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35 Stylish, Creative and Helpful Dorm Room Projects

Whether you need to figure out some organization tips to create more space or just want to make something to allow your personality to shine inside a drab and dreary dorm room, there are tons of ways college students can DIY their way to a better home away from home. Let’s take a peek at 35 stylish, creative and helpful dorm room decorating ideas that anyone can do!

1. Photo Pillow

Dorm Room Pillow DIY

This photo pillow is a great way to keep your family close but in a stylish way! Homey, cozy and comfortable add a bit of home to you space with this idea from Polkadot Chair.

2. Crate Seats

DIY Create Seat

A Stylish Start made these crate seats and they couldn’t be more perfect for a small dorm room. Use them as both organizational function and for extra seating when you have friends over!

3. Fabric Cork Board

Corkboard DIY Dorm Room

Every college student needs a cork board to decorate and to hold all of the important notes, numbers and lists. But with this idea from Carolina Charm, you can make it a bit more fashion-forward!

4. Chevron Pencil Holder

Chevron Pencil Holder DIY

Kibble N’ Knits took a dull and drab pencil holder and jazz it up a bit with some nail polish! How easy is this DIY? Just choose your colors and get creative.

5. Suitcase Charging Station

Suitcase Charging Station DIY