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The Ultimate Guide to Desserts for Cherry Lovers

The rich, tart sweetness of dark cherries is a completely unique flavour that can’t quite be matched. Cherry lovers know how great their favourite berry tastes in just about any treat- pies, chocolates, tarts, cakes… you name it! Check out these ultimate list of cherry treats that will have any big cherry fan drooling by the end.

1. Tart and sweet cherry pie

Tart and sweet cherry pie

There’s nothing quite as good as a classic cherry pie that really lets you taste all the nuances of the cherries.(Source: Sugarcrafter)

2. Mini cherry pie cups

Mini cherry pie cups

Are you hosting a barbecue where guests will be too busy socializing to stand still for a messy piece of cherry pie? Serve these mini cherry tarts instead!(Source: Recipe Girl)

3. Cherry balsamic summer parfait

Cherry balsamic summer parfait

Talk about sweet and tart all at once! These delicious little parfaits are a healthy alternative to recipes with butter-rich crusts.(Source: Kiran Tarun)

4. Mixed berry and cherry clafoutis

Mixed berry and cherry clafoutis

A clafoutis is a traditional French custard dish. You’ll love the way the custard base compliments the rich cherry flavour.(Source: Noble Pig)

5. Island cherry crumble with creamy lime whip

Island cherry crumble with creamy lime whip