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15 DIY Fabric Crafts For You To Utilize Your Scraps With

Do you have a stockpile of goodies to attend to in your craft room? Are they piling up in the corners? What do you do with all the extra bits of material you snip during your sewing machine escapades? Well, we have a lot of great ideas for you. Here are 15 DIY fabric crafts for you to utilize your scraps with! Some are super functional and others are super stylish and gift-worthy. Check them out below!

1. Backpack

Diy fabric srap backpack

Create some fun drawstring backpacks with those pieces! In fact, make them for every gal in your bunch! These are the best vacay bags and they’re easy to carry around. Grab the details by visiting Gingercake.

2. Scrunchies

How to make scrunchies

Scrunchies are back and they’re all the rage! Use those fabric scraps to make a brand new set of these fun and functional accessories for your teens! Visit A Rose Tinted World to snag every last detail and bit of inspiration.

3. Twine

Fabric twine diy

Gina Michelle made her own twine out of her fabric scraps and it’s such an innovative idea! We love twine-inspired projects but we love how this puts a colorful and personalized twist on those projects even more so. Use them for banners or to wrap votive candles – possibilities are endless.

4. Shoelaces

How to make shoelaces out of tee shirts at tidymom net

These shoelaces were made from older t-shirts and we loved that upcycled idea! The same goes for fabric scraps which can also turn into new toppings to our favorite sneakers. Tidy Mom featured this project and we instantly fell in love with the quirky idea.

5. Coin Purse

Macaron coin purse diy

Craft Passion created some adorable macaron coin purses and, yes, all you need are some fabric scraps and zippers to make these cuties come to life. How awesome would these be as thank you gifts or shower favors? And you can personalize them further with ribbons!

6. Bow Ties

Diy fabric bow ties

Stitched by Crystal whipped up some bow ties for the boys with their fabric scraps. These pieces can even be made from leftover ribbon bits as well. Use them to create accessories for dog collars, mini bow ties for the babies, or turn them into hair clips for our little gals!

7. Trivets

Diy patchwork trivets

We’re loving these playful trivets from Sew 4 Home too. Add a set to your friend’s DIY gift set this year or whip some up for your own kitchen needs. Mix and match fabrics, colors, and prints for the most unique designs.

8. Floral Garland

Diy fabric flower garland

If you have some softer, solid fabric pieces, you can make some of this gorgeous floral garland from Making Joy. Turn this into a pretty piece for the mantle or create a hanging bit to use as a backdrop. It may even be a wonderful way to add texture to a gallery wall.

9. Makeup Remover Pads

How to make reusable make up remover pads 2

Reusable makeup remover towels are all the rage right now. They’re better for your skin and all you need is a bit of oil-free remover to dab on and get the job down. Your fabric scraps can be turned into these functional necessities thanks to A Rose Tinted World.


Diy fabric bookmark

Quilter’s Candy knows how to make pocket bookmarks. Again, these are wonderful to use as favors, mini thank you gifts, classroom prizes, or just a fun project to partake in on a rainy day. And there are so many ways to personalize depending on the scraps you have on hand.

11. Lavender Sachets

Rainbow sachets diy

Every room of your home – every nook and cranny – will be smelling fresh and clean with some help from Purl Soho. Your scraps can become sachets in just a few minutes. Lavender may be our favorite but you can get creative with the scents as well.

12. Quilted Mug Cozy

Coffee mug cozy diy

The Yellow Birdhouse doesn’t want you burning your hand son a hot mug at home anymore. Instead, style up your cozy with some fabric bits. They’re reusable and they’re a great way to style a bare cup.

13. Hand Towels

Handtowels diy

Even your hand towels can get a fun makeover. Instead blowing your weekly budget, add some designer style to the nooks of your house like this! Visit The Yellow Birdhouse again for the details.

14. Flag Bunting

Diy flag bunting

We love bunting all year round and for so many reasons. Dress up for the holidays. Add color to your kiddo’s walls. Make the classroom a little more festive. You can do that all with this fabric DIY from Ellis & Higgs.

15. Lipgloss Pouches

Sew a lipgloss case

And finally, if you visit Polka Dot Chair you’ll get all the details behind the creation of these magnificent lipgloss pouches. We have fallen head-over-heels with these functional pieces of style and have no clue how our shades survived in our purses before they were made!

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