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23 Ways To DIY and Redo A Lampshade

Give your older, outdated shades a quick redo with some paint, embellishments or a host of other creative ideas. Give your desk, table or free-standing lamps a makeover by personalizing its topper in unique ways. Below you’ll find 23 different ways to DIY and redo lampshades while creating an entirely new look for your home.

1. Yellow Chevron

Chevron Lampshade DIY

Pomp and Circumstance showed us all how to create this super easy and versatile chevron look. Older shades can really use this quick makeover for a facelift!

2. Mustache

Mustache Lampshade DIY

Check out this mustache lamp from Live Explore Click! It’s a great way to create something quirky and add personality to a drab dorm room.

3. Handwritten

Pottery Barn Lampshade DIY

We’re in love with this romantic design. The Shabby Creek Cottage  shows off how she recreated this Pottery Barn specialty right at home!

4. Washi Tape

Washi Tape Lamp DIY

Grab your washi tape stash and use it to your advantage. Domestically Speaking was able to utilize some charming green tape to jazz up an older lampshade!

5. Floral Blooms

Floral DIY Lampshade

Brit + Co made something quite beautiful and a bit more intricate. These floral blooms can really bump up the springtime flair in your home.

6. Printed Shade

DIY Printed Lampshade

Of course you can go with what Design Sponge did and create a lampshade from scratch. We’re in love with this creative idea and the print used!

7. Doily Covered

doily covered lampshade diy

Add some vintage flair to the home with this creative and outside-the-box project from the geniuses behind the blog, A Beautiful Mess. Doilies never looked so contemporary than on this shade!

8. Crocheted

DIY Crochet Lampshade

Work your hands really well with this Shelterness project. Put your crocheting skills to work with this charming and winter-friendly idea.

9. Ruffles

Ruffle DIy Lampshade

Rep Poppy made this gorgeous ruffle lampshade and it may be our favorite on the list! With its romantic style and fairy-tale quality, it’s perfect for a whimsy bedroom!

10. Fabric Floral

floral fabric lampshade diy

Take a peek at this adorable little project from Honestly WTF. It utilizes fabric scraps while updating a smaller shade that needed a quick pick-me-up.

11. Coffee Filters

Coffee Filter Lampshade DIY

Apartment Therapy did something really creative and inventive. Coffee filters were their choice of embellishment and look how wonderful and whimsy the outcome was!

12. Paper Plates

Paper Plate DIy Lampshade

Check out this uber modern project from Wonderful DIY! And this architectural look was created by using paper plates as its inspiration and main medium!

13. Sweater


Unskinny Boppy made this lampshade out of an old sweater! We love its warmth and welcoming appeal and how it adds texture to the space.

14. Duct Tape

DIy Duct Tape Lampshade

Duct tape can really come in handy and The Jungalow shows us just how! This funky design was made by using none other than this must-have home item.

15. Photos

diy Photo Lampshade

Mommy Moment gives us a great idea on how to use your photos and turn them into home decor! We’re in love with this vintage-flavored piece!

16. Vintage Maps

Map DIY Lampshade

Use some vintage maps like Pretty Handy Girl did to jazz up an older shade. It will provide an otherworldly essence and antique appeal.

17. Brooches

Brooch Lampshade DIY

Or you can always use vintage brooches like My 3 Monsters to embellish and make an older shade new again. We love this feminine and creative project!

18. Pom Poms

Pom Pom lampshade diy

Uncommon Designs used pom pons to create design and texture on their lampshade. And we love the simplicity behind its making but interest it creates!

19. Gold Geometric

Gold Diy Lampshade

Take a peek at this super stylish gold shade from Hometalk! We love its ease and its geometric print that create a super sexy and modern look.

20. Canvas Rosette

Canvas Rosette DIY Lampshade

Check out this lampshade made and embellished by Creations by Kara! She found inspiration elsewhere and decided to cultivate it into her own!

21. Silver Leafed

Silver Leaf DIy Lampshade

Design Sponge made a great change to these simple shades and created an even more elegant space to share meals with family in this sweet dining room.

22. Paint Chips

Paint Chip Lampshade DIY

All you have to do is grab some paint chips at the local store and then get to creating this Karen Kavett cutie. Tons of personality and charmed are into this piece.

23. Basal Wood

Basal Wood Lampshade DIY

Over at Pomp and Circumstance you’ll find this super unique design. Made using some basal wood, learn how to work with this new medium and get inspired.

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