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25 Adorable and Easy-to-Make Baby Accessories

Dressing baby is loads of fun. Tiny pants, tiny socks, tiny dresses and more; it can be overwhelming creating an entire wardrobe from scratch but it can also be such a highlight when planning for a baby’s arrival. And, as we all know, accessories can make or break an outfit.  When they’re miniature-sized, they’re even more charming and adorable. Whether it be for a baby shower, welcome-home gift or you’re just feeling crafty for your new bundle of joy, DIYing comes in handy for all facets. Let’s have a look at 25 accessories that are not only stylish for baby but easy-to-make too!

1. Baby Polka-Dot Bow Tie

DIY Baby Bow Tie

Create yourself an entire collection of baby bow ties that will spruce up your baby bow’s onesies and button-up’s alike for Sunday church or birthday dinners with the family. {found on Perks of Being a Housewife}

2. Baby Felt Flower Crown

DIy Felt Flower Crown

Learn how to create these gorgeous felt flowers and then place them around a wire, lace or anything you’d like in the making of your baby’s first flower crown! {found on Bkids}

3. Baby Nautical Suspenders

DIY Baby Suspenders

Keep the little one’s pants from falling off or just jazz up his outfit a bit with some adorable suspenders. Go from drab to chic in the blink of an eye (and DIY!). {found on Cotton+Curls}

4. Baby Printed Pacifier Clips

DIY Baby Pacifier

For little boys and girls alike, their pacifiers are must-haves for the first few months. So why not create an attachment that’s not only functional but stylish too! {found on DIY Mommy}

5. Baby Leg Warmers

DIY Baby Leg Warmers