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Cute DIY Decor Ideas for New Year’s Eve Parties

We adore New Year’s Eve. In fact, it just might be our favourite night of the whole year! If we’re being honest with you, though, we almost get more excited about decorating for our annual party than we do for the actual countdown and celebration moment. That’s because we love the feeling of using our DIY skills to give our friends and family a really great time!

Just in case you love decorating for NYE too but you feel like you could use some inspiration and guidance, here are 15 of the best DIY New Year’s decor ideas we’ve come across in our search for ideas this year.

1. Popsicle stick and bells noisemaker

Popsicle stick and bells noisemaker

A noisemaker might not really be a piece of decor in the traditional sense, but these awesome bell sticks from Project Nursery are also so cute that we fully intend to dot them all over the house for people to grab and use whenever they please! The bells and the look of the curled ribbon absolutely contribute to the visual atmosphere of the party.

2. Surprise message New Year’s crackers

Surprise message new year's crackers

We’ve always loved Christmas crackers but we’ve also always secretly thought that they just seem like the kind of thing that would suit more on New Year’s Eve than at Christmas. Imagine our excitement, then, when we cam across this tutorial from Studio DIY that teaches you how to make a fun cracker with confetti and a secret message inside! We made these last year, only they said “Happy New Year” in the centre when you pulled.

3. Sliding confetti poppers

Sliding confetti poppers

Maybe you’re not particular about messages in crackers because you’ve never liked cutting lettering but you really like the idea of letting confetti loose at midnight, even though you know you’ll have to clean it up later? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Wedding Bells made these awesome sliding confetti poppers! They work kind of like those Push Pop candies from the 90s used to.

4. Confetti balloons

Confetti balloons

Whether you intend to let the confetti go at midnight or keep it inside for decor purposes, these awesome DIY confetti balloons are a blast to both make and look at! We love the simple, step by step guide that Brit + Co. gives you for filling clear balloons with glitter while making minimal mess, so you don’t have to clean before the party has even happened.