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15 Crafts That are Perfect for Your Farm House

We’ve seen some beautiful farmhouses in our time, but we’ve also seen homes in towns and cities that recreate that classic farmhouse aesthetic in a gorgeous way. Perhaps you come from a generational farming family and, even though you live in a suburb now, you’d still like to keep that homey feeling you remembered from visiting your grandparents on the farm as a child? DIY home decor is definitely the best way to make that happen!

Check out these 15 lovely, country inspired DIY projects that will have your home feeling like you’re down on the farm, even if you’re right in the middle of Main Street.

1. Planting tin kitchen rack

Potting tin kitchen rack

We love that this simple cutlery rack by Stone Gable looks as though you’ve moved your kitchen right into the garden and let the cutlery take up residency in the nearest flower pot! The flowers are fake, of course, but it creates a nice natural illusion that’s perfect for a farmhouse. All you need is a tin planter that will hook to a simple bar wall rack.

2. Decoupaged spring teacup planters

Decoupaged spring teacup planters

Heart Handmade suggests using old teacup and saucer sets that don’t hold liquid anymore or that you no longer need as a new home for some fresh blossoms! Everyone knows that families who live in farmhouses know how to get thrifty with their upcycling, so why not repurpose things in a way that brings the delicacy of fancy tea to gardening?

3. DIY herb drying rack

Diy herb drying rack

If you’re really into the idea of farmhouse living then you’ve probably already explored things like jarring and canning your own jams or preserves. Those things are fun and practical, but they don’t necessarily provide your kitchen with much decorative style. Drying your own herbs on a rustic DIY herb drying rack, however, does both! In fact, it’ll make your kitchen smell great too, depending on which herbs you choose to hang up. Check out how Magnolia Market made this one.

4. Easy DIY log candle holder

Easy diy log candleholder

When it comes to building a farmhouse aesthetic, it always helps to bring a little bit of the beautiful outdoors inside. This log candle holder idea from Love Grows Wild is as simple as selecting a straight, thick branch and cutting it to the height you want. Consider smoothing the top and bottom surfaces with sandpaper to make sure everything sits nice and sturdy so you can safely light your candle.

5. Re-purposed pizza board kitchen decor

Repurposed pizza board kitchen decor

When it comes to a farmhouse kitchen, there’s hardly ever a reason to throw something sturdy out! It doesn’t matter how marked up and cut that old pizza board is, for example, because Anderson and Grant has found a great way to transform it into cute wall decor. Grab some letters from the nearest craft or dollar store (or hand paint them if you’re feeling confident), attach a sprig of faux or dried flowers, and voila!

6. Farmhouse style tea towels

Farmhouse style tea towels

When you think “farmhouse aesthetic”, does your mind automatically drift back to the days of handmade linens and finder things held precious in a dusty country lifestyle? Well, these adorable lace altered tea towels hearken back to that time completely. We’d hardly want to use them for fear of staining them, but you can always make yourself more! See how they’re done on Making It in the Mountains.

7. DIY birch vases

Diy birch vases

City Farmhouse guides you through the process of upcycling cleaned tin cans to look like smoothed wood vases made of birch. The best part is that they’re actually made with birch bark! Wrapping the bark around the can lets you make a holder that looks like it’s made out of tree branches, without actually sacrificing any trees. We love the little engraved details!

8. Weathered finish table

Weathered finish table

Refresh, Restyle shows you all the steps you’ll need to follow to create your very own rustic looking “reclaimed” side table, even if you don’t have an actual reclaimed table to work with. Contribute to your own farmhouse decor aesthetic (or continue building one that suits your actual farm) by following this great tutorial.

9. DIY farmhouse benches

Diy farmhouse benches

Do you have fond memories of the old, slightly beat up table your grandma used to sit with you at in the kitchen when you visited her farmhouse? Do you occasionally look at your new, store bought table and kind of wish it had the markings of many years of family using it? Well, take a look at how Love Grows Wild customized a wooden picnic style table to look stylishly worn and well-loved.

10. Butcher block kitchen shelving

Butcher block kitchen shelving

Besides being a great opportunity to upcycle, this shelving idea from Bright Green Door fits right in with the farmhouse decor style by putting average household items to good use in new ways. It lets you enjoy the stylish finish of wood surfaces but still with a worn, rustic element. on top of that, you get more storage!

11. Yardstick mirror frame

Yardstick mirror frame

When we were young, our grandparent’s farmhouse was on the same land as the old one room school house, so there were always old school supplies lying around. This was quite common, so naturally we thought of farmhouse decor when we saw this awesome meter stick mirror frame! Twin Dragonflys teaches you how to make your own.

12. Bird’s nest napkin rings

Bird's nest napkin rings

Perhaps the part you love most about living in a farmhouse is your close proximity to nature? Harness your love for animals and the natural beauty around you by making these adorable (and surprisingly realistic looking) bird’s nest napkin rings, complete with tiny eggs! See how they’re done on Uncommon Designs.

13. Dried roses door wreath

Dried roses door wreath

Speaking of bringing elements of nature and natural beauty to your home, this dried rose door wreath design from Place of My Taste might be our very favourite idea on this entire list. As if a wreath made of sticks wasn’t neat enough, the roses add a touch of delicacy that contrasts a rustic aesthetic perfectly.

14. Reclaimed pop bottle kitchen table baskets and vases

Reclaimed pop bottle kitchen table baskets and vases

The 36th Avenue shows you a great way to not only contribute to a rustic, reclaimed aesthetic that’s typical of a classic farmhouse, but also to recycle some glassware while you’re at it! This centre piece makes a great vase, or even just a decorative memento if flowers aren’t your favourite. Try to find bottles and pieces that look worn but still clean up well.

15. Reclaimed window frame entryway decor

Reclaimed window frame entryway decor

Have you moved into an old traditional farmhouse that needed some renovations? Perhaps you’ve been looking for ways to preserve parts of the old house that you had to redo? The Farmhouse Porch has a quick and simple suggestion that looks great and lets you get a little nostalgic. Instead of getting rid of all the window frames when you replace them, save a couple to put on display in your entryway to bring some of the original house home.

Do you know someone who’s been hoping to redecorate their own farmhouse, or built an aesthetic that reminds them of an older country home? Share this post with them for a little bit of rustic inspiration!

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