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Winter Crafts Made with Glitter

Even on the coldest days, we simply find winter absolutely beautiful. There’s just something about the way the sunlight hits the snow that lights the whole world up and makes us feel like we’re walking around a shining wonderland! That’s probably why we find ourselves wanting to craft with glitter so much more around the holidays. Don’t get us wrong, we adore glitter and sparkles all year round, but we’ve always got our eyes peeled for cute, sparkly craft ideas to make with our glitter fiend kids around this time of year.

Just in case you love the idea of making glitter based winter crafts just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best designs, ideas, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far this season!

1. Glitter snow globe craft

Glitter snow globe craft

If you’ve ever made faux stained glass art with your kids before and enjoyed it then we have a feeling this sparkly 2D snow globe craft project from It Happens in a Blink will be right up your alley as well! We’re in love with the way they use sheer wax paper and glitter glue to make the “glass” of the globe so the snowman in the centre can be seen.

2. Sparkly winter paintings

Sparkly winter paitnings

Have your kids often lamented that the winter scenes they love to paint during their crafting time just don’t see to have the same glinting quality that the real world outside has, since there’s nothing shiny in their art for the light to play off of? Then why not add something to make that happen? We adore the way Stay at Home Educator sprinkled a mixture of epsom salts and glitter over their paintings before they dried in order to make them look genuinely frosted.

3. Glittery milk jug icicles

Glittery icicles

Glitter glue will always be a hit in our house. We suspect that, much like ourselves, our kids will be getting creative with glitter glue until they’ve grown and started crafting with kids of their own. That’s why we couldn’t resist saving this sparkling icicle craft outlined step by step on Kids Craft Room! These particular icicles are made using cut pieces of plastic milk jugs as a base.

4. Icicle glue drip craft

Easy icicle row craft

Have you and your kids ever created paint drip crafts before, where you allow the loose, undried paint to move slowly down the page to create an awesome looking dripping effect? Well, this is very similar to that technique except this time you’re working with excess white glue! We adore the way Mommy’s Bundle let their glue move and then sprinkled pretty iridescent glitter over it before it dried to really make it look like snow.