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Cute DIY Bookmarks

Anyone who knows us knows that we adore a good book. Beyond that, we also love just about anything that has to do with reading and enjoying our cozy reading time as well! That’s why we have such a fondness for bookmarks. It’s just always so shocking to us how many different styles, sizes, and materials bookmarks can come in! Even more than that, it’s exciting for us to think about how many different kinds of bookmarks we can actually make ourselves!

Just in case you’re a total bookworm, or perhaps you know a bookworm who you’d like to gift something nice to, but you always prefer making things over buying them, here are 15 awesome DIY bookmark projects to keep you busy between chapters!

1. Quote stamped scrapbook paper bookmarks

Qote stamped scrapbook paper bookmarks

Are you also an avid scrapbooker who always has a great assortment of scrap pieces and ends in your stash when it comes to lovely, thick patterned, textured, and coloured paper? Then you have almost everything you need to make these adorable quote bookmarks from Polka Dot Chair! Grab some ribbon and some text stamps, choose your very favourite inspirational quote, and get started.

2. Bookmarks with layered flowers

Bookmarks with layered flowers

Perhaps you’ve got the pretty scrapbooking paper pieces we were talking about before covered and you’d love to make bookmarks from them but you don’t actually collect stamps and you’re prefer to add something else a little more handmade to the paper rather than just pressing text down? Then we’d suggest turning to your felt stash instead! Take a look at how Blissful Roots layered carefully cut pieces to create lovely flowers with rhinestone centers.

3. Dress shaped bookmark with elastic

Dress shaped bookmark with elastic

Perhaps your most prominent DIY and crafting skills actually usually lie in working with fabric and thread rather than with paper? In that case, we think we’ve found the perfect kind of DIY bookmark for you! We love this tutorial from Daily Craft Inspiration because it guides you through the steps for making an adorable miniature dress sewn around the edges and attached to a length of elastic that holds your spot well by sliding around the whole book.

4. Monster corner bookmarks

Monster corner bookmarks

Have you actually been looking for a bookmark craft that your kids might be able to help you with, or at least have fun designing and using after? Then we have a feeling you’ll all get a kick out of these “corner monster” bookmarks from Weekly Scrapper! They show you how to make the basic shape with some simple origami and also give you suggestions for how to turn your shapes into all kinds of animals, characters, and creatures!