe! Big, brightly coloured crystals make Honestly WTF’s clutch pattern unique and exciting.

11. Neon snakeskin clutch

Neon snakeskin clutch

Who says you can’t mix a bold pattern and a bright colour every once in a while? See how Swell Mayde did it.

12. Photo clutch

Photo clutch

A print of one of your own photos makes for a meaningful accessory and conversation piece. Check out how A Beautiful Mess created this personal pouch.

13. Bright studded clutch

Bright studded clutch

Brit + Co. has the instructions for whatever size clutch, purse, or pouch you need! Colour coordinated your studs or choose ones that contrast the material of your purse.

14. Two tone folded clutch

Two tone folded clutch

Blueberry Ash teaches you how to created this gorgeous two toned clutch that has a bit of a tie dye sunset feel.

15. Clear box clutch

Clear box clutch

Swell Mayde‘s clear box clutch tutorial makes for a super mod, trend setting piece that your friends will want to recreate!

Have you made yourself another style of DIY clutch? Link us to a picture of your creation in the comment section!

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