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15 Quick and Easy Crocheted Tea Cozies

Whether you’re a complete professional in the world of crochet or a novice who’s just starting to play around with the construction of pieces that are a little more complicated than a scarf, tea cozies make awesome crochet projects all year round. It might not be super common practice anymore to actually brew and serve tea from a tea pot, but those tea enthusiasts who still do it love having all the right stuff to make tea time the best part of their day. That means novelty teapots, beautiful vintage tea cups, and tea cozies ranging from classic looking to totally hilarious always make popular gifts! As yarn crafting enthusiasts, we obviously choose the thing we can crochet to give to the tea lovers we care about most.

Check out these 15 adorable crocheted tea cozy patterns that will either make fantastic gifts or look great sitting on your table when you host afternoon teas of your own!

1. Pretty roses tea cozy

Pretty roses tea cozy

Are you skilled enough at crochet that you’ll have no problems making yourself the basic tea cozy shape but you’d like to use that as an opportunity to learn some new embellishment skills? Then check out this pretty crocheted rose pattern from Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me! Their instructions are an amazing learning base for advancing to other types of leaves and flowers after this and the roses you create will look adorable perched on top of your teapot this spring.

2. Granny tea cozy

Granny tea cozy

Perhaps you clicked on this list hoping to find a simple pattern that looks similar to the old fashioned one you remember your grandma serving tea in when you were a kid? Then we think we might have found the pattern for you! Crochet with Raymond shows you how to make a simply patterfned cozy with just enough texture to keep things cute and interesting, especially if you use self striping yarn like in the photo.

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3. Shell stitch tea cozy

Shell stitch tea cozy

One of the best parts of crocheting is that there are so many pretty stitching patterns you can create without much hassle. One of the classics is the shell stitch, which creates a little fan of yarn that reaches all the way up to the next row. We especially love the way shell stitch looks when it’s done with a variegated yarn the way LisaJedi Gwinner has made it here because you’ll get a colour change almost every shell!

4. Shell stitch tea cozy with flowers

Shell stitch tea cozy with flowers

Do you love making projects using shell stitch but rather than using coloured yarn and relying on the shades and stitches alone for some visual interest, you’d like to do the stitching more subtly and actually add embellishment to make it fun? Then check out how Scotty’s Place did a monochrome shell pattern in a light neutral and saved all the colour for some adorable flower petals across the top of the cozy.

5. Caravan tea cozy

Caravan tea cozy

Are you still learning when it comes to crochet and you’d rather create a cozy that’s simple enough to be done well, rather than biting off more than you can chew by trying to tackle something more intricate just to make things look interesting? Then check out this Caravan tea cozy from Emma Varnam! The craziest thing you’ll have to worry about with this project is a bit of colour striping, and we have a feeling you’ll find that completely manageable.

6. Ripple tea cozy

Ripple tea cozy

Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through our list hoping to find a cozy that’s a lot more colourful, bright, and uniquely shaped than some of what you’ve seen so far? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this super fun rippling tea cozy from Just Jen Knits & Stitches! We can’t stop staring at the way the beautiful colours layer over each other, nor the bright, adorable buttons! We feel like even just setting this down on our table before our afternoon tea would brighten up our whole day.

7. Short and Stout tea cozy

Short and stout tea cozy

Would you prefer a cozy that’s still very simple in its design and construction but still a little bit of a deviation from the standard design you might see in old diners or thrift shops? Then check out this cute cozy with a front spout strap rather than just a hole. Ella Jensen guides you though the process of making it, putting the button on, and fastening it all in just a few easy steps.

8. Straight Forward tea cozy

Straight forward tea cozy

Not everyone’s tastes are as bright and colourful or intricate as some! That certainly won’t mean there isn’t a tea cozy pattern out there for you. This nice, easy striped cozy from The Adventures of the Ginger Bread Lady, for example, is simple to do but still comes out clean and pretty looing at the end. Try your hand at a bit of striping just like they did if you want to jazz things up a bit without getting too complicated!

9. Nice and Easy tea cozy

Nice and easy tea cozy

We’ve talked a lot about simple crocheted tea cozy patterns because we like to make sure you have options to choose from, but here’s a pattern that really takes things back to basics for the learner readers! Just Be Happy guides you through the process of making something easy that will add a quick pop of colour to your table and keep your tea warm, just like it’s supposed to.

10. Teapot tea keeper

Teapot teak keeper

Okay, we admit that we know this isn’t technically a tea cozy and therefore doesn’t really fit on our list, but it’s such a cute idea that we just couldn’t help including it! This unique pattern from Jaycee Hosier teaches you how to crochet not just a teapot cozy, but rather an actual faux teapot! Instead of filling it with brewed tea, they suggest you use it as a place to store your packaged tea bags. We love the rainbow yarn they’ve chosen to really make the piece catch visitor’s eyes.

11. The Joyful Teapot cozy

The joyful teapot cozy

Are you a huge fan of the really embellished cozies we’ve shown you were so far, so you’re still here scrolling and hoping to find something that will satisfy your love for over the top seasonal crafted pieces? Then we definitely think you should check out this Joy teapot from Yarn Utopia! The holly leaves on top really drive the Christmas theme home but if you were to do it in bright colours and without the holly, this could also just be a very cheerful cozy for any day of the year.

12. 1930s inspired tea cozy

1930s inspired tea cozy

Working with chunky yarn is a lot of fun, particularly when you’re making something like a tea cozy, because you can get creative with it, but what if you want a chunky look and just don’t have yarn that’s thick enough? Then try holding many different strands of the same yarn together to make it feel like you’re working with the thick stuff! We love the squishy effect Megan Mills achieved using that technique here, as well as the striping!

13. Noble teapot wrap

Noble teapot wrap

Do you love the idea of making yourself a tea cozy but the teapot you own isn’t traditionally shaped like the others you’ve seen in this post so far? Don’t worry! That doesn’t have to mean you’re all out of luck in the tea cozy department. Yellow Ribbon Knits shows you how to make a tea wrap instead so that you can still keep your tea warm for as long as possible. Adjust the length of your crap accordingly to account for the different shape or height of your teapot.

14. Teapot handle cozy

Teapot handle cozy

When you make tea, are you making a huge pot that probably won’t fit in a cute little ceramic pot so you use the big metal one that goes on the stovetop? Well, if you’ve ever grabbed the metal handle of your larger kettle then you know how incredibly hot they can get. Instead of making a cozy to keep the heat in, Melmaria Designs suggests making a handle cover that will protect you from burning your hand.

15. Frog Prince tea cozy

Frog price tea cozy

Is your favourite part of crocheting things yourself the part where you can make them as silly and novelty as you like? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this funny Frog Prince cozy pattern from Knitted Patterns! The layered effect of the scales makes it a lot of fun to create and it’s also a lot easier to do than it looks!

Do you know someone who loves to crochet but is still just learning and needs a few simple projects to really practice with? Help them make something easy but also totally useful by sharing this post with them!

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