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15 Summertime Knitting Patterns That Are Perfect for Outdoor Evenings

Despite what some people think, knitting is actually a year-round hobby! Wearing knitted clothing is something you can do all year long as well. Many woolens and yarns are actually quite light and cool once you’ve knit them up, particularly if you follow a good summer pattern.

Check out these 15 gorgeous summer knitting patterns that you’ll love both making and wearing in the warmer months!

1. Bronte backpack by Close Knit-Ani

Bronte backpack

Carrying a loosely knit bag that looks just as handmade as it really is gives your look a great Boho touch for the summer. It’ll also be a lot less hot than having a leather strap across your shoulder in the sun.

2. Guava tee by We Are Knitters

Guava tee

Knitting a regular tank top is a fun project, but knitting a halter is more fun. What’s even more fun than that? A halter with a cute pattern, of course! Besides being fun and simple to knit, this pattern is great to wear because it can be dressed casually or classed up.

3. New Girl skirt by Sweatshop of Love

New girl skirt

Usually when you think of woolen skirts, you think the thick winter kind that pair well with warm tights and a turtleneck. This pattern, however, calls for a lighter yarn, a more interesting stitch, and a colour pattern that combines neutrals and brights.

4. Siren Seafoam Beach top by Kristin

Siren seafoam beach top

Big, loosely knit stitches and lightweight yarns are the perfect combination for making a pretty top that lets the colour of your favourite bikini top peek through.

5. Tulip tank top by Oriana Laura

Tulip tank top

Crop tops are the perfect DIY summer clothing project, but usually the crop is all the way around. We love that this pattern shakes things up by cropping out only the back of the top instead! It’s also a simple enough knitting pattern that still keeps things interesting.

6. Vasa tee by Paper Tiger

Vasa tee

Stripes that alternate white and a soft colour scream summer just as much as super bright colours do! Knitting this t-shirt in a light yarn keeps you cool and stylish at the same time.

7. Stratford halter crop top by Good Night Day

Stratford halter crop top

Perhaps this pattern knits up so quickly because there’s less shirt to make, but whenever we knit halter crops, we’re pretty sure they go quickly because we can’t wait to wear them! This shirt is good for music festivals or lazy days on the beach.

8. My July shrug by Alexandra Davidoff Studio

My july shrug

Whether it’s the sun or a bit of cool air conditioning that you need to hide your shoulders from, a delicate little shrug is the perfect way to do it. We particularly enjoy the way the pattern and the edging contrast on this pattern.

9. Harnett tank by Michelle Carter

Harnett tank

This tank top pattern is so stylish with it’s alternating stripes and angled straps that we’d believe you if you told us you bought it at the store. Your friends will be super impressed when they find out you made it yourself!

10. To a tee by The Miss Linds

To a tee

Are you looking for something a little simpler in both style and colour? This piece is perfect for pairing with brightly coloured shorts or pants featuring loud patterns.

11. Platte Cove cami by Army of Knitters

Platte cove cami

Between the longer style, the angled stripes, and the tie behind the shoulders, this top has basically everything we love about summer fashion. The best part? Making it yourself, of course.

12. Late Summer Sweater by Pickles

Late summer sweater

Sometimes even summer nights are a little too cool for just a t-shirt or a tank top. Usually, however, they’re too warm for a thick sweater or hoodie. That’s where loosely knit sweaters with cropped sleeves like this one come in!

13. Yoshimi knit dress by Kollabora

Yoshimi knit dress

If you’re going to start knitting yourself a summer wardrobe, why stop at t-shirts and tank tops? We love this simple dress pattern that you can wear as is or glam up with accessories.

14. Mariposa tee by Andrea_Knits

Mariposa tee

If you’re looking for a t-shirt that’s relatively simple to knit but has a little more flair than the average style, this is the pattern for you. We love how the loose, flaring sleeves give it a feminine touch.

15. With Sprinkles on Top bow-back tee by Girly Knits

With sprinkles on top

Besides featuring this adorable knitted graphic on the front, this t-shirt also has a split down the back attached with little bows! It’s the ultimate knitting pattern for fun summer style.

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