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Easter Nails Art and How-to

Seasonal nails makes for some of the funnest manicures around! The Easter holidays give you the perfect opportunity to practice painting bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs galore! Check out these Easter nail ideas and tutorials to get inspired!

1. Bunnies, chicks, and Easter marble

Bunnies, chicks, and easter marble

Paint each nail with a different picture or theme and try marbling an accent nail in pastel “Easter colours” for some trendy contrast.(Source: The Posh Polish)

2. Bunnies and polka dots

Bunnies and polka dots

Let one bunny portrait stand out by painting the nails around it with simple polka dot patterns.(Source: Amour Annette)

3. Spring gingham

Spring gingham

This adorable pattern will remind you of sunny springtime picnics every time you look at your fingers.(Source: Stylecaster)

4. Rhinestone bunnies

Rhinestone bunnies

Paint a cute cartoon bunny on each nail and accent one or two with dainty rhinestone ear bows!(Source: Cute Daily)

5. Mini eggs

Mini eggs nails

Just in case you don’t get to eat enough of your favourite chocolate eggs over Easter weekend, try painting them on your nails too!(Source: Emily’s Nail Files)

6. Spring sky bunnies

Spring sky bunnies

Your thumb nail is a bunny and your other nails are the sky and the pasture he lives in! Add a couple Easter eggs for colour.(Source: Pshiiit)

7. Speckled basket nails

Speckled basket nails

(Source: That Leanne)

A cute speckled polish makes the perfect background for each of these little Easter baskets.

8. Neutral zig zags

Neutral zig zags

Do you like pattered Easter eggs but need something a little less bright for work? Try some neutral coloured strips and zig zags!(Source: Small Good Things)

9. Pastel polka dots

Pastel polka dots

Sometimes the best designs are classic and simple! Choose three pastel colours and dot them on a white background.(Source: Blushing Basics)

10. Sleeping bunnies

Olympus digital camera

Each finger becomes a differently coloured snoozing bunny in this adorable Easter manicure!

11. Polka dotted Easter ombre

Polka dotted easter ombre

This look takes the trendy ombre technique and overlays polka dots and zig zagging lines for an Easter effect!(Source: Beauty Palmira)

12. Pastel Easter patterns

Pastel easter patterns

If you’re the kind of person who just loves wearing colours, a bright Easter egg design like this one is a good fit for you!(Source: Swatch and Learn)

13. Bright Easter egg nails

Bright easter egg nails

Easter patterns don’t have to be solely pastels! Try creating the same patterns but with brighter, flashier colours instead.(Source: Michelle Phan)

14. Bunny paw nails

Bunny paw nails

Paint one of your nails like the Easter bunny and another one with little paws like the bunny ran across your fingers!(Source: Pursuit of Polish)

15. Hatching chick nails

Hatching chick nails

Paint your nails with a sponge for a textured effect that will look like ruffled feathers, and then give each nail features like a little chick!(Source: Did my Nails)

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