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23 Duct Tape DIYs That Will Have You In Awe

Duct tape may not be your very first choice when it comes to crafting supplies, but it’s actually quite versatile. And now, this trusty toolbox staple can be bought in a variety of colors and even some patterns too! From accessories to the house, let’s take a peek at 23 duct tape DIYs that will have you in awe.

1. Waterproof Beach Bag

Diy duck tape waterproof beach bag

Family Fun shows us how to take a beach bag an some duct tape and turn it into a waterproof piece of fun for your next vacation. Take a peek now!

2. Credit Card Wallet

Diy duck tape credit card wallet

Over at I Love Doing All Things Crafty you can learn how to whip up a wallet just for your credit cards. Keep all of them neat and tidy with this little project.

3. Feathers

Diy duck tape feathers

Creative Me Inspired You knows how to dress up a package. Learn how to whip up these feathers and decorate your loved one’s next gift.

4. Gold Striped Fridge

Diy gold stripe fridge made with duck tape

Thanks to Rachel Schultz we no know how to take a boring old fridge and turn it into a stylish piece of the kitchen’s over all decor. It’s so easy!

5. Gift Wrap

Diy duct tape gift wrap

The Sweetest Occasion gives us a gift wrapping idea as well. Learn how to take some duct tape and top your presents with a snazzy bow.

6. Bows

Diy duct tape bow

Of course you can make hair bows too. In all colors and patterns this nifty tape comes in, learn how to create this funky accessory in no time. (via)

7. Messenger Bag

Diy duct tape messenger bag

Dukes and Duchesses teaches us how to create an entire messenger bag with the help of some duct tape. The kiddos will love this one!

8. Homework Caddy

Diy duct tape homework caddy

Aunt Peaches got some duct tape and empty cartons and creating something brand new to keep the countertops a bit more organizing. Mail and homework have a new home!

9. Switch Covers

Diy light switch covers

If you can fin  some sparkling duct tape, you can create some super fun light switch covers too. Check out the idea at The Crafty Blog Stalker.

10. Garland

Diy duct tape garland decor

Pen & Paper Flowers made some dainty garland that we’re swooning for. Just imagine all the possibilities with this project!

11. Zipper Pouch

Diy duct tape zipper pouch

Whip up a zipper pouch for the kiddos with some help from Scattered Thoughts. Legos, lipgloss and more can fit inside this little bundle.

12. Wallet

Diy duct tape wallet

Frugal Fun shows us how to make a classic wallet. This too would be a great project to get the kids involved with.

13. Corner Bookmarks

Diy corner bookmark

Where are all the readers out there? Make your own corner bookmark by visiting Duck Brand and snagging all the details.

14. Key Wristlet

Duct tape key wristlet diy

Crafty Soccer Mom will never lose her keys again with this DIY. Keep them right on your wrist in a trendy and adorable way!

15. Bracelet

Diy duct tape bracelets

The gals of the house would love to spend an afternoon diving into this project with their pals. They can get so creative with different colors and patterns and help from Craft Whack.

16. Boutonniere & Corsage

Diy boutonniere and corsage made from duct tape

Simply Designing shows off their tutorials for creating both a boutonniere and corsage. They’re perfect for pairing with an entire duck tape ensemble.

17. Napkin Rings

Diy geo napkin rings

Almost Makes Perfect make some stylish and modern geo napkin rings. Set the table with a dose of sophistication and creativity.

18. Luggage Tags

Diy duct tape luggage tag

Karen Kavett shows us ow to make some luggage tags too! Personalize them and get creative!

19. iPhone Case

Diy duct tape phone case

Yes, you can even make a case for your cell phone out of some trusty duct tape. Just check out the tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts.

20. Doll Backpack

Diy duct tape backpack

Doll Diaries teaches us how to tape duct tape and turn it into a backpack for our dolls. This too is a great idea for the kids to get involved in.

21. Pencil Pouches

Duck tape® pencil pouches at gingersnapcrafts com #ducktape #backtoschool[2]

Ginger Snap Crafts makes some fun and personalized pencil pouches. It’s a great back to school project or something to surprise your kids with.

22. Chapstick Holder

Duck tape chapstick holder artzy creations 10a zpsodkcpn6u

How can you not love this little chapstick holder? Artsy Creations gives us a great solution on how to never lose our gloss again.

23. Lunch Bags

Diy duck tape lunch bags

And finally, even our lunch bags can be jazzed up a bit. Create some snack bags and sandwich pouches quite easily!

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