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15 Fantastic Tassel Projects

When it comes to making DIY projects and crafts of all kinds, we’re grateful to have already learned and mastered so many different techniques that we feel like we have a decent arsenal of creative skills under out belts. Because we can do so many different things, however, means that we occasionally have trouble choosing what to make and how to do it! It also sometimes means that we get a little obsessed with a new technique or craft every once in a while, wanting to make things that use that element over and over again for a few months at a time. That’s how we got ourselves on such a DIY tassel kick lately, scouring the Internet for all kinds of different creative suggestions and fun things to make.

Just in case you’re as intrigued as we were, if not more, by the idea of making your own tassels and turning them into all kinds of things, here are 15 or the best ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far!

1. DIY tassel bunting

Diy tassel bunting

When most people think about party garlands or buntings, they consider what they’d like to make and hang up for a short period of time, like the duration of a particular event or a special week. We, on the other hand, have always loved buntings so much that we actually frequently make them, hang them up, and change them out for other designs whenever we please, leaving them there to brighten a space for as long as we want! Given that propensity and our lifelong love for yarn crafts, we’re sure it will come as no surprise to you, then, that we have made several of these adorable yarn tasseled party garlands outlined by Bloesem Kids.

2. Colourful yarn tassel bed skirt

Colourful yarn tassel bed skirt

If you’re going to put time and effort into making not just tassels but also something from your tassels, would you actually prefer to create something that’s a little longer lasting and will be used more practically and more frequently? Then we’d suggest making something like this fantastic yarn tassel edged bed skirt instead! Tater Tots and Jello shows you how simply it brightens up their room and adds colourful personality to the whole area.

3. DIY hoop and tassel earrings

Diy hoop and tassel earrings

Do you actually love tassels so much that you wish you could incorporate them into your personal style rather than just your home decor? Then we’ve got some great news for you and it’s all thanks to Made In a Day. Their tutorial teaches you step by step how to create some simple homemade dangling hoop earrings, as well as how to make small, fine tassels from embroidery floss and attach them to the hoops.

4. DIY leather tassels

Diy leather tassels

If you’re going to make tassels from scratch, why no consider making them from all different materials, rather than just the classics like yarn and floss like we’ve shown you so far? Well, if you’re into an aesthetic that’s a little more chunky and a little less delicate looking, we’d suggest taking a look at how Design Mom created these awesomely fringed looking leather tassels! They’re much simpler to make than you might think.