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50 Custard Cakes To Serve Up In The Dining Room Tonight!

They’re moist, they melt-in-your mouth and the entire family will enjoy a slice with a smile on their face. Some are more layered than others, some are more unique with their ingredients or flavors and some are known for their “magic.” Check out these 50 custard cakes to serve up in the dining room tonight!

1. Chocolate Magic

Chocolate magic custard cake

Betty Crocker gives us a classic custard cake but infuses it with chocolate. From top to bottom the decadence of this piece, you’ll fall in love with!

2. Sponge Layer

Custard cake recipe

You’ll find a layered sponge cake and custard concoction over at The Pretty Blog. It will look beautiful at afternoon tea or embellished with some fresh flowers for brunches or shower celebrations!

3. With Ganache

Chocolate custard ganache

Drool Factor makes a chocolate ganache and custard cake that will knock your socks off. Visit the blog and grab the recipe now!

4. S’mores

Smores custard cake

Hint of Vanilla is serving us up something extra special too. Learn how to make a custard cake with all the flavors of a classic, fireside s’more.

5. Pandan

Pandan magic custard cake