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DIY Seed Bombs

Besides being a lot of fun to make, a lot of fun to plan, and usually fun to look at, seed bombs are an all-natural way to promote wildflower growth and healthy seed diversity. They’re also a great way to start your own garden or encourage others to by gifting them a pretty little bag of seed bombs. On top of all that, they’re a great DIY project as well!

Here are 15 DIY seed bomb ideas that make great wedding favours, party goodies, or gifts for your greenest friends.

1. Mixed wild flower seed bombs

Mixed wild flower seed bombs

The Frugal Girls shows you how to make a seed bomb that specifically contains diverse wildflowers! Imagine how gorgeous your garden plot of backyard space will be once these start sprouting?

2. Seed bombs in gathered wedding favour cases

Seed bombs in gathered wedding favour cases

Intimate Weddings suggests giving seed bombs out as wedding favours, and we definitely can’t disagree! No matter what types of seeds you include in your clay ball, your guests will be excited about them if you wrap them in gathered material that matches your wedding decor and tie them with a pretty ribbon or some jute twine if your aesthetic is country and rustic.

3. Flower shaped seed bombs

Flower shaped seed bombs

Clay seed bombs don’t have to come rounded and ball-shaped! Try using a candy or ice cube mould to create bombs in other shapes, just like Emilie Lefler did here with these flower shaped seed bombs.

4. Mini seed bombs in a bag

Mini seed bombs in a bag

Perhaps you’d really like to give seed bombs as a wedding or party favour but you know that most of your guests traveled in and you don’t want to take up a lot of room in their suitcase? That’s where Something Turquoise’s miniature seed bomb idea comes in! The mini version of a classic seed bomb also fits in a little sealed custom bag more easily.

5. Tie dye tissue wrapped seed bombs

Tie dye tissue wrapped seed bombs

Do you like the idea of gathered, wrapped seed bombs given as gifts, but you’ve got your heart set on a wrapping style that’s a little brighter and more DIY? Try wrapping them in tie dyed ombre tissue paper instead of fabric, just like Evermine did for these ones!

6. Coloured wildflower seed bombs

Coloured wildflower seed bombs

If you’ve had some practice making seed bombs before and you already know how it’s done, then maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit! We’re absolutely in love with the idea of turning your seed bombs a beautiful combination of purple, lilac, and white, especially if your party or wedding colour scheme involves these shades. See how it’s done on Botanical Paperworks.

7. Red heart-shaped seed bombs

Red heart shaped seed bombs

If you love both the idea of colouring your seed bomb and the idea of making it a different shape than just a simple ball, then this tutorial by Dabbles and Babbles is the one for you! Besides showing you a great seed combination to use, it also walks you through the process of colouring the bomb red and shaping it light a little heart. These would make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

8. DIY seed bomb making kit in a jar

Diy seed bomb making kit in a jar

Are you so in love with making and gifting seed bombs that you can’t wait to share the idea with everyone around you? Well, instead of giving your pre-made seed bombs as party or wedding favours, why not give your friends and family what it takes to make their own seed bombs? HGTV walks you through the process of building a seed bomb making “kit” in a mason jar!

9. Seed bombs in a gift jar

Seed bombs in a gift jar

If you like the idea of using a mason jar for your seed bombs, but you’d rather give them pre-made than deconstructed, that’s okay too! We love these adorable mason gift jars, featured on HGTV and filled with mini seed bombs that you made yourself.

10. Stamped seed bombs

Stamped seed bombs

Perhaps you’d like to give your seed bombs and interesting shape or pattern but you don’t have access to any shaped moulds right now? Try rolling handfuls of your mixture into little balls and flattening them down with a shaped stamp that has no ink on it. The clean stamp will leave a cute imprint on the top! Check out how it’s done on ShadyGrovePottery!

11. Star-shaped paper confetti seed bombs

Star shaped paper confetti seed bombs

Are you looking for a truly unique seed bomb technique that will really get your friends excited about them? Check out these absolutely adorable little confetti star bombs by Restless Risa! We love how colourful and kawaii thy look, almost like little star-shaped candies.

12. Pansy decoupaged seed bombs

Pansy decoupaged seed bombs

Perhaps you’d prefer to customize your seed bombs in a way that makes sense but still looks gorgeous? Instead of just changing their shape or colour, Renaissance Botanical suggests using decoupage-like techniques to set flattened pansy petals against the surface of the ball in a grogeous, colourful way.

13. Heart-shaped pulp art seed bombs

Heart shaped pulp art seed bombs

Seed bombs don’t have to be big and colourful or resemble rounded bath bombs if you’re prefer to make something smaller! Hill City Bride suggests using pulp art techniques to make a flat, heart-shaped seed bomb instead.

14. Rainbow construction paper seed bomb shapes

Rainbow construction paper seed bomb shapes

Do you prefer the idea of creating pulp art seed bombs instead of clay ones? It’s certainly an easy way to make them very colourful, and you can still create them in cute shapes if you’d like! Penny Pinchin’ Mom guides you through the process of using shredded construction paper to make bombs that are already bright and colourful right away!

15. Peas in a pod seed pod gift

Peas in a pod seed pod gift

Are you all about display and presentation when it comes to giving party or wedding favours? We are too! That’s why we’re so crazy about these hilarious little seed bomb packages that look like green peas nestled together in a pod! Check out how to make and wrap them like this on PulpArt.

Have you made another type, colour, or shape of seed bomb that we simply must see? Tell us about how you did it or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!