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15 Cozy Crocheted Fingerless Mitten Patterns

Where we live, the temperature of weather that many people would stereotype as being “fall” weather actually lasts a lot longer than you might think. Sometimes we don’t even have to put on gloves, hats, or scarves until later into December, near Christmas time! That’s why late November and right after Thanksgiving is the perfect time for us to start collecting patterns and knitting small things that will keep us warm in chilly evenings without making us sweat all day. Fingerless mittens are the perfect example of what we mean! Of course, there are plenty of fingerless mittens that you can buy in stores, and they’ll probably be plenty comfortable and cute, but there’s just something incredibly satisfying and fulfilling about wearing or gifting something you’ve actually made yourself. That’s why we love crochet so much!

Just in case you love the idea of crocheting yourself or the people you love some brand new fingerless mittens this season but you’re in need of some inspiration and a few new patterns to try, here our 15 of our very favourite designs that we’ve actually made over the years.

1. Lacy Crochet fingerless gloves by Getting Hooked on Crafts

Lacy crochet fingerless gloves

Have you been feeling really intent on learning lacy crochet techniques lately but you’re still somewhat of a beginner, so you don’t want to overwhelm yourself too quickly and end up giving up on the project in the end? In that case, here’s a great pattern that gets you a little bit of a lace effect but in a way that’s both simple to do and not too busy too look at. The small size of fingerless mitts really makes them the perfect project for learning new techniques on!

2. Simple crocheted fingerless gloves with buttons by Craftsy

Simple crocheted fingerless gloves with buttons

Perhaps your priority in crocheting yourself some fingerless mittens lies less in creating them to feature a fancy stitch and a lot more heavily in making them look very neat and even, with perhaps just one simple embellishment that doesn’t detract from the finished product? In that case, this pattern might be your best bet! This one has some visual texture but it remains simple and avoids looking too busy.

3. Lacy mitts with crocheted butterflies by Beginner’s Crochet Patterns

Lacy mitts with crocheted butterflies

Have you already mastered simple to moderate lace crochet work and you feel more than confident making some cute seashell inspired lace happen in a pair of fingerless mitts, but you’d like to add a little something extra to them as well to really drive the whole fancy aesthetic home? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these adorable lace butterfly mitts! They show you how to stitch the pattern, construct the gloves, and create and attach the little crocheted butterfly embellishment at the end.

4. Colour Stripey fingerless mitts by Crochet in Colour

Colour stripey fingerless mitts

Have you already got your basic stitches down and mastered but now you’re looking for a new technique to learn without getting into very complicated stitches that will throw you off? Then it sounds to use like you’re in the perfect position to start practicing your colour striping! We love the way this pattern takes advantage of the opportunity to use a full range and spectrum of colours, striping on each row. This project will certainly get you lots of practice in by the time you’re finished!

5. Textured fingerless gloves by Calleigh’s Clips

Textured fingerless gloves

Did you love the look of the simply crocheted texture mitts with the buttons that we showed you a little bit earlier because you loved the neat, even stitching pattern but you’d rather simplify that idea even more by skipping the button and making them smaller and shorter, rather than extending them further down your forearm like the previous pattern? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make these cute little fingerless hand warmers instead!

6. Prairie Winds mitts by Mama in A Stitch

Prairie winds mitts

Have you always been a huge fan of the simple, subtle stitches that really make onlookers have trouble telling the different between knitting and crochet, especially since you love to do both? In that case, we think we’ve found just the pattern for you! These little gloves keep your palms and wrists warm with some simple ribbing while you type in the office on a chilly morning or take a quick talk down to the corner for your morning coffee with a friend.

7. Celtic Weave gloves by Over The Apple Tree

Celtic weave gloves

Are you scrolling through our list so far and thinking about how a little pattern in your stitching has never scared you off before, so there’s no reason not to put some into your fingerless mitts now? Then we definitely think you should try your hand at these Celtic weave style gloves! It might look like a complicated stitch to do, but you’ll only have to try out their technique of pulling your stitches over top a few times to really get the hang of it well.

8. Owl fingerless gloves by Tampa Bay Crochet

Owl fingerless gloves

Whether you’re primarily a knitter, mostly a crochet enthusiast, or perhaps a master at both, you’ll probably already be familiar with the classically adorable owl motif that’s so common in winter wear of all kinds. After all, it’s just so cute and, as if that wasn’t a good enough reason to try it out, it’s surprisingly easy to do! That’s why we love making these adorable little owl fingerless mittens every year. We can’t even count how many times we’ve given these mitts as a gift to friends and family!

9. Puff Stitch fingerless mittens by Hopeful Honey

Puff stitch fingerless mittens

Have you been scrolling through this list looking for a deceivingly simple stitch pattern that’s actually really visual and totally awesome looking, but will also let you learn something new? Then we’d suggest trying your hand at the puff stitch! It’s not dissimilar to some of the pulled across and criss-crossing stitch patterns you’ve seen already so far but it’s created purposely loosely so that the whole glove has some give in order to get that kind of loosely “puffed” effect.

10. DIY Crochet fingerless gloves by The Crafty Novice

Diy crochet fingerless gloves

Is this actually the first time you’ve ever tried making yourself a pair of crocheted fingerless mittens, so you’re looking for something very simple and quite quick, just to make sure you get it right? Perhaps you’ve actually been crocheting for years but now you’re in need of a simple pattern because you promised to teach a friend or family member. Either way, this pattern is one of the best beginner’s designs we’ve encountered when it comes to crocheting fingerless mitts! This is actually the very same pattern we used when we made our very first pair a few years back.

11. Kids’ Convertible Fingerless Mitts by Angi Tugushi Kids' convertible fingerless mitts

When our kids see us working with yarn, they always without hesitation, as us to “make them one too”. It doesn’t even matter what it is! Sometimes, with the smaller projects like fingerless mittens, we oblige, but we don’t actually find that our kids really wear their fingerless mitts that often because they’re either too cold or too hot. That’s why we’ve started makin them these convertible mittens instead! They still get the warmth of having a full mitten available but they can flip them down into fingerless mittens whenever they feel the need. This pattern is also surprisingly simple given the detail required!

12. Owl Mittens with button eyes by The Green Dragonfly

Owl mittens with button eyes

Were you completely in love with the idea of making owl themed fingerless mittens just about the moment we mentioned them, but the monochrome owl silhouette design we showed you the pattern for earlier on our list wasn’t quite what you were picturing? We love that previous pattern a lot, but we also know all too well that sometimes you just need a version that has a little more colour and pizzazz. That’s why we adore this cute, colourful owl applique on a pair of simple mittens so much!

13. Super Simple fingerless gloves (with or without stripes) by Hippy Hooker

Super simple fingerless gloves (with or without stripes)

We know we already showed you one beginner’s pattern, but what if you were looking for something with a weave that’s a little bit tighter in the stitching, or perhaps a pattern that also helps guide you through the process of altering it a little bit later on when you’re ready to try something new? In that case, we’d suggest this simple tutorial that shows you first how to make a pair of neat, plain fingerless mittens and then, when you’re ready, how to make a stripy version that uses two colours!

14. Ivory and Red gloves with bows by Bobbin Bombshell

Ivory and red gloves with bows

Perhaps you’re experienced enough at crochet that making yourself a pair of fingerless mittens in just about any size, style, or technique is a feasible idea for you so the most important part of the pattern is how much you love the overall look of the finished product? Well, if adorable embellishments on simple garments is the kind of style you love, these beautiful bow gloves might be precisely the kind of thing you’re looking for! We think these are adorably kawaii and we love how professional the finished product looks even though they’re surprisingly simple to make.

15. Octavo fingerless mitts by Knitting and So On

Octavo fingerless mitts

Are you a very experienced crochet enthusiast who loves incorporating as many colours, stitching patterns, and designs as possible to make something truly visually stunning, even in the simplest of garments? Then we’ve definitely got a pattern here that’s probably right up your alley! Check out how these gloves are made with a pastel green and purple colour gradient swirl in a thin fingering weight yarn. The finished product is so artistic that people will think you bought the gloves premade in a store.

Do you know someone who adores crocheting fingerless mittens but they’ve knit so many different designs now that they feel like they’re running out of patterns? Share this post with them to give them all kinds of fun, new, and creative patterns to try!

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