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15 Nails That Show Off Your Love For Green

Spring has sprung and now we’re heading into summer. With everything either already blooming or getting ready to, the scenery outside your front door is finally turning green once more. Embracing that colour scheme into your style is easy, even if you don’t have a lot of green clothing in your wardrobe. Try doing it through your nails instead!

Check out these 15 green nail designs that will keep you bright and summery.

1. Green with glitter Vs

Green with glitter

shows you how beautiful a light green can be with glitter, especially if you choose a glitter that has flecks of gold and green in it! Use strips of tape to help you create a very straight edge on the V-shapes, but make sure that polish is completely dry before you peel it off! Check out what we mean in this design by twi_star.

2. Green to black gradient glitter

Green to black gradient glitter

Keeping your nails very dark at the beds and gradually leading up into a very bright glitter creates an absolutely gorgeous contrast that highlights the green well. Lindsey’s Lacquers shows you a great example of this technique.

3. Glitter green with zebra stripes

Glitter green with zebra stripes

Are you looking for something a little more wild and full of personality? Give yourself a sparkly green base coat and cover it in black zebra stripes, just like Lindsey’s Lacquers did!

3. Sparkling green with butterflies

Sparkling green with butterflies

Lime green is one of the funnest nail polishes you’ll fine… except for lime green with glitter, of course! Break up all that brightness by carefully painting butterflies on a white accent nail, just like this design featured on Watch Out Ladies.

4. Green with confetti glitter

Green with confetti glitter

You can never have enough sparkly lime green, especially in the bright summer months! Lindsey’s Lacquers knows this too, so they’ve got another way to use it but still change it up: chunky confetti glitter!

5. Camo deep French nails

Camo deep french manicure

This style featured on Eyemasq combines shades of brown and green like you’d see in an army jacket, and we just adore how that looks with differently angled edges!

6. Forest green with a gold glitter accent nail

Forest green with a gold glitter accent nail

Rich greens contrasted against a rich gold glitter is one of our very favourite colour combinations. Alyce Paris agrees, and reassures you that this bright accent nail is perfectly on trend.

7. Dark green and silver French nails over light green

French manicure over light green

This nails is detailed but still totally doable, even if you’re not experienced at nail design! Livingly features this picture of a glossy mint based colour topped with a matte forest green, and finished with a strip of gold nail decal to solidly separate the shades in a visually appealing way.

8. Dark to light green gradient set

Light green gradient set

Sometimes a simple solid nail is enough style for one manicure, especially if you’re adding flair by making each solid nail an ever so slightly different shade of green. This picture form Kittie York shoes you how glamorous a subtle set gradient can be.

9. Lime green glitter French nails

Green glitter french manicure

Are you still not over the idea of amazingly bright lime green nails? Don’t worry, we’re not either! Help the colour stand out especially well by pairing lime green glitter tips with a completely clear base, just like these ones from Unique French Manicures.

10. Green gradient stripes

Green gradient stripes

Do you like the idea of a gradient but want it to be a little more obvious than one nail at at time? Try this technique by White Lights on Wednesday! Stripe several shades of green down each nail, graduating from lightest to darkest or vice versa.

11. Grey glitter with lime green tips

Grey glitter with lime green tips

Now that you see this picture from The Gloss, you’re probably as shocked as we were to realized that there is actually a bright shade of green out there than lime! This ultra cheerful neon green stands out beautifully against a glittery charcoal base.

12. Green and gold half moon nails

Green and gold half moon nails

If you’re a regular nail design enthusiast and you’ve had your fill of coloured tips, why not switch it up a little? Instead, try adding your contrasting colour in a half moon shape at your nail beds. Green and gold is a classic combination, but the design is unique!

13. White with green glitter beds

White with green glitter beds

If you like the idea of a “reverse manicure” look but the solid half moon nail beds aren’t flashy enough for you, try fading glitter up from the beds instead! We love how this green glitter in Nail Splash‘ dissipates until the rest of the nail is simply white.

14. Kiwi nails

Kiwi nails

Time for something super fun and totally out there! You can’t get much more bright, fun, and summery than a manicure inspired by your favourite green fruit, right? It’s a detailed look but, as you can see in this picture from Winkgo, it’s not too difficult!

15. Sparkling bright green ombre

Sparkling bright green ombre

This style featured on MTV combines flashy techniques so you get the very best look! You’re using your brightest green, your darkest green, your ombre skills, and your glitter polishes. The final product is worth the work!

Have you created other gorgeously green nails that you don’t see in our list? Share them with us in the comments section!

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