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Easy DIY Leather Tassel

The look of tassels has become super popular over the last few years. This trend has been coming on strong and does not look to be going anywhere anytime soon. Tassels come in many different materials from string to leather. What I love most about the look of tassels is the extra detail they can add to a plain shoe, or even a boring necklace.

Easy DIY Leather Tassel

Since tassels come in different materials and colors, they are perfect for adding detail to all of your accessories. I am here to show you just how easy it is to create your very own tassel keychain! The construction of a tassel may look difficult, but it is actually quite the opposite. Tassels are so easy to make that, once you make one, you won’t stop at just a keychain; you will be adding tassels to everything you own!

Easy DIY Leather Tassel for Purse

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tassel Fringe
  • Lever-Back Key Chain
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Easy DIY Leather Tassel materials

Step 1: Open your tassel fringe package, removing the staples from the leather. Once both of your leather tassels are removed, cut ¼ inch from the bottom of the first piece of fringe on one of your tassels.

Easy DIY Leather Tassel - Fringe

Step 2: Grab your key chain and slide your cut piece of fringe through the bottom loop of your key chain.

Easy DIY Leather Tassel - Glue

Step 3: Add glue to the bottom part of your fringe and glue it to the top section of your fringe, creating a loop.