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30 DIY Concrete Planters – Organic, High End, And They Last Forever

Spring is almost here which means it’s time to start decorating with plants, greenery, and flowers. The best way to decorate cost-effectively is to DIY your decor! It’s surprising how easy it is to make something practical that also looks wonderful on display.

DIY Concrete Planters

Whether you choose to decorate with real plants, artificial plants, or outdoor plants, we have the perfect DIY Concrete Planter for you. We also have hanging planters, planters for kids, and tall planters included in this list.

Almost every single planter is easy to personalize so you can match any existing decor. Upgrade your home office, bedroom, or bathroom with any one of these DIY Concrete Planters.

DIY Concrete Planters

We’ve compiled a list of 30 DIY Concrete Planters that are guaranteed to fit any situation you have. There’s everything from outdoor planters to hanging planters included in this list. If you’re wondering where to find a concrete mix or other supplies, there’s an affordable buy-guide at the bottom of this post!

1. Tall Concrete Flower Pot

Tall concrete flower pot

This tall concrete flower pot is so cute and would look wonderful on top of a chair or even on the floor. To match any existing decor, you can switch up the paint you choose. It’s so adorable and you can either plant a real plant or place artificial ones in this pot. Check out the directions here.

2. Concrete Flower Stand

Concrete flower stand

This Concrete Flower Stand would make a wonderful centerpiece. It’s small enough to fit on a table but large enough to make a statement! It’s super easy to personalize by picking what kind of flowers you’d like. You only need a small list of materials like particle cement, water, scissors, and a couple of other things. Snag the full instructions here.

3. Small Concrete Planter

Small concrete planter

This planter is so cute and is perfect if you need a small decoration. Add real flowers or pick artificial flowers for a low maintenance decoration. It’s very simple and you’re only going to need a few materials. Grab some twine, glue, cement, tape, and a couple of other materials. Find the rest of the instructions here.

4. Concrete Flower Pot

Concrete flower pot

This small square flower pot is charming and so easy to make. It’s also easy to personalize by choosing what flowers, paint, and size you’d like your DIY flower pot to be. You’re going to need a small list of materials which include a plastic cup, paint, cement, scissors, and only a few other things. Snag the full instructions here.

5. Concrete Unicorn Flower Pot

Concrete unicorn flower pot

If you’re looking for an easy and practical craft to do with kids, this is the one for you. Your kids are going to love the unicorn design on this flower pot. They might even want to display it in their room. To make this adorable unicorn flower pot, you’re going to need a small chunk of time and a shortlist of materials. Find the directions here.

6. Small Concrete Planters

Concrete planters for succulents

These DIY Concrete Planters from Hip2Save make wonderful party decorations. Whether you need graduation party decorations, wedding centerpieces, or birthday decorations, these would look wonderful. They’re easy to bulk produce and they cost just $1 to make! Super cute and cost-effective.

7. Concrete Planter With Wood Feet

Concrete planter with wood feet

This Concrete Planter with Feet From Anika’s DIY Life would make an amazing decoration. It’s so simple that it would look great in a farmhouse theme, minimalist theme, or neutral themed room. You’re only going to need a short period of time and a small list of materials.

8. DIY Painted Concrete Planters

Diy painted concrete planters

These Concrete Planters from The Frugal Homemakers are charming and easy to customize. You’re able to choose what shape or color your pot is and then what flowers to put in. You can truly make them your own with only a small list of materials. These are also the perfect windowsill decoration for any home.

9. Geometric planter

Geometric planter

This Geometric Planter will stand out in any room. It’s eye-catching but also so simple. This planter would look great on a kitchen or dining room table. If you’re going for a low-maintenance decoration, opt for artificial flowers. If you want the real deal you’re able to pick what type of flowers you want. Lana Red Studio has all the directions for you.

10. Modular geometric planters

Modular geometric planters

This Wall Planter is such a fun twist on the traditional planters. It hangs right on the wall for an eye-catching decoration. A Piece of Rainbow has all the directions on how you can create the base of this planter and then arrange it in any shape you’d like.

11. Asymmetrical planter

Asymmetrical planter

These Asymmetrical Concrete Planters from A Kailo Chic Life are so fun and colorful. They’re so easy to make but they make such a beautiful decoration. To make these planters, you’re going to need concrete, oil, a bowl, rocks, and a few other common materials.

12. Scalloped Concrete Planters

Scalloped concrete planters

These DIY Concrete Planters From The Kim Six Fix would make a wonderful mother’s day gift. There’s no better mother’s day gift than something homemade and also includes flowers. To make these planters, you’re going to need a shortlist of materials and a small chunk of time.

13. Succulent Planters

Succulent planters

Here’s another DIY Concrete Planter that’s so easy to duplicate. These cute and small planters would make wonderful decorations around the house or at any gathering. You can pick what kind of succulent to put in the pot to customize it. By Brittany Goldwyn has all of the details.

14. Concrete Pumpkin Planter

Pumpkin planter

This planter from Homemade Ginger is perfect for Halloween. It’s a fun twist on the traditional jack-o-lantern and is so easy to make. Just like a normal jack-o-lantern, you’re able to customize the face to whatever you’d like. To make this planter, you’re going to need a small list of materials that include cement, water, and a Halloween bowl.

15. Cement Hanging Planters

Cement hanging planters

These Hanging Planters from Pretty Life Girls are so cute and make wonderful decorations. They’re easy to make and only require a small list of materials like paint, concrete, rope, and clay along with a few other things. To make these planters match existing decor, you can choose what paint you’d like.

16. Concrete and copper pipe planter

Concrete and copper pipe planter

This concrete planter is so unique because it has two stories. It’s so eye-catching and will make such a wonderful decoration. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make. You’re going to need a small amount of time and a shortlist of materials. Anika’s DIY Life has all of the information.

17. Concrete and gold planters

Concrete and gold planters

These Concrete and Gold Planters from DIY in PXD would make such a cute addition to a home office, bedroom, or bathroom. They’re so cute, customizable, and versatile. You’re able to pick the shapes and plants to match existing decor.

18. Concrete Planter and Stand

Concrete planter and stand

If you’re looking for a larger but yet simple planter, this one is for you. In this DIY from Francois Et Moi, you’ll learn how to make not only the Concrete Planter but also the stand. It’s surprisingly easy and you only need a few materials including concrete and woodblocks.

19. Tall Concrete Planter

Tall concrete planter

This Tall Concrete Planter from Remodelaholic would look great inside or outside. It has a rustic tone that’s so simple but engaging. You’re going to want to grab some concrete mix, water, duct tape, and a shovel along with a few other supplies.

20. Concrete planter with wooden base

Concrete planter with wooden base

In this DIY from Woodshop Diaries, you’ll learn how to make a charming planter AND a wood stand. It would look great inside or outside. You’re going to need a 5-gallon bucket, concrete mix, utility knife, and a couple of other materials. There’s even a video on the Woodshop Diaries page that walks you through the instructions.

21. Cement balloons

Cement ballons

These planters are a fun twist on the traditional boxy planter. You can make them with common household supplies like balloons, gloves, Q-Tips, a sponge, and a couple of other materials. Artsy Pretty Plants has all the details.

22. Dripped concrete planter

Dripped concrete planter

Here’s another large planter that looks wonderful inside any room. It’s easy to make but very elegant. The paint has a drip effect which makes this planter very unique. To make this planter, you’re going to need concrete, sandpaper, and a putty knife along with a couple of other materials. A Beautiful Mess has all of the instructions for you.

23. Gem Mini Planter

Gem mini planter

Here’s another planter that would be perfect to make with kids. It’s so easy to personalize by choosing different colors of paint and it’s also very easy to mass-produce. You’re able to make many of these planters from The Proper Blog in minutes. The instructions are so easy and the supplies are common household supplies.

24. Cement Planter Pots

Cement planter pots

These DIY Cement Planter Pots from We Are Kitty Gang are charming and extremely easy to make. You need less than 10 supplies and a small chunk of time. When you’re finished, these would look great in a home office, bedroom, or bathroom.

25. Concrete planters

Concrete planters

This DIY from Garden Therapy has all of the basics for making a Concrete Planter. You can customize this planter with paint, gems, rocks, or even chalk. You’re going to need some cooking oil, a towel, fine concrete, and a few other supplies. You’re going to be shocked by how easy this DIY is.

26. Concrete Bowls and Planters

Concrete bowls and planters

This Concrete Bowl/Planter can be used as a birdbath or as a flower pot. The choice is yours. This is a very large DIY but it’s super easy. You’re going to need a concrete mix, large bowls, water, and a few other supplies. This is an outside craft which makes it perfect for summer. Instructables Workshop has all the information you’ll need.

27. DIY Cement Planters

Diy cement planters

This DIY from SkillShare is so cute because these planters are an adorable set of three. You get three easy planters instead of just one. If you only need one or two planters, feel free to make what you need. You’re able to choose real plants or artificial plants for a low-maintenance decoration. The choice is yours.

28. Cat Grass Planters

Cat grass planters

If you have a cat then this is the planter for you. DIY in PXD spells out how to make this practical but cute planter. You’re going to need a concrete mix and a few other household items. That’s it. If you have multiple cats it’s very easy to duplicate this DIY or make your planter bigger.

29. Colored Concrete Planters

Colored concrete planters

If you’re looking for a colorful and fun DIY decoration then this is the one for you. These flower planters from A Helicopter Mom are surprisingly easy to make and so easy to personalize. Choice the shape, paint, and type of flowers to make these truly your own. You only need 10 supplies which makes it a quick DIY.

30. Hanging Planter

Hanging planter

Here’s another hanging planter that would add such a unique effect on any room in your house. It’s so charming but very simple to make. A hanging plant would look best in this planter but you can choose whatever plant you’d like. Anika’s DIY Life has all of the other info you’ll need.

Affordable Buying Guide

All of these DIY Planters involve concrete mix or cement mix. Sometimes those and other materials can be challenging to find if you don’t already have them.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to buy those and other common supplies, check out this list below. There’s also cost-friendly live succulents listed below. They would be perfect to add to some of the listed planters.

If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to share it on Pinterest and leave a comment. We love hearing how the DIYs go and always look for your engagement.

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