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Easy and Nutritious Meals and Snacks for Camping

Perhaps it’s a little early to be talking about camping, seeing as how spring isn’t even quite here yet, but if we’re being honest with you, we’re so darn excited about our summer camping trip that we’re already planning it! Besides the route, where we’ll pitch our tents and campers, and what kinds of activities we’ll do while we’re stopped, our favourite part of the plan is picking out the snacks and planning our meals! That might not sound that exciting but, if you really think outside the box, there are actually plenty of deliciously creative meals that are particularly great for camping because they’re individually packaged and easy to heat on a camp fire! We’ve tried all kinds of things but we’re always on the lookout for new, yummy ideas wherever we can find them.

Just in case you’re as excited and intrigued by the idea of campfire snacks and meals as we are, here are 15 of the best ideas we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Vegetarian, gluten free campfire nachos

Vegetarian, gluten free campfire nachos

One of the easiest ways to make a full meal over a campfire is to make it skillet style, roasting everything in a pan together so save yourself time and cleanup. This means finding meals that include ingredient that can be cooked all together like that and still taste good. Now, nachos are absolutely one of our favourite snacks, but those are usually something you baked in the oven so we never thought of them as something you’d make yourself roasted in a pan over the fire… until we discovered this delicious campfire nachos recipe featured on Fresh Off The Grid.

2. Campfire grilled loaded baked potatoes

Campfire grilled loaded baked potatoes

Have you ever made yourself tinfoil roasted baked potatoes? Well, whether you’ve done them like a slow roast wrapped in the oven or properly roasted them in tinfoil on the grill of your barbecue, you already know how absolutely delicious and flavourful the technique makes them! It only makes sense, then, that these tinfoil roasted campfire potatoes are absolutely mouth watering as well. The Kitchen Magpie shows you how to make a version that’s completely loaded with all kinds of awesome toppings!

3. Easy campfire beans

Easy campfire beans

No matter how you’re preparing them, making baked beans is a process that’s always worth it because the preparation is so easy but it has massive taste pay off. Picture how easy it is to make regular baked beans at home. It doesn’t seem like they’d be made with that same ease if you didn’t have you electricity and appliances, right? Well, Camping Converts is actually here to try and prove you wrong! Check out their tutorial to see how they made campfire beans.

4. Campfire cinnamon roll-ups

Campfire cinnamon rolls

Believe it or not, dinner pieces and entrees aren’t the only things you can make over a campfire, which is particularly good news when you’re on a trip that’s supposed to be a relaxing treat for everyone involved. That’s why we always make sure to look up how to make some desserts and sweet snacks as well! One of our particular favourites is this recipe from Almost Super Moms which shows you how to make delicious cinnamon roll ups that taste just like cinnamon buns. Roast them over the fire, drizzle some icing or glaze on, and voila!