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33 Crochet Blanket Patterns (Afghans, Throws, and Baby Blankets)

Crochet blanket patterns vary greatly in difficulty, appearance, and use-case. Crochet blanket patterns are categorized according to five primary criteria: the complexity of the pattern, the type of stitch used, the size of the finished item, the item’s intended use, and the price of the pattern. The terms blanket, afghan, and throw are frequently used interchangeably among crocheters and the general public. This is because there is no clear consensus on the differentiation between a blanket, an afghan, and a throw, with blurred boundaries between the categories.

Free crochet blanket patterns
A list of the 33 best crochet blanket patterns

Crochet is a needlecraft used to create items from decorative to practical and is a popular method for making blankets. The speed and size of the item produced depend on the size of the crochet hook and yarn used. The stitch pattern also influences the item’s complexity, with some stitch patterns being challenging to execute by beginners.

The variety of crochet blanket, throw, and afghan patterns is large to the point of overwhelming, but we simplify your options into six categories below. Each category is classified according to four primary criteria, including ease of construction, complexity of the stitch pattern, size of the finished blanket, as well as the intended use case for the finished item. We have also added a fifth criterion, price, indicating whether the pattern is paid or free.

The six categories of crochet blanket patterns are as follows.

  • Easy crochet blanket patterns: These patterns use a limited selection of simple stitches such as single crochet (SC) and double crochet (DC).
  • Crochet afghan patterns: These are patterns for larger blankets known as afghans, which typically act as bed coverings.
  • Crochet throw blanket patterns: These are patterns for decorative coverings that are thrown over sofas, loveseats, and other furniture.
  • Modern crochet blanket patterns: These patterns for blankets and afghans follow a modern aesthetic by using simple stitch patterns and neutral colors.
  • Unique crochet blanket patterns: These unusual or eye-catching stitch patterns or have a unique construction method with more advanced crochet techniques.
  • Crochet blanket patterns for babies: These patterns make warm, comfortable blankets suitable for babies and young children.

Easy crochet blanket patterns

Easy crochet patterns primarily make use of two basic types of stitches, single crochet (SC) and double crochet (DC). Single and double crochet are the first stitches beginners learn when starting to crochet. Both SC and DC are simple to execute and work up quickly into blankets, throws, and afghans (or any item you’re making).

The following patterns all use variations of SC and DC in very simple pattern repeats and therefore are ideal for those just starting to crochet.

Granite Crochet Throw

Granite throw blanket crochet pattern
Granite Crochet Throw Pattern

The Granite Crochet Throw pattern by Easy Crochet is designed for those new to crocheting. The pattern uses one stitch (SC) so that it is simple to follow and perfect for complete beginners. It is made in chunky yarn, which makes it quick to produce a warm, cozy throw blanket. Instructions are given for 8 throw sizes, making it perfect for gifting or home decor. Find the free Granite Crochet Throw pattern here.

Charlotte Blanket

Charlotte blanket crochet pattern
Charlotte Blanket Pattern

The Charlotte Blanket from Rescued Paw Designs is full of big, bold, chunky stripes in wintery colors. The Charlotte blanket is the perfect project for beginners because it uses a simple pattern repeat consisting of SC and dc. The color changes in the crochet pattern are optional so that you can make the item as simple or as complex as you want. Find the free Charlotte Blanket pattern here.

Chevron Crochet Blanket

Chevron blanket crochet pattern
Chevron Crochet Blanket Pattern

The Chevron Crochet Blanket by Kristin Cagle on Easy Crochet is based on the classic 70s single-crochet chevron motif and works up quickly in the chunky yarn of your choice. This crochet blanket pattern suits beginners because it uses single crochet only. Find the free Chevron Crochet Blanket pattern here.

Briar Rose Blanket

Briar rose blanket crochet pattern
Briar Rose Blanket Pattern

The Briar Rose Blanket by Fiber Flux is a beginner’s lace pattern. This easy crochet blanket pattern uses only SC as the base for its pattern repeat, producing a lace effect that looks complex but is easy to crochet. The pattern comes with full instructions on how to adapt it to make a cover to your size specifications. Find the free Briar Rose Blanket pattern here.

Double Crochet Blanket

Double crochet blanket pattern
Double Crochet Blanket Pattern

The Double Crochet Blanket pattern uses DC to produce a simple but cozy blanket. The pattern is ideal for a first project as it only uses DC and can be made to any size required. Find the Double Crochet Blanket pattern here.

Crochet afghan patterns

Crochet afghan patterns are for coverings of any size but are primarily used as bedspreads. Additionally, afghans are useful as general home decoration or to cover a couch. The use of the word “afghan” for a blanket traces back to the 1800s, originating from the Pashto language to describe a bed covering or blanket. The following patterns showcase afghans in a variety of sizes, stitch patterns, and skill levels.

Neapolitan French Braid Cable Blanket

Neapolitan french braid cable blanket crochet pattern
Neapolitan French Braid Cable Blanket Pattern

The Neapolitan French Braid Cable Blanket combines both stripes and cables, producing a beautiful, comforting afghan. The pattern by Yarn Hook Needles is suitable for someone who has some experience in crochet as making this blanket involves cable stitches which are an intermediate technique. Find the free Neapolitan French Braid Cable Blanket pattern here.

Simple Granny Stripe Afghan

Simple granny stripe afghan crochet pattern
Simple Granny Stripe Afghan Pattern

The Simple Granny Stripe Afghan pattern from Kristine In Between produces a beautiful stripey blanket. This pattern is for beginners looking for something more challenging than basic crochet stitches as it involves color changes. Find the free Simple Granny Stripe Afghan pattern here.

All Double Crochet Afghan

All double crochet afghan pattern
All Double Crochet Afghan Pattern

The All Double Crochet Afghan by Kristine In Between is a fast pattern to make because it uses dc. The pattern is suitable for those with some experience of crochet because it involves color changes. Find the free All Double Crochet Afghan pattern here.

Peaked Shell Afghan

Peaked shell afghan crochet pattern
Peaked Shell Afghan Pattern

The Peaked Shell Afghan by Crafting Friends Designs looks complicated but consists of a simple stitch pattern that gives a shell-like finish. This pattern is suitable for those with some experience in crochet as the pattern is made using a combination of DC and Picot stitches. Find the free Peaked Shell Afghan pattern here.

Crochet throw blanket patterns

Crochet throw blanket patterns create midsized blankets that are primarily used for decoration. A throw is so called because it describes how the item should be used, ie, ‘thrown’ over a couch, chair, or bed to add an accent to a room. The term is often used interchangeably with afghan blankets, but generally speaking, the key difference is size.

The following patterns showcase a variety of crochet throw blanket patterns suitable for differing skill levels, stitch patterns, and sizes.

Vintage Rippling Blocks Blanket

Vintage rippling blocks blanket crochet pattern
Vintage Rippling Blocks Blanket Pattern

The Vintage Rippling Blocks Blanket by Angela Maria provides visual texture using a simple throw blanket pattern built from SC and DC. The pattern is suitable for crochet beginners because it is built using SC and DC only. Find the free Vintage Rippling Blocks Blankets pattern here.

Diamond Cable Crochet Blanket

Diamond cable crochet blanket pattern
Diamond Cable Blanket Pattern

The Diamond Cable Blanket by Yarn Hook Needles is a textured throw pattern that produces bold, raised cables. This pattern is for the intermediate to experienced crocheter as it uses a variety of stitches in a complex pattern repeat. Find the free Diamond Cable Blanket pattern here.

Chunky Crochet Throw Blanket

Chunky crochet throw blanket pattern
Chunky Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

The Chunky Crochet Throw Blanket by Leelee Knits uses a visually complex stitch pattern which is enhanced by the use of contrasting colors. The pattern is suitable for a more experienced crocheter as the pattern repeats are a complex combination of SC and DC. Find the free Chunky Crochet Throw Blanket pattern here.

Dragonfly Throw Blanket

Dragonfly throw blanket crochet pattern
Dragonfly Throw Blanket Pattern

The Dragonfly Throw Blanket pattern by Janaya Chouinard presents a vibrant aspect that livens up any room. This summery pattern, with its bright colors and dragonfly shapes, crochets up quickly using a simple repeat of SC and DC. Find the free Dragonfly Throw Blanket pattern here.

Interweave Cable Celtic Stitch Blanket

Interweave cable celtic stitch blanket crochet pattern
Interweave Cable Celtic Stitch Blanket Pattern

The Interweave Cable Celtic Stitch Blanket by Design Peak is a beautiful pattern full of movement and texture. Try making this throw blanket in a single solid color for a sophisticated effect, or spice it up with several colors for a vibrant, fun blanket. The pattern uses half double crochet (HDC) and triple crochet (TC) stitches and, as a consequence, is rated intermediate. Find the free Interweave Cable Celtic Stitch Blanket pattern here.

The Snow Berries Throw

Snow berries throw blanket crochet pattern
Snow Berries Throw Pattern

The Snow Berries Throw by Fiber Flux is a free pattern with a video tutorial. The chunky blanket is quick to make as it consists of DC stitches only. This simple but bold stitch pattern shows off the berry-colored stripes to their best effect. Confident beginners can approach this pattern without too much trepidation due to its exclusive use of the DC stitch. Snow Berries involves the use of crochet in the round, essentially making it a giant granny square. Find the free Snow Berries Throw pattern here.

Modern crochet blanket patterns

A modern crochet blanket pattern is defined by its clean lines and simple design. Vintage patterns are complex and tend to use antiquated stitch patterns, whereas a modern crochet pattern uses much simpler shapes and neutral colors.

The following patterns are all examples of modern crochet blankets that suit a variety of skill sets, stitch patterns, and budgets.

Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket

Mod heirloom crochet blanket pattern
Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket Pattern

The Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket is a simple, impressively stitched blanket with a dash of visual contrast. This lovely pattern from Mama In A Stitch is an easy-to-make, modern take on the crochet blanket using SC and a simple pattern repeat, making it suitable for a confident beginner. Find the free Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket pattern here.

Heirloom Cabled Throw

Heirloom cabled thrown crochet pattern
Heirloom Cabled Throw Pattern

The Heirloom Cabled Throw by Sewrella is a pattern suited to crochet enthusiasts who are looking for a challenge. The technique of cabling is usually associated with knitting; however, you can cable in crochet projects as well. The pattern is best suited to someone with intermediate crochet skills. Find the free Heirloom Cabled Throw pattern here.

Square on Square Throw

Square on square throw crochet pattern
Square on Square Throw Pattern

The Square on Square Throw pattern by Katherine Eng updates the idea of the humble granny square to produce an intricately patterned blanket. Despite its visual intricacy, Square on Square is an approachable throw pattern because it uses SC throughout. Find the free Square on Square Throw pattern here.

Arrow Stitch Afghan

Arrow stitch afghan crochet pattern
Arrow Stitch Afghan Pattern

The Arrow Stitch Afghan by Yarnspirations is worked in a pattern that gives a wonderful defined stitch that attracts the eye. The project works up quickly and easily, making it suitable for a beginner. Find the free Arrow Stitch Afghan pattern here.

Griddle Stitch Black Gingham Blanket

Griddle stitch black gingham blanket crochet pattern
Griddle Stitch Black Gingham Blanket Pattern

The Griddle Stitch Black Gingham Blanket uses a simple combination of SC and DC to produce a wonderfully textured blanket. This blanket is rated intermediate as it uses color work. Find the free Crochet Griddle Stitch Gingham Blanket here.

Unique crochet blanket patterns

Unique crochet blanket patterns use stitches that result in whimsical and eye-catching products. These crochet patterns attract attention and form a focal point in a room, making them ideal as decoration and a way to add color to a space or reinforce a decor theme.

The following unique patterns showcase blankets, throws, and afghans which are more complex to make and consequently may not be suitable for a beginner.

One Evening Mermaid Tail Blanket

One evening mermaid tail blanket
One Evening Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern

The One Evening Mermaid Tail Blanket by Peanut and Plum is an unconventional throw blanket pattern that is full of thematic whimsy. The pattern can be made in a yarn of any gauge making it an ideal stash buster. The pattern uses the half double crochet stitch (HDC) which sits between SC and DC in terms of complexity. Using HDC means this pattern is accessible for a confident beginner. Find the free One Evening Mermaid Tail pattern here.

Fire Blanket

Fire blanket crochet pattern
Fire Blanket Pattern

The Fire Blanket by Tanya Shilazhko is a unique and stylish pattern that (when completed in the appropriate color yarn) gives the effect of flames. Fire blankets make a unique baby shower or birthday gift. This pattern is suitable for someone who has intermediate crochet skills. Find the paid Fire Blanket pattern here.

Peacock Pretty Blanket

Peacock pretty blanket crochet pattern
Peacock Pretty Blanket Pattern

The Peacock Pretty Blanket is an eye-catching and unusual pattern sure to get people’s attention. Make the blanket in greens, blues, and yellows, to achieve the full effect. The dual-layered effect and high yarn requirement rank the Peacock Pretty Blanket intermediate in difficulty. Find the paid Peacock Pretty Blanket pattern here.

Summer Harlequin Blanket

Summer harlequin blanket crochet pattern
Summer Harlequin Blanket Pattern

The Summer Harlequin Blanket by Holly Pips is for the crochet enthusiast who is looking for a challenge. This pattern tests your crochet skills as the construction involves color work. Each diamond shape is crocheted separately before joining, producing a complex patchwork blanket full of shape and color. This pattern is rated intermediate as a consequence of the techniques used to make it. Find the free Summer Harlequin Blanket pattern here.

Blackberry Salad Afghan

Blackberry salad afghan crochet pattern
Blackberry Salad Afghan Pattern

The Blackberry Salad Afghan pattern by Moogly can be made as a washcloth or a king-sized blanket depending on your need. The blanket works up quickly giving a sturdy, textured material and depending on which colors you use can go from subtle to bright. The pattern uses both color work and a complex pattern repeat making this suitable for intermediate crocheters. Find the free Blackberry Salad Afghan pattern here.

Textured Chevron Blanket

Textured chevron blanket crochet pattern
Textured Chevron Blanket Pattern

The Textured Chevron Blanket by MissNeriss produces a beautiful repeating pattern. A mix of color work and the chevron stitch pattern make this suitable for those with intermediate crochet skills. Find the free Textured Chevron Blanket pattern here.

Bright Log Cabin Blanket

Bright log cabin blanket crochet pattern
Bright Log Cabin Blanket Pattern

The Bright Log Cabin Blanket by Lioncraft is an advanced pattern for those looking to practice their crochet skills. The pattern features a complex combination of bright colors, stripes, and a repeating stitch pattern to keep things interesting. Find the free Bright Log Cabin Blanket pattern here.

4.5 Hour Afghan

4 5 hour afghan crochet pattern
4.5-Hour Afghan Pattern

The 4.5-Hour Afghan pattern is so named because it is quick to crochet. Using a combination of chunky yarn and simple stitches, this pattern by Make and Do Crew is perfect for those times when you need a last-minute gift. This blanket’s pattern is constructed using a combination of super bulky yarn and dc. The 4.5 Hour Afghan is finished off with a series of handmade tassels giving it a fun feel. Find the free 4.5 Hour Afghan pattern here.

Crochet patterns for baby blankets

Crochet patterns for baby blankets are smaller than a throw blanket or afghan pattern because they are intended for a small child or baby. A baby blanket tends to use a stitch pattern that is closed because open lace-type patterns can catch on small fingers and toes. There are exceptions with some designers choosing to use patterns that produce a more open material.

Crochet patterns for babies tend to use yarns such as cotton or polyester as these make warm coverings that are both soft on delicate young skin and easily washable.

The following list includes baby blanket patterns with both open and closed stitch patterns.

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Granny square baby blanket crochet pattern
Granny Square Baby Blanket Pattern

The construction of the Granny Square Baby Blanket by Daisy Cottage Designs starts in the middle and builds outward. This is the same technique used to make classic small granny squares just on a larger scale. As a result, this pattern is best for those with intermediate-level crochet skills. Find the paid Granny Square Baby Blanket pattern here.

Crochet Hooded Blanket

Crochet hooded blanket pattern
Crochet Hooded Blanket Pattern

The Crochet Hooded Blanket by Make and Do Crew is a unique wrap for a baby. The hooded blanket is an intermediate-level pattern built around a large granny square with tassels and a hood for an extra challenge. Find the free Crochet Hooded Blanket pattern here.


Bobble Stripe Blanket

Bobble strip blanket crochet pattern
Bobble Stripe Blanket Pattern

The Bobble Stripe Blanket developed by Bella Coco Crochet provides visual texture through its use of the bobble stitch and stripes. As a result of these more complex stitches, this pattern is for those with intermediate crochet skills. Find the paid Bobble Stripe Blanket pattern here.

Super Easy Baby Blanket

Super easy baby blanket crochet pattern
Super Easy Baby Blanket Pattern

The Super Easy Baby Blanket by Purl Soho is made using single crochet stitches only, which makes it perfect for absolute beginners. The pattern can be made in a variety of yarn thicknesses making it easy to adapt for personal preference or as a gift. Find the free Super Easy Baby Blanket pattern here.

Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet baby blanket pattern
Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

The Crochet Baby Blanket pattern by Krista Kagle uses a blanket stitch to produce a beautiful textured baby blanket. The blanket stitch pattern appears complex but is made using a simple combination of SC and DC meaning this pattern is suitable for beginners. The pattern grows quickly and is ideal for those looking for a last-minute handmade gift. Find the Crochet Baby Blanket here.

Which crochet blanket pattern should I choose?

The crochet blanket pattern you choose depends on three main factors. The first factor to consider is your skill level. Patterns are graded according to the complexity of the stitches and techniques used to construct the item. Picking a pattern that matches one’s skill level will lead to a more satisfying crafting experience. The second factor to consider when choosing a crochet blanket pattern is your budget. The price of yarn varies greatly depending on the fiber content, with natural yarns such as wool being much more expensive. The time of year should also be taken into consideration, as crafting with wool which retains heat, is not pleasant in high temperatures. The final factor to consider is the recipient of the intended item. That person’s likes, dislikes, and how the item will be used must be considered before settling on a final pattern.

What is the fastest crochet pattern for a blanket?

The fastest crochet pattern for a blanket is the 4.5-hour afghan. The combination of super bulky yarn and a simple stitch pattern that uses DC means this blanket builds very quickly and can be completed in 4.5 hours.

What is the best crochet stitch for a blanket?

The best crochet stitch for a blanket is subjective and depends on what criteria you use to define “best”. For those defining best as the simplest stitch, then any blanket patterns which use single or double crochet only (the simplest crochet stitches) qualify. The Super Easy Baby Blanket is a good example of a simple blanket using single crochet stitches. There are three additional primary crochet stitches that appear complex but are built on simple repeats of single and double crochet, as defined below.

  • Blanket stitch: Blanket stitch consists of one single crochet (SC) and two double crochet stitches (DC) repeated together. This stitch combination works up to produce a sturdy material ideal for throws and afghans. The Crochet Baby Blanket pattern uses this stitch.
  • Griddle stitch: The griddle stitch consists of one SC and one DC repeated over and over. The Crochet Griddle Stitch Black Gingham Blanket pattern uses this stitch.
  • Shell stitch: The shell stitch produces a wonderful shell-like pattern that appears complex but is simple to execute. To make a shell stitch, crochet between 3 and 6 double crochets into a stitch and then repeat to form the pattern. The Peaked Shell Afghan pattern uses a variation of this stitch.

Is single or double crochet better for a blanket?

Double crochet stitches are the better stitch for a blanket because they are taller than single crochet stitches. Making a blanket with the double crochet stitch will be quicker than just using single crochet. The Double Crochet Blanket pattern is an example of a blanket made with this stitch.

What crochet stitch makes the warmest blanket?

The single crochet thermal stitch makes a very warm blanket. The stitch is simple to form and makes a sturdy material. Any stitch pattern that works into a dense material will make a warm throw or afghan. The composition of the yarn chosen will also influence how warm a blanket is. Natural yarns such as wool will make warmer and cozier items than blankets constructed from yarns such as polyester or nylon.

What is the prettiest crochet stitch?

The prettiest crochet stitch is difficult to judge as it is subjective, what someone deems pretty is personal opinion. The prettiness of a stitch depends primarily on two factors, the shape the stitch forms and the texture of the finished stitch. Listed below are three stitches that produce a beautiful shape and eye-catching pattern when worked up:

  • Cable stitch: Cable stitches range from the intricate to the simple but all provide visual interest to an item. An example of a pattern using this stitch is the Heirloom Cabled Throw.
  • Bobble stitch: The bobble is a fantastically textured stitch, and an example of a pattern using this stitch is the Blackberry Salad Afghan.
  • Chevron stitch: Chevron stitches provide a visually interesting pattern that can be used to construct blankets, throws, and afghans. An example of a pattern using the chevron stitch is the Vintage Rippling Blocks Blanket.

What crochet blanket pattern uses the least amount of yarn?

The blanket patterns that use the least yarn are the ones that keep the stitch pattern simple. Any pattern which focuses on single and double crochet has lesser yarn requirements than a pattern that uses, for example, shell stitch.

What are the most common types of yarn?

The most common types of yarn are wool or wool mixes. Wool is widely available although it can be costly and consequently is the yarn of choice for most projects, including blankets, scarves, and cup cozies.

What is the best type of yarn for crochet blanket patterns?

The best type of yarn for crochet blanket patterns depends on the four primary factors below.

  • Cost: Natural fibers such as wool tend to be much more costly than man-made fibers although there are some exceptions (good quality cotton can be very reasonably priced depending on the manufacturer and supplier).
  • Durability: Some fibers are more durable than others and can withstand washing in a washing machine. Examples of durable fibers include polyester and cotton.
  • Warmth: Wool makes a very warm item and is one of the best fibers to use to trap heat.
  • Aesthetics: The aesthetics of an item change depending on the fiber used. Wool makes certain stitch patterns pop but can feel rough to the touch. Cotton produces good stitch definition, is soft to the touch and easy to wash making it more suitable for children’s items.

Choosing the best fiber for the item you are making should take into account the four primary factors. While wool is warm and water resistant, it is not always practical for baby items as it is not always machine washable. There are exceptions, with machine-washable wool being available, but the cost may be a limiting factor as wool tends to be more expensive than cotton or man-made fibers. There is also a growing list of new fiber types available such as bamboo, hemp, llama, and alpaca. Again, the same factors should be used when considering the use of these fibers.

What size crochet needle is best for a blanket?

The size of the crochet needle that is best for a blanket is the one that enables you to make a sturdy, firm material. The most common size of needle used to make blankets is H8 (5mm), because it is a medium-sized needle that most people find easy to use.

However, blankets and afghans can be made using a variety of sized needles and for those looking for a quick project, it is best to use a larger-sized needle and a thicker yarn. This will produce a firm material that is constructed in a shorter amount of time.

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