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15 Dishes That are Great for Christmas Potlucks

If you’ve ever worked in an office or a workplace that has a strong workplace community, we’re sure you’ve already experienced your fair share of holiday potlucks for the year. We’ve had jobs before, however, that liked to wait until the last minute before celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter holidays so that people could really relax and be free of the stress of pre-holiday deadlines while they socialize. That makes this week prime time for shared lunches!

Because we’ve worked in so many office and group settings before, we know how stressful last minute potluck preparations can be. That’s why we’ve collected our 15 favourite Christmas time dish recipes in one place for you!

1. Snowman cheese ball

Snowman cheese ball

If you’re an experienced potluck-er then you’ll be no stranger at all to a good cheese ball. Besides being delicious, we think they’re actually quite fun to make… especially if you make them in cool seasonal shapes! That’s why we love this snowman cheese ball idea from Stark Insider so much. Make three balls of cheese in decreasing side, pile them on top of each other just like you would with snowballs, and use veggies to do them up like an actual snowman.

2. Strawberry Santa hat brownies

Strawberry santa hat brownies

Perhaps someone else already has the cheese ball covered for this particular potluck and you’ve been tasked with bringing a dessert instead? We actually quite enjoy being the “dessert person” because sweets are so easy to get creative with, but we prefer making them in bite size because they’re easier for our coworkers to grab on the go! That’s why we love these little Santa hat brownies from Penny’s Food Blog so much. Cut the top and bottom off each strawberry, flip them upside down, and stick them onto the flat brownie tops with vanilla icing or whipped cream.

3. Creamy baked mac and cheese

Creamy baked mac and cheese

Perhaps you’re responsible for bringing an entrée but you know that people will be getting lots of traditional Christmas dinner and holiday food over their actual holidays, so you’d rather just bring them something delicious and comforting so they don’t get sick of eating the same thing too early in the season? In that case, we’d suggest a big, creamy pan of baked mac and cheese! Eat, Live, Blog shows you how to make a recipe that’s very easy to scoop onto a plate buffet style.

4. Turkey meatballs with yogurt sauce

Turkey meatballs with yogurt sauce

Does someone else have the side dishes covered and you’ve been asked to bring the protein? Well, rather than bringing something that people have to sit down at a table and use two hands to cut, we’d suggest bringing an easy bite sized dish like meatballs! These lean, delicious turkey meatballs from The Ktchn are served with a mouth watering creamy yogurt sauce your coworkers will hardly be able to resist.

5. Layered pumpkin torte

Layered pumpkin torte

Do you know for a fact that almost every person in your office is a huge fan of pumpkin spiced lattes and has been buying them since the moment they returned to the local coffee shops for fall, so you’d like to make them a delicious pumpkin dish you know they’ll love? Then we definitely think you should check out this creamy layered pumpkin torte from Taste of Home! This one will be gone in no time.

6. Mini tomato puff pastry tarts

Mini tomato puff pastry tarts

Have you always been a fan of caprese salad more than just about anything else but that isn’t really a holiday dish and doesn’t serve well at potlucks? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still introduce your coworkers to your favourite flavour in other, bite sized ways! We love the way The Love Nerds turned the cheese, tomato, and basil idea of a caprese salad as a miniature pastry. Being made of red and green ingredients is enough to qualify something as a Christmas dish, right?

7. Bacon wrapped teriyaki pork bites

Bacon wrapped teriyaki pork bites

Are you still the bringer of the protein but the meatballs we showed you weren’t quite novelty enough for what you’re looking for? You are supposed to be treating your coworkers before the holidays, after all. That’s why we often bring things wrapped in bacon. Everything tastes better wrapped in bacon! Check out these bacon wrapped teriyaki pork bites from The Weary Chef if you don’t believe us.

8. Prosciutto wrapped arugula

Prosciutto wrapped arugula

Are you intrigued by the idea of a wrapped dish but you know that a few of your coworkers have been dieting carefully for quite some time now, so you don’t want to completely ruin their progress? In that case, perhaps these prosciutto wrapped arugula bundles from The Ktchn would be more of a hit!

9. Classic scalloped potatoes

Classic scalloped potatoes

Were you totally interested in the classic side dish idea even if what you make isn’t necessarily a holiday dish, but the mac and cheese we showed you earlier on our list is our because that’s what you brought to last month’s potluck? Then we’d suggest giving these delicious scalloped potatoes from Chowhound a try. They’re creamy and satisfying and they’re also easy to serve out buffet style with a big spoon.

10. Tortellini skewers

Tortellini skewers

Pasta is certainly always a satisfying option but it’s not always the easiest thing to serve and eat when people are walking around an office with their plates. That’s why we thought this tortellini skewer idea from Ottawa Life was such a good one! Paired with chunks of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, the taste of good cheese or pesto filled tortellini is the perfect snack.

11. Cheese gougeres

Cheese gougeres

We’ve talked a lot about cheese options so far, but that’s because cheese is just so darn good! We’ll eat cheese any time of year and served just about any way, but we also just think it’s an easy and delicious option for meals just like your potluck. For something a little more satisfying than just chunks of cheese, check out these fluffy cheese gougeres from The Ktchn.

12. Chicken fettucine bake

Chicken fettucine bake

Are you intent on making your coworkers a satisfying pasta regardless of how easy it is to serve because you want them to experience the kind of satisfying meal they’d get at your place over the holidays? Then we’d say giving in to a good old pasta bake is a safe bet! The Dedicated House guides you through the process of making one with chicken and fettucine.

13. Potluck taco casserole

Potluck taco casserole

We’ve made taco dip for countless potlucks, but there can only be so many dips at a party. Mexican dishes are an exciting way to break up the same old holiday foods, however, so that’s why we were pleased to find this taco casserole idea from Taste of Home instead! You get the same great taste but as an entrée.

14. Apple sausage cornbread stuffing

Apple sausage cornbread stuffing

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a very holiday appropriate dish that will really get your coworkers geared up for the Christmas meals they’re looking forward to, but you’d still like to treat them to something a little bit unique too? Then we’d say this apple sausage cornbread stuffing from Chowhound is the perfect dish for you!

15. Beet pickled deviled eggs

Beet pickled deviled eggs

Do you work with some people who are very experienced in the culinary department and you’d like to serve them a version of a simple potluck classic that’s a little more gourmet than they might have seen before? In that case, we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at these beet pickled deviled eggs from The Ktchn. That might sound like the kind of combination kids would balk at, but we assure you they’re delicious and your coworkers will likely agree!

Do you have another holiday favourite that you love taking to potlucks and parties this time of year but you don’t see any similar dishes on our list? Tell us all about how you make your specialty or link us to recipes and photos of your finished dish in the comments section!

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