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DIY Kitchen Projects That are Useful and Decorative

When it comes to making new DIY projects for our home, we enjoy making decorative things and practical things. Even more than that, however, we really enjoy making things that might be classified as both! This way, we get something new that we’ll use often but we can leave it out where it’s easily accessible because it looks nice as well. The kitchen is probably our favourite place to create things of this nature, which is why we’ve had our eyes peeled for useful and decorative DIY kitchen ideas lately.

1. Upcycled rake utensil holder

Upcycled rake utensil holder

Have you been taking some time and investing some creativity over the years in making your home into a sort of rustic chic haven with a farmhouse twist? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way The Gracious Wife took the head of an old rake and turned it into a decorative holder for cooking utensils, mounting it on the wall right over the stove.

2. Wooden pallet wine rack and glass holder

Wooden pallet wine rack and glass holder

Upcycling wooden pallets has been quite the trend in interior decor for a while now, but there’s just so much you can do with the concept that we feel like we simply can’t get enough! That’s why we were such big fans of this wall mounted half-pallet wine rack concept outlined step by step on The Kurtz Corner. We love that it gives you a place to put not only the bottles but also the glasses.

3. DIY chalkboard menu board

Diy chalboard menu board

Not everything that you make for your kitchen that falls under the category of being “practical” has to be a storage based piece! Instead, why not help yourself organize things with your family a little bit? We love the way The Sits Girls made this decorative wood and chalkboard paint menu hanger where you can plan your meals for the week and let your family weigh in on what they’d like to have as well.

4. DIY pallet coffee mug rack

Diy pallet coffee mug rack

Are you actually really in love with the concept of making some kind of mounted wooden pallet rack that looks rustic and helps you organize things, but you’ve already got a place for all your cooking utensils so you’d prefer to create something else? Well, if you’re a coffee lover, then perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like this pallet mug rack outlined step by step on One Little Bird!

5. Wall mounted pallet pot rack

Wall mounted pallet pot rack