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15 DIY Wedding Bouquets You and the Gals Can Create!

Relying on the florists for every nook and cranny of traditional aspects of the wedding can skyrocket your bottom line budget. What if we told you that some of that work could easily be done yourself? Right down to the bridesmaids’ best accessories, you can design a new arrangement or two for your big day! Let’s have a peek at 15 DIY wedding bouquets you and the gals can create!

1. Classic

Diy classic bouquet diy

Over at A Practical Wedding you can find an easy-to-follow, classic bouquet DIY tutorial. You can follow these instructions and then personalize the design to your liking. Make sure to bookmark this page!

2. Less Than $10

Diy less than 10 bouquet

If you’re looking to really cut corners, think about finding something more budget-friendly. At The DIY Lighthouse, you can create this beauty for less than $10 and completely slash the cost of your florals. Just follow along with their recommendations!

3. Baby Breath’s & Eucalyptus

Diy baby's breath and euca bouquet

You can always find ready-made kits. This baby breath’s and eucalyptus creation from Afloral is just that. Spend a bit on the kit and then spend time putting them together with the gals.

4. Faux Real

Faux real bouquet diy 2

This faux design looks anything but fake, don’t you think? Elyana Ivette will walk you through the process. We love how original, yet on-trend, this particular design is and how friendly it is to personalization.

5. Lush Greens

Diy creating a wedding bouquet 2