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15 Stylish Chokers You Can Make At Home

When we were kids, chokers were all the rage. The springy chokers that looked like henna tattoos were particularly popular, but they were by no means the only kind! By the time we grew old enough to be making our own jewelry, however, chokers had trended out of style again. We made a few over the years and wore them anyways because we’ve never been ones to follow trends too closely or let them completely control our style, but we were still pretty happy to see them back in style again in recent months nonetheless! You see, besides being very fashionable right now, chokers are just such an awesome DIY opportunity that we’ve been making them like crazy in all kinds of different designs!

Just in case you love chokers as much as we do, check out these 15 fantastic designs, ideas, and tutorials that will help you make your own as well.

1. Hand woven henna style choker

Hand woven henna style choker

Remember those henna style chokers we were talking about above? Well, the original ones from when we were kids were made of cheap plastic that ended up itching our necks and we’ve seen that precise kind in stores again. The beauty of making your own accessories, however, is that you can make adjustments to account for things like that! That’s why we were so happy to come across this henna choker tutorial from Brit + Co.. They show you how to weave the classic shape but using a more skin friendly elastic cord than the plastic you knew before.

2. Simple centered bead choker

Simple centered bead choker

Do you like the idea of a black choker but you’d rather add some embellishment and keep the choker itself simple, since you don’t have much experience with braiding or weaving jewelry? Well, that’s simple enough to do! Just in case you still feel like you need some guidance, though, here’s an awesome tutorial from Crafts Unleashed that will show you how to string a bead or a ring charm in the centre and attach a clasp at the back for easy adjustments.

3. Daisy chain choker

Daisy chain choker

Have you ever walked into a sewing or crafting store, seen all the countless types of decorative trim, and wished you could find a wear to wear some even though you don’t sew because the designs are just so pretty? Well, A Beautiful Mess is right on the same page as you, because that’s exactly what they’ve done here! Check out their tutorial to learn about making a shockingly simple daisy chain choker from a strip of fabric trim with a clasp attached at the ends.

4. Simple small bead chokers

Simple small bead chokers

Were you intrigued by the centred beaded design we showed you earlier on our list but you’re just not sure you want to wear something quite so chunky and bold? In that case, we think perhaps you’d prefer this more delicate design from Designs by Illa! They show you how to use a thinner cord and smaller beads, centering the beads with a simple knot in whatever combination and colours you please. We love that this design lets you be more subtle without losing any of your glam!