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These 15 Classroom DIYs Are Perfect To Revamp Your School Year

Are you a teacher out there looking for some new ideas? Or maybe you’re a new teacher looking for some inspiration? Well, have no fear, back-to-school season is underway and we’re showing off the goods. These 15 classroom DIYs are the perfect way to revamp your school year. From bulletin boards to organizational needs, we’ve got a bit of everything featured today.

1. Crate Stools

Diy create stools

Grab some cheap plastic crates and learn how to turn them into stools for the classroom. All kinds of teachers can benefit from this move. Check it out at The Eager Teacher.

2. Flower Time Teller

Teaching time to kids diy flower

The Frugal Girls will show you how to make learning how to tell time a little extra special. Not only could the kiddos make one of these themselves, you can really create a memorable classroom moment with it. Take the leap and grab the deets!

3. Clever Pens & Pencils Storage

Diy pen and pencil wine rack holder

If you’re brainstorming how to organize the pens, pencils, or even the arts supplies for the classroom, check out this fun idea. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and super easy to recreate even for the most novice crafter. Visit Playful Learning for more info.

4. Felt Storyboard

Diy felt storyboard

One Sharp Bunch has an idea for our primary and elementary school teachers that’s hard not to love. Kiddos will have a blast using a felt board and you’ll have a bit of fun creating your own as well! Theme them for the seasons and incorporate them into your lessons.

5. Window to the World

Diy window to the world