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Crafts That Light Up

There are many unconventional crafting techniques that we quite enjoy, but of the things that you won’t often see being made at your average “crafternoon” (we have this bi-weekly, gathering our friends for an afternoon of crafting together) are crafts that light up. These are projects that use light strips, LED lights, and the like to make or alter something that looks just a little bit cooler now that it lights up than it would otherwise. Put it this way; we’re so crazy about light up crafts right now that we’re about ready to make our entire apartment and half our wardrobe start shining at the flick of an LED control.

Check out these 15 super fun light up DIY project concepts that will have your life shining as bright as your bubbly personality by the end of the week!

1. DIY light up runners

Diy light up runners

By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of Internet posts, or maybe even plenty of people, with those super trendy runners that have coloured LED lights built into the soles of their shoes so that they shine brightly as they walk. We absolutely love the trend and were very close to buying ourselves a pair when suddenly we stumbled across this DIY tutorial from Hallmark Channel that taught us how to make our own! We were pretty pleased about this because now we can make any style of runner light up, rather than just what’s offered in online stores. Brightly shining high tops, here we come!

2. Light up inspirational quote sign

Light up inspirational quote sign

Have you always been the kind of person who feels instantly more cheerful and motivated after reading a quick, quippy inspirational quote? We love the ability of catchy words to turn our day around this way no matter what mood we’re in. That’s why we loved this idea from Mariah Kay! Their tutorial marries our love for motivational quotes with our love for light up crafts by teaching the world how to make a frosted quote mirror that lights from behind so the letters shine bright.

3. Light up canvas art

Light up canvas art

Do you adore the concept of a light up quote decor piece like we just talked about above but you’re not really into the idea of frosting words on to a mirror? Perhaps you’ve tried the technique before and didn’t have fun or you don’t think the style would suit your room’s decor aesthetic. Well, never dear, because DIY Projects Journal has the perfect alternative for you! Check out how they made this light up quote piece on painted canvas instead.

4. DIY light up letters

Diy light up letters

Perhaps you’ve seen those marquee looking letter displays before that light up a key word or quite like a movie sign you might see on Hollywood Boulevard or a concert announcement like you’d find along the Las Vegas strip? Whenever we see those projects, we find ourselves staring in awe at how impressive they look. Lucky for all of us, Weddingbee has outlined all of the steps to help us make our own! Pick your word and get “lit”.