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Delicious Cakepop Flavours That are Fun For Everyone

Cakepops are the latest in trendy desserts and we’re so happy they’ve stuck around a while! They’re easy to eat on the go, they look adorable, and the flavours are unlimited! Check out these delicious cakepop flavours everyone will love!

1. Strawberry shortcake pops

Strawberry shortcake pops

Biting into the middle of a cakepop and finding fresh strawberries in the middle makes the entire treat even more decadent than usual.(Source: Lemon Tree Dwelling)

2. Pink velvet cakepops

Pink velvet cakepops

Do you find the flavour of red velvet a little too rich? Perhaps you just really love the colour pink? These pink velvet cakepops are a super fun alternative to the classic idea.(Source: Love From the Oven)

3. Ladybug cakepops

Ladybig cakepops

Whether it’s a spring barbecue or a little girl’s birthday party, these adorable ladybug cakepops are a great addition to any whimsical theme.(Source: Cakepop Stand Co.)

4. Sugared blueberry and vanilla cakepops

Sugared blueberry and vanilla cakepops

Blueberry and vanilla cake is already a delicious treat, but it’s especially decadent dipped in icing and powdered in sugar.(Source: Flavours and Frosting)

5. Peppermint chocolate snowball pops

Peppermint chocolate snowball pops

Peppermint and chocolate go deliciously well together any time of year, but it’s an especially yummy winter combination paired with vanilla icing and sugar dusted on like snow.(Source: 52 Kitchen Adventures)

6. Gluten free cakepops

Gluten free cakepops

Good allergies don’t have so stand in the way of enjoying cakepops! Check out this gluten free recipe that everyone can enjoy without feeling sick.(Source: Elena’s Pantry)

7. Lemon cakepops

Lemon cakepops

Citrus flavour might not seem like the obvious choice for a cakepop, but the combination of that and the cake’s sweetness is nothing short of mouthwatering.(Source: The Babycakes Shop)

8. Starbucks salted caramel cakepops

Starbucks salted caramel cakepops

What’s better than being able to recreate your favourite coffee shop’s snacks at home whenever you want?(Source: Copycat Recipe Guide)

9. Funfetti cakepops

Funfetti cakepops

Funfetti cakepops are the perfect treat for a birthday party, and they help build the atmosphere too!(Source: Hungry Happenings)

10. Nutella cakepops

Nutella cakepop

Combining your favourite snacks and flavours makes baking yourself a treat even better than usual! These nutella cakepops are rich with a hint of hazelnut.(Source: Adventures in Food)

11. Pumpkin cakepops

Pumpkin cakepops

Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice! These pumpkin flavoured cakepops are the perfect fall snack.(Source: Whisk Together)

12. Skinny cakepops

Skinny cakepops

Are some of your friends very health conscious? They can still enjoy cakepops with you! This “skinny” recipe is made with alternative ingredients to reduce fat content.(Source: Skinny Taste)

13. Coffee creamer cakepops

Coffee creamer cakepops

With delicious creamer flavours like Irish cream, your coffee loving guests will be intrigued and surprised by these unique pops.(Source: Candiquik)

14. Propeller marshmallow cakepops

Propellor marshmallow cakepops

Not only are the airplane propellers on these cakepops adorable for a kids’ birthday, but they’re also unique and delicious! Putting marshmallows in the middle gives your guests a sweet surprise.(Source: Cake Student)

15. Cheesecake cakepops

Cheesecake cakepops

Is sponge cake not really your favourite thing? Try filling your cakepops with cheesecake instead!(Source: Use Real Butter)

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