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Cool DIY Outdoor Games for Summer

When it comes to playing in the backyard during long summer days, our kids aren’t the only ones in the household who take part! We’ve actually spent a large portion of our evenings making really fun jumbo outdoor versions of some classic game and now our backyard is like a social meeting spot for people of all ages from the neighbourhood. After all, it doesn’t matter how old you are if you’re having fun and getting fresh air with friends while you play!

1. DIY rainbow paver Hopscotch

Diy rainbow paver hopscotch

Do you remember playing hopscotch as a kid, drawing the game in a chalk outlined on the sidewalk or driveway and then having to redo it again when the rain washes it away? Well, here’s a tutorial that will help you make a more durable version that can even be played on the grass! Take a better look to see how Happiness is Homemade made awesomely colourful numbered squares out of cork board.

2. Garden Tic Tac Toe

Garden tic tac toe

If you’re going to make something that gets used in your garden all the time, would you rather it at least look a little bit like it belongs there? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way Color Made Happy used a squared off bit of concrete and some rocks to create a simple Tic Tac Toe game, embellishing the board and pieces with chalk and all purpose paint.

3. Recycled bottle tennis ball bowling

Recycled bottle tennis ball bowling

Have your kids always loved bowling but you can only take them so often, and your backyard simply isn’t big enough for a full sized bowling set like the ones in stores? Then perhaps you’ll get along a little better with this smaller pop bottle and tennis ball set instead! Kids-o-Mania shows you how to make it in just a few simple steps.

4. Sprayed lawn Twister

Sprayed lawn twister

Technically, a classic game of Twister could be played outside without any small pieces getting lost in the grass or anything, but we tried that once and a branch we didn’t see tore a hole in our mat! That’s why we were quite so pleased to come across this awesome idea for spray painting the coloured circles in the grass instead! You Plus Me for Always has all kinds of tips and tricks for dong it nice and evenly, an in a way that won’t hurt your grass.

5. Wooden football toss

Wooden football toss