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21 DIY Lego Trays and Organization Ideas

Legos are a childhood staple, no matter the age, gender, likes or dislikes – there’s truly something for everyone to dive into and play with when it comes to these fun building blocks. And if you’re like most homes with kids, you have tons and tons of them lying around the house, finding them in nooks and crannies throughout everyday. So why not create something for the kids to enjoy playing on and/or a means for the organization of these toys to become a bit easier? Take a peek at these 21 DIY lego trays and organization ideas now!

1. Travel Tray

DIY Travel Lego Tray

Save Money Live Joyfully created a travel tray, with containers, for her kiddos to enjoy when they’re on the go. No only is it easy to take to and fro, but it has the necessary compartments for organizing as well.

2. Serving Tray

DIY Lego Serving Tray

We’re used to seeing these kinds of trays used to serve our loved ones breakfast in bed. But, Busy Creating Memories took that idea up a notch by turning it into a portable Lego tray for her little girl.

3. Play Table

DIY Lego Play Table

Shelterness provides us with the most adorable and charming (and easy to create) Lego play table around! We love how it’s still super stylish but most of all, functional for the kids!

4. People Display

DIY Lego People Display

Do your little one’s have a large collection of Lego people? Well, with this idea from MondoCherry you’ll have a new way to display them and give the kids easy access to them as well.

5. Bin Table

DIY Lego Table

This combination of play table and bins for organizational can all be found over at Censational Girl. We love how it’s function and tidiness all in one great idea.

6. Board Display

DIy Lego People Storage

Here’s another display solution for all those Lego people you’re kids love. Clean and Scentsible grab a board, some black paint and black Legos as pedestals so each of the figures has a place to stay.

7. Under-the-Couch Storage


If you don’t have room in the bedroom but you do have room under the couch, create something similar to hideaway away the Lego chaos once playtime is over. Check it out at Smart Girls DIY.

8. Rolling Cart

DIY Lego Storage Cart

Grab a rolling cart and some containers while you turn it into a portable Lego corner. All of the details and ideas are at Apartment Therapy. How would the children not love this in their playroom?

9. Closet System

DIY Lego Storage

Thanks to Kids Activities you just found a new way to use those plastic show organizers that go on the back of doors. Separate by color or theme, either way, this is a super easy answer!

10. Tool Box

DIy Tool Box Lego Storage

You can even use a tool box to create a super cool way to organize and separate a big collection of Legos. Just like Raisin’ 4, the little dudes of the house will be super excited for this!

11. Bookshelf

Lego Bookshelf

Create a bookshelf for the playroom that you can stuff with baskets, containers and the like to organize the Legos. The key here is to do what Custom Made did by making a “Lego” styled bookshelf!

12. Bucket Storage

DIY Lego Bucket Storage

This Lego storage solutions is one of my personal favorites. Inspired Mama uses buckets and hooks to make an easy-to-use and grab organization for every piece of Legoland in your kids’ collection.

13. Portable Tray

DIY Portable Lego Tray

Here’s another portable option that we love! Hop on over to That’s My Letter and get firsthand know-how when it comes to creating one of these pieces for your kiddos.

14. Center Makeover

Jump on over to Cha Ching on a Shoestring and learn how to make one of these Lego center for your own home. Ikea comes into play in this project, another great hack to mark on the list.

15. Vintage Table

DIY Vintage Lego Table Redo

The Salvaged Boutique took a vintage table and did a complete revamp. Some paint, an added basket and a sheet for starting any Lego buildings or designs, this is a great way to create a table for the kids to enjoy.

16. Ikea Storage

DIY Lego Storage

If you hop on over to Scrapbook of Sorts you’ll find this Ikea hack where you can create an entire cubby and color-coding system for your kids’ large collection of Legos.

17. Storage Jars

DIy Lego Storage Jars

Obseussed took some older baby food jars and used them to build an array of Lego storage compartments. Making the jars into Lego heads was an added bonus, of course.

18. Under-the-Bed Storage

DIY Under the Bed Lego Storage

Storage Geek knows how to win the hearts of the ultimate Lego fan – and their mother. This keeps the chaos at bay but also gives the kids easy access to their favorite toy.

19. Travel Box

DIY Lego Travel Box

You can create travel trays, yes, but if you follow this idea from Love Them Madly, you can also create an easy travel Lego box. The legos go inside, tucked away neatly, and the play is done atop!

20. Ikea Table

DIY Ikea Lego Table

Check out “Santa’s” creation over at Simple Stylings. Taking some pieces from Ikea and creating a custom-built Lego tray for playing all day and then by nightfall, containers on the side for when it’s time to clean up.

21. At-Home Tray

LEGO Play Tray DIY Homemade

Mom Mart utilizes a cookie baking tray as well in her creation. We love how it easily makes a cozy spot for the kids to pull up a chair or just have on their lap as they start getting creative themselves with their building.

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