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Awesome Crocheted Play Food Patterns

When it comes to using our crochet skills for our kids, we can usually be found making them all kinds of hats, sweaters, and slippers. Sometimes, however, it’s fun to get into the more creative realms of crochet patterns and try our hand at making toys! Our kids are a little bit older, however, so lately they’ve had their eye on little crochet pieces that they find neat because of their miniature size and novelty, rather than because they want to play with dolls and teddy bears anymore. That’s why we’ve been doing such extensive searches for play food patterns lately! Some of them are bigger and some of them are miniature and more along the style of amigurumi crochet, but all of them are just plain cute either way!

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of making crocheted foods as we were, check out these 15 awesome patterns that will help you make foods of all kinds.

1. Crocheted Happy Meal

Crocheted happy meal

Have your kids always been huge fans of McDonald’s Happy Meals? Well, it’s definitely a smart idea to limit the number of real Happy Meals they eat on a regular basis, but nothing says they can’t pretend to eat their favourite fries and nuggets while they play! That’s why we loved this awesome little Happy Meal crochet pattern from Crochet N’ Play Designs so much. It even comes complete with ketchup packets!

2. Amigurumi fruit cake

Amigurumi fruit cake

Not everyone loves fruit cake in real life, especially if you’re talking about the very dense, not so flavourful kind that many people serve around Christmas time as a tradition, whether they actually enjoy the taste or not. When it comes to adorable crocheted version of real things, however, we’d have to agree that this cute little crocheted fruit cake is preferable to the real thing! Check out how Picorella not only crocheted the actual basic cake shape itself, but also added several adorable crocheted fruit slices on top.

3. Fun crochet donuts

Fun crochet donuts

If you’re going to start crocheting your own foods, would you rather make something that comes in all different colours so you can really get creative? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how MJ Carlos made these adorable crocheted donuts! Besides teaching you how to make the basic shape of the donut itself (which is actually easier than it looks), their tutorial also walks you through the process of adding details like icing, drizzle, and sprinkles, all made from yarn as well.

4. Crocheted sausage breakfast

Crocheted sausage breakfast

If you’re going to make your kids play food so that they can mimic the eating habits found in real life, would you prefer to make them all of the meals so that they have a well rounded selection of dishes to choose from? In that case, you’ll have to be sure to make them breakfast too! That’s why we liked this adorable sausage, egg, and chip pattern so much. Bottle Top Boy guides you step by step through the process of making each thing, as well as how to change colours for the egg’s yolk.