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DIY Long Wedding Hairstyles

Snow might still be on the ground where we are, but that doesn’t mean that the invitations for this year’s wedding season haven’t already started pouring in! We’re already starting to think about what we’ll wear and how we’ll do our hair because we have so many weddings coming up this season, and it’s been a different experience than last year because our hair has grown so much in the last year and it finally counts as long. To help us decide on styles, we’ve been scouring the Internet for all kinds of long haired styles that would work for weddings, letting us feel very glamorous but still keeping things easy enough that we can style our hair ourselves.

Just in case you’ve been in the mood for a little bit of inspiration and guidance in the long haired wedding style department as well, here are 15 of our favourite ideas, styles, and tutorials that we came across in our search!

1. Boho chic half up-half down long wedding hair

Boho chich half up half down long wedding hair

Have you been very enamoured lately with the idea of loose, stylishly messy hair designs lately because you’re in love with the whole Bohemian chic personal aesthetic? Well, if you’re also a fan of half up-half down styles as well, then we’re pretty sure this tutorial from Once Wed is just the one for you! We love the way this style harnesses natural waves.

2. Long lasting DIY wedding curls

Danielle evans photography

Whether you’re a guest, a member of the wedding party, or the bride, are you feeling intent on having the most luxurious curls you’ve ever worn in your hair that day, but you just really wish they’d stick around better than usual instead of falling out over the course of the night? Then we think you simply must check out this technique from The Bridelink for getting beautiful curls that are truly long lasting! Leave them as they are, just naturally framing your face, or use their volume to turn the, into another style.

3. Braided halo wedding hair

Braided halo wedding hair

Did we pique your attention attention with the mention of half up-half down styles and you even liked the faux woven appearance of what we showed you before, but you’re actually such a fan of braiding that you’d rather in corporate a real braid somewhere in the piece? Then we have a sneaking suspicion that you’d much prefer this braided halo design featured on A Practical Wedding!

4. Rounded high bun with flowers

Rounded high bun with flowers

Do you have very long hair that’s very straight but thick, and you’re hoping to find a style that will really take advantage of those positive qualities and put them to good use? Then maybe a stunning rolled high bun like this surprisingly simple one outlined step by step on The Bridelink will be right up your alley! We love the way they adorned it with flowers for a little extra whimsy.

5. Stunning four strand waterfall braid

Stunning four strand waterfall braid

Has your favourite element that we’ve mentioned so far actually been the idea of involving braids somehow, but you’re very good at braiding indeed and would prefer to try out something a little more complicated? Then perhaps this next tutorial featured in detail on Nina Starck is the best idea for you! Take a better look at their page to learn more about how this four strand waterfall braid was done, weaving beautifully across the back of the head.

6. Classy side bun

Classy side bun

Did we almost have you feeling convinced when we started talking about the idea of wearing an elegant bun, but you’re just not sure your hair is quite thick enough to get that same large look you like so much in those pictures? In that case, maybe you’d get along a little better with a lower and slightly smaller version! We’re basically in love with this classy looking side bun featured in easy detail on Makeup.com.

7. Romantic braided updo

Www hannahforsberg com

Are you finding yourself still scrolling through our list thinking about braids, but you’re the kind of person who likes to see and consider as many options as you can before you make a decision? Well, if you think you might prefer the look of braids woven into an updo instead of cascading downward, then we’d definitely suggest checking out this tutorial from Hannah Forsberg!

8. Twisted crown braid

Twisted crown braid

Do you still quite enjoy the idea of a braided half up-half down style but you’re the kind of person who’s always been torn between classic three strand braids and lovely two strand rope twists? Well, just in case you decided to go with twists, here’s a tutorial that will give you some guidance for doing just that! Take a better look at Twist Me Pretty to see what we mean.

9. Many twisted buns style

Many twisted buns style

Is your personal style a little bit more quirky and, since you’re going as a guest, you’d like a slightly more unconventional hairstyle that’s a little more fun and a little less classic? Then maybe this super cute curled twist idea from A Beautiful Mess will be a little more your speed! Their tutorial shows you how to create pin curl style buns in little sections all over the back, low on your head.

10. Vintage finger waved updo


Is the wedding you’re headed to one that’s old Hollywood or vintage themed, so you’re looking for something suitable to that style? Well, if you’ve ever loved pinup style aesthetics, then we think you’ll really appreciate the way Kris outlines the process for making a finger wave based vintage updo that’s filled with old fashioned glamour and class.

11. Voluminous headband and curls 1960s style

Voluminous headband and curls 1960s style

Do we really have your attention now that we’re talking about vintage styles but we’ve just been talking about the wrong era? Well, if you’re more a fan of mod fashion, then we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll adore the way Kayleigh Noelle chose to create a style rooted in the 1960s instead! Their steps teach you how they created this voluminous beehive accented by a pretty hairband and some delicate curls.

12. Fishtail wedding bun

Fishtail wedding bun

Have we got you feeling torn somewhere between styles involving braids and styles involving a classy bun but you’re having trouble choosing between the two? Well, who ever said that you have to choose? Instead, check out how Once Wed created this lovely and intricate looking fishtail braid and curled it into a bun at the nape of the neck.

13. French braided bun with bead detail

French braided bun with bead detail

Just in case you couldn’t tell already, we really love braids, and also buns, but mostly styles that involve both braids and buns in one place. That’s why we’ve collected so many ideas using those elements as a base! We also happen to think those are the styles that usually look best on us, if we do say so ourselves. If you feel the same way but you’re just not decided yet, here’s a beaded and French braided bun from A1 Hairstyle for your consideration.

14. DIY knotted, voluminous pony

Diy knotted, voluminous pony

On a regular day, are you usually a simple ponytail kind of girl but you can’t help feeling like you should dress your usual style up at least a little bit for an event as important as a wedding, even though you still want to keep things easy? In that case, we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how simply but prettily Once Wed made this lovely, voluminous knotted pony!

15. Lovely rolled chignon

Lovely rolled chignon

Have we actually still got you thinking about classic styles and sightly vintage looks that will make you feel simply glamorous, but you’re just not feeling sold on the more era specific designs we’ve shown you so far? Then we think you might get more out of this lovely rolled chignon tutorial featured in awesome detail on Once Wed.

Do you have another potential favourite wedding hairstyle for long hair that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about it so we can try it out too or link us to photos!

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