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When it comes to crafting with and for our kids, we find that the projects that are the most popular and successful in our house are the ones that the kids and enjoy both watching or making and also playing with afterwards, when the crafting process is all said and done. It’s like you’re getting double your money when it comes to keeping them happy and occupied! That’s why we find ourselves searching for ways to craft with and for their toys so often. The more we make together, the less we’re spending money on more expensive brand name toys in stores, the more fun, awesomely custom things our kids have to play with! Lately, they’ve been really obsessed with the idea of getting our help to make all kinds of different miniature supplies and accessories for their Barbies, American Girls, and other dolls and, once we’d gotten a peek into the kinds of things other people have already created out there for dolls, we certainly can’t blame them for always wanting to make more!

Just in case you’re as intrigued as we were, if not more, by the idea of crafting things for your kids’ dolls, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. DIY doll swimsuits

Diy doll swimsuits

Are your DIY skills primarily based on fabric works, sewing, and the like, even when the “person” you’re thinking about sewing for is in miniature, like a Barbie doll? Then we think perhaps we’ve already found just the craft for you! Check out how DIY for Dolls made these adorable little doll bathing suits in all different styles and cuts that look just like what you’d find in stores if you went bathing suit shopping with your friends. Because the suits are so small, these are a great way to use up spare fabric scraps from the stash in your craft room!

2. Mini doll babies

Mini doll babies

Do you find that, no matter how many Barbies and other dolls your kids save up their allowance to buy or are gifted, they always seem to have a shortage of babies to play house with once they’ve got those dolls unpackaged? we’ve actually noticed the same thing, and we’ve also noticed that doll babies aren’t always available in stores to buy individually without buying a whole pricey kit or a doll our kids already have or aren’t interested in. That’s why we were so happy to come across this DIY doll baby tutorial featured on 2 Cats & 1 Doll! Now we can make them all the miniature bundles of joy they please for making little families of their own.

3. Wallpapered cardboard dollhouse

Wallpapered cardboard dollhouse

Perhaps your kids have all the dolls and doll clothes they could hope for but nowhere for their dolls to live? Well, as with most things, there are plenty of doll houses you could buy in stores, but most of them are quite pricey, especially if you want the ones with details like wallpaper or curtains. Instead, why not consider making a dollhouse of your own that’s completely customizable? We actually followed this simple cardboard tutorial from Handmade Charlotte and our kids made it into a game while we worked, playing interior designer and consulting with each other over what colour scheme each room in the house should have. Scrapbooking paper, actual scrap wallpaper, washi tape, and fabric scraps were all used in making our house as bright and cheerful as possible.

4. Funky DIY Barbie couch

Funky diy barbie couch

Perhaps you’ve already made yourself an awesome dollhouse and now your kids are finally tiring of using random household objects as makeshift furniture, as though their Barbies have only just moved in and their furniture truck hasn’t arrived yet so they’ve been roughing it? Then maybe it’s time to get creative and make them a few things for inside the house as well! We’re pretty big fans of how Simple Livin’ Crafts not only made an awesome couch but also made it in fun patterns and bright colours for maximum doll style.

5. DIY earrings for dolls

Diy earrings for dolls

When we were very young, many of the dolls and Barbies we bought actually came with all kinds of 1980’s style earrings built in, but we’ve found that, as the years have gone on, toy makers have stopped putting those onto their dolls. Now, with the effort to reduce choking hazards, we can totally understand this, but that doesn’t mean our kids don’t wish they could glam their Barbies up a little when they see old pictures of more vintage dolls. That’s why we were all so pleased to stumble upon this DIY doll earring tutorial featured on DIY for Dolls! This tutorial is actually a lot simpler than you might think.

6. DIY American Girl doll holder

Diy american girl doll holder

Are you actually convinced that your kids already have quite enough toys and accessories indeed when it comes to their American Girl doll collection, but they’re definitely lacking on places to put the dolls? Then maybe making one yourselves could be the crafty solution for you! We really like this wall rack idea featured on Exploring Domesticity because not only is it a space saving idea, but it’s a little bit decorative as well. Our kids love dressing their dolls in their favourite outfits before putting them away, and they also love having them accessible and easy to play with any time they please!

7. Crocheted doll beach bags

Doll beach bags

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the DIY doll bathing suit idea that we showed you earlier but, rather than having crafting skills related to fabric and sewing, you’re actually more of a yarn crafts person? Then we think you’ll be pleased to learn that DIY for Dolls has a way for you to make beach stuff with the material you enjoy working with best! Check out how they crocheted and embellished these adorable miniature beach bags that are the perfect sized for Barbie dolls.

8. DIY doll hand bag

Diy doll hand bag

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about DIY doll bags but you’ve never really seen your kids pretend that their dolls are going to the beach? We can understand that, particularly because our children our quite the avid little fashionistas, so we spent a decent amount of time searching for some guidance when it comes to making them miniature “designer” handbags instead! These adorable little folding purses with neon colours and a geometric pattern are the perfect example of what we mean. Get the full details for making them on My Crafts!

9. Buttoned doll mattress and pillows

Buttoned doll mattress and pillows

Were you very intrigued indeed by the idea of making furniture for a dollhouse but the dolls your kids like to play with the most are actually a little bigger than the couch idea we showed you earlier will sit? Don’t worry just yet; there are plenty of tutorials out there that will help you make bigger pieces! This wooden bed with a hand sewn button mattress and coordinating pillow and blanket set, which you’ll find the full instructions for on Ana White, is exactly the kind of thing we mean. They even guide you step by step through making the frame!

10. American Girl doll lollipops

American girl doll lollipops

We’ve found, bought, and made plenty of awesome doll pieces over the years, but the one area of “doll life” we’ve actually found lacking, both when we were kids and now that our own kids love dolls, is the food department! That’s why we started looking up ways to make our own, particularly after we caught our kids making a big mess trying to play dolls with real snacks they snuck from the pantry. Check out how Tremendously Thrifty created these adorable handmade doll lollipops in just a few simple steps!

11. Cardboard doll bed

How to make a cardboard bed for dolls miniature crafts diy *no small bathroom remodels custom drapes and curtains drapes window treatments 87 wonderful bedrooms building cardboard

Are you actually scrolling through our list but still catching yourself thinking about the idea of making a doll bed, and the only thing stopping you from checking out the previous one we showed you in more detail is the size of doll it’s made for? Then here’s an alternative tutorial for smaller dolls, just to make sure all your bases are covered! Check out how Sruduk created not only a cute, colourful bed for their kids’ Barbies, but also a matching vanity and bedside table.m

12. Sparkly doll purses

Sparkly doll purses

Do you keep finding yourself going back to the idea of making an adorable, fashionable set of doll purses over and over again but the previous design with the geometric painted pattern just didn’t quite appeal to your kids’ enough? Well, we can understand that! If you ask us, the more glitter that’s involved in both crafting and fashion, the better, which is probably why this cute little sparkly doll purse tutorial featured on DIY for Dolls caught our eye so well.

13. DIY doll bunk beds

Diy doll bunk beds

Are you still browsing bed options and thinking about which size and style would be best for your kids and their dolls, but you think you’d quite enjoy trying your hand at something a little more challenging and handy? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Goods Home Design made this fantastic (and impressively tall) set of doll bunk beds! Take a look at this step by step guide for making one of your own.

14. DIY doll tent

Diy doll tent

If your kids are going to play any kind of game that involves putting their dolls to sleep for the night, do you have a feeling that they’d rather do so outside since they’re total outdoorsy camping fans? Then it only makes sense that they’d prefer a miniature tent and a sleeping bag so they can take their favourite dolls camping as well, even if it’s just in the backyard for the afternoon! Check out how Shannon Fabrics made this adorable doll sized camping set by hand.

15. Barbie doll speed boat

Barie doll speed boat

Have your kids actually always had a huge interest in vehicles, especially if they go very fast? We can certainly understand that! Our kids actually just had the chance to ride in a speed boat for the first time and they’ve been completely obsessed with the idea ever since, which is how we found ourselves looking up the rather unique concept of making that very thing in miniature for their dolls. Imagine how pleased we were, then, when we found this version outlined step by step on DIY for Dolls!

Do you know a fellow crafter or DIY enthusiast who loves helping their kids craft for their dolls so they can have all kinds of awesome extras and accessories for little to no extra cost? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of new, exciting things to make and play with!


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