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25 Adorable and Easy-to-Make Baby Accessories

Dressing baby is loads of fun. Tiny pants, tiny socks, tiny dresses and more; it can be overwhelming creating an entire wardrobe from scratch but it can also be such a highlight when planning for a baby’s arrival. And, as we all know, accessories can make or break an outfit.  When they’re miniature-sized, they’re even more charming and adorable. Whether it be for a baby shower, welcome-home gift or you’re just feeling crafty for your new bundle of joy, DIYing comes in handy for all facets. Let’s have a look at 25 accessories that are not only stylish for baby but easy-to-make too!

1. Baby Polka-Dot Bow Tie

DIY Baby Bow Tie

Create yourself an entire collection of baby bow ties that will spruce up your baby bow’s onesies and button-up’s alike for Sunday church or birthday dinners with the family. {found on Perks of Being a Housewife}

2. Baby Felt Flower Crown

DIy Felt Flower Crown

Learn how to create these gorgeous felt flowers and then place them around a wire, lace or anything you’d like in the making of your baby’s first flower crown! {found on Bkids}

3. Baby Nautical Suspenders

DIY Baby Suspenders

Keep the little one’s pants from falling off or just jazz up his outfit a bit with some adorable suspenders. Go from drab to chic in the blink of an eye (and DIY!). {found on Cotton+Curls}

4. Baby Printed Pacifier Clips

DIY Baby Pacifier

For little boys and girls alike, their pacifiers are must-haves for the first few months. So why not create an attachment that’s not only functional but stylish too! {found on DIY Mommy}

5. Baby Leg Warmers

DIY Baby Leg Warmers

Great for playing around the house or keeping warm during the chillier months. They make onesies look better and boots look even more adorable on little feet. {found on Chasing Shiny Objects}

6. Baby Leather Moccasins

DIY Baby Moccasins

We’re absolutely in love with this ingenious DIY. Made from an older leather jacket, learn how to use a bit of leather to create some posh new moccasins for you bundle of joy. {found on ChucksforChancho}

7. Baby Gold Belt

DIY Gold Baby Belt

And here, teach yourself how to create a baby belt! Go for the gold for your little princess or pick something a bit more subtle for your little boy. {found on See Kate Sew}

8. Baby Barefoot Sandals

DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals

We find barefoot sandals adorable in all sizes, but especially charming when they’re complimenting tiny baby feet. Learn how to make a pair for your daughter with this t-shirt tutorial! {found on U Create}

9. Baby Fabric Flowers

DIY Baby Flowers

Attache them to jackets, headbands and more! These no-sew fabric flowers are incredibly versatile for a variety of accessorizing and styling needs. {found on Ruffles & Stuff}

10. Baby Knotted Headband

DIY Knotted Baby Headband

Have fun choosing your fabrics and creating an entire collection for your baby girl to adorn herself with and dawn all year long with every outfit. {found on How Does She}

11. Baby Carrier Teething Pad

DIY Teething pAd

Not only is this DIY functional but you get to jazz up yourself and your baby! This bit of print – that also acts as a teether – spruces up the overall look of carrying your baby throughout the day. {found on Burlington VT Moms’ Blog}

12. Baby Hair Clips

DIy Baby Hair Clips

If your baby is lucky enough to have a bit of hair, you may want to look into creating some snazzy clips to dress up some outfits. Just look at these beauties and learn how! {found on Girl Inspired}

13. Baby Bandana Bib

DIY Baby Bandana

Made with both more masculine and feminine prints, here you can find a tutorial that will help you create some adorably charming bandana bibs! {found on How Does She}

14. Baby Lace Crown

DIY Baby Lace Crown

Parties and holidays call for extra special outfits. And sometimes, they need to be topped with a glittering princess crown! {found on Girl Inspired}

15. Baby Necktie

DIY Baby Necktie

Just like the baby bow ties these baby neckties can jazz up any onesie or mini suit for your tiny prince. And don’t be afraid to get funky with prints! {found on DIY Mommy}

16. Baby Teething Necklace

DIY Baby Teething Necklace

Here’s another baby accessory that jazzes up baby and momma! A necklace for mom and a teether for baby go hand-in-hand with this DIY. {found on Little Bitty Kitchen}

17. Baby Soft Mittens

DIY Baby Mittens

Create soft, warm mittens – that also keep scratches at bay – in a variety of fun colors and prints. Make an entire selection to match every outfit! {found on Made to be a Momma}

18. Baby Burp Cloths

DIY Baby Burp Cloth

You may not think burp cloths are accessories. But for as much use as they get, they come a quick part of both mom and baby’s outfit. {found on Cloud9 Fabrics}

19. Baby Felt Booties

DIY Felt baby Booties

Here are some more shoes that can be DIYed right at home. These adorable booties are made from felt! {found on Fave Crafts}

20. Baby Knotted Hat

DIY Baby Hat

We’re in love with these silly, knotted hats. And can you believe they were made from scratch? Learn how with this tutorial. {found on Dear Lizzy}

21. Baby Turban Headband

DIY Baby Turban Headband

Bows are fabulous but turban headbands are just as adorable on your sweet little girl. Again, have fun picking out your colors and prints! {found on Cultured.}

22. Baby Carrier Wrap

DIy Baby Wrap

Create a carrier wrap with some of your favorites fabric choices! Jersey knit is a favorite and get a print and/or color that inspires you. {found on A Load of Craft}

23. Baby Tights

DIY Baby Tights

Every little girl needs to have some tights when the chillier months roll in. Learn how to make them right at home! {found on Made by Rae}

24. Baby Cloth Shoes

DIY Baby Cloth Shoes

My personal favorite on the list, I’m in love with these sweet, fabric booties. And I’ll be trying this one out myself in the coming week! {found on One Dog Woof}

25. Baby Bow Tie Bib

DIY Bow Tie Bib

Bibs are classic baby accessories. So pay attention to the detailing and know that your little boy may not need hair bows but a bow around his neck can make a difference! {found on Make It Love It}

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