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35 Stylish, Creative and Helpful Dorm Room Projects

Whether you need to figure out some organization tips to create more space or just want to make something to allow your personality to shine inside a drab and dreary dorm room, there are tons of ways college students can DIY their way to a better home away from home. Let’s take a peek at 35 stylish, creative and helpful dorm room decorating ideas that anyone can do!

1. Photo Pillow

Dorm Room Pillow DIY

This photo pillow is a great way to keep your family close but in a stylish way! Homey, cozy and comfortable add a bit of home to you space with this idea from Polkadot Chair.

2. Crate Seats

DIY Create Seat

A Stylish Start made these crate seats and they couldn’t be more perfect for a small dorm room. Use them as both organizational function and for extra seating when you have friends over!

3. Fabric Cork Board

Corkboard DIY Dorm Room

Every college student needs a cork board to decorate and to hold all of the important notes, numbers and lists. But with this idea from Carolina Charm, you can make it a bit more fashion-forward!

4. Chevron Pencil Holder

Chevron Pencil Holder DIY

Kibble N’ Knits took a dull and drab pencil holder and jazz it up a bit with some nail polish! How easy is this DIY? Just choose your colors and get creative.

5. Suitcase Charging Station

Suitcase Charging Station DIY

Gather all of your devices in one spot and get them charged. This charging station from Design Sponge makes the entire process so much more unique and stylish!

6. Canvas Portrait

DIY Canvas Portrait

Take some memories with you in a creative way like they did at A Beautiful Mess. Visit and learn how to made your very own canvas portrait!

7. Small Ironing Board

Ironing Board DIY

Check out Like A Saturday  and learn how to make your very own ironing board – that’s the perfect size to fit and be used instead a smaller dorm room!

8. Lounge Pillow

DIY PIllow Lounger

Saturday nights will be so much comfier and Monday afternoons so much more enjoyable with this pillow lounger from Trinkets in Bloom.

9. Simple Headboard

Simple Headboard DOrm ROom DIY

You won’t be getting a headboard inside your dorm room but the addition of a really simple one can go along way. Just follow along with Stars for Streetlights.

10. Party Lights


Heart Handmade UK used ping pong balls to create something extra-special for your dorm room. These funky little lights bring a new bout of style to the space.

11. Laundry Bag

DIY Laundry Bag

Don’t clutter up the floor with a stand up laundry bag. Instead use this idea from Making Nice in the Midwest to have a place for dirty clothes but one that can be hung and tucked away!

12. Braided Rugs


My Poppet created this braided throw rug from scratch and we couldn’t help but feature it! College students everywhere can rejoice to find something that will work inside their small space without spending too much!

13. Wall Mural

Wall Photo MUral DIY

With the help of HGTV you can learn how to make your own wall photo mural. Personalize your space and make it feel like your own.

14. Washi Tape Shelves

washi tape shelf edging

Aunt Peaches did something so easy and creative! Grab some of that washi tape and line your shelves for an extra pop of personality!

15. Trash Side Table

Side Table DIY

Turn over a trash can, spray paint it and give yourself an easy and inexpensive new side table! You can thank Home Styling for this unique and creative idea.

16. Dipped Pots

Dipped Potted Plants DIY

Breathe freshen and life into your dorm with some potted plants or succulents. But add some personality like Armelle did with these cuties.

17. Custom Marquee Sign

DIY Marquee Sign

Home Heart Craft knows how to make a great DIY project and this is one you should be taking and creating right at home. Add light, personality and art to your space!

18. Magnetic Pencil Holders

Pencil Holder DIY

Use that mini fridge as a place to store extra pencils by creating some pencil holders that attach right on. Martha Stewart used charming tea cans!

19. Bedding Decals

DIY Bedding Decals

Personalize your bedding by creating your very own details. Check out the tutorial on Design Sponge.

20. Fold-up Chair Cushion

DIY Foldup Chair Cushion

Makekind took a classic fold-up chair and jazzed it up a bit. A pop of color and printed pattern on the bum could really help to transform your space.

21. Stylish Push-Pins


Over at Design Sponge we find yet another dorm-friendly DIY. Style up those push-pins with a bit of fashion and pizzazz!

22. Fabric Word Art

DIY Fabric Word Art

Grab some fabric scraps and get creative! We’re kind of in love with the whimsy and innovation behind this project, see the tutorial at Curbly!

23. Confetti Mural

Confetti Mural DIY

We Are Scout made this adorable confetti mural and we feel as though it’d be a great way to style up your dorm room with ease!

24. Charming Mason Jar Votives

Mason Jar votive diy

You probably can’t have candles in the dorm room but you can use electric ones for some warm lighting, and inside these mason jar charmers from Fellow Fellow no less!

25. Coat Rack


Get coats, scarves and bags up off the floor and on the wall in a fashionable way with this DIY coat rack from Brit+Co.

26. Pom Pom Blanket


Who doesn’t love pom poms? They can make anything look for festive and youthful. Check out HGTV and learn to make a blanket adorned with the cuties.

27. Macrame Wall Hanging


Brit+Co shows us how to create a beautiful, trendy piece of art on the walls by using simple jersey fabric as its foundation!

28. Hanging Shelf

DIY hanging shelf

Create more shelving inside your small space by creating something like this hanging piece. Check out the details at Brit+Co.

29. Color Dipped Stools

Dipped Stools DIY

And finally, we have another genius idea from Brit+Co we couldn’t help but share. Dress those stools up with some funky ideas!

30. Accessory Display

Accessory DIsplay DIY

Get organized and keep things a bit more tidy inside your small space by building an accessory display! Check out the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

31. Tape Frames

Tape Frames DIY

Over at Design Sponge we get a glimpse into how washi tape can really be a great tool in decorating. Frame those posters with some washi for a more stylish and transformational look.

32. Bed Canopy

DIY Canopy Dorm Room

Apartment Therapy  has another way to jazz up your duper drab dorm room bed. With a canopy, that you can create all on your own!

33. Sprocket Pillows

Sprocket Pillow DIYs

Pillows are definitely going to be needed inside your dorm room. So cozy things up with these stylish little numbers from Cluck Cluck Sew.

34. Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

Cookie Sheet Magnet Board DIY

Crate Paper used cookie sheets in some an innovative and fun way. Painted a fun color and then hooked up on the wall – they become instant magnet boards!

35. Undercover Crate

Undercover Crate Dorn Room DIY

Laura Gunn made something that all dorm rooms needs, crates that don’t look like crates! Instead, they’re user friendly while staying stylish and fun!

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