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Cute DIY Decor Ideas for New Year’s Eve Parties

We adore New Year’s Eve. In fact, it just might be our favourite night of the whole year! If we’re being honest with you, though, we almost get more excited about decorating for our annual party than we do for the actual countdown and celebration moment. That’s because we love the feeling of using our DIY skills to give our friends and family a really great time!

Just in case you love decorating for NYE too but you feel like you could use some inspiration and guidance, here are 15 of the best DIY New Year’s decor ideas we’ve come across in our search for ideas this year.

1. Popsicle stick and bells noisemaker

Popsicle stick and bells noisemaker

A noisemaker might not really be a piece of decor in the traditional sense, but these awesome bell sticks from Project Nursery are also so cute that we fully intend to dot them all over the house for people to grab and use whenever they please! The bells and the look of the curled ribbon absolutely contribute to the visual atmosphere of the party.

2. Surprise message New Year’s crackers

Surprise message new year's crackers

We’ve always loved Christmas crackers but we’ve also always secretly thought that they just seem like the kind of thing that would suit more on New Year’s Eve than at Christmas. Imagine our excitement, then, when we cam across this tutorial from Studio DIY that teaches you how to make a fun cracker with confetti and a secret message inside! We made these last year, only they said “Happy New Year” in the centre when you pulled.

3. Sliding confetti poppers

Sliding confetti poppers

Maybe you’re not particular about messages in crackers because you’ve never liked cutting lettering but you really like the idea of letting confetti loose at midnight, even though you know you’ll have to clean it up later? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Wedding Bells made these awesome sliding confetti poppers! They work kind of like those Push Pop candies from the 90s used to.

4. Confetti balloons

Confetti balloons

Whether you intend to let the confetti go at midnight or keep it inside for decor purposes, these awesome DIY confetti balloons are a blast to both make and look at! We love the simple, step by step guide that Brit + Co. gives you for filling clear balloons with glitter while making minimal mess, so you don’t have to clean before the party has even happened.

5. Metallic fringe dessert toppers and stirrers

Metallic fringe dessert toppers and stirrers

Are you the kind of party host that likes to establish and colour or decor scheme right down to the smallest details in the room to really make sure people get the full experience? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give something like these lovely metallic fringed toppers from Hip Hip Hooray a try! Whether you put them on a cake or cupcakes or use them as drink stirrers, they add a playful touch of glitz and glam.

6. Plastic ornament and bead noisemaker

Plastic ornament and bead noisemaker

Perhaps you were a really big fan of the noisemaker idea because you love the concept of being able to give your guests something interactive and fun to amp the celebrations up with but you’ve never been able to stand the sound of bells jingling? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Project Nursery used clear plastic Christmas balls and beads to make these fun noisemakers that they topped with celebratory gold bows!

7. NYE crepe paper pom poms

Nye crepe paper pom poms

We’ll admit it; we’re completely obsessed with crepe paper pom poms. We just can’t get over how much volume they have and the different aesthetics you can create by changing texture and colour! That’s why we loved this idea from Not on The High Street for making NYE appropriate ones to hang at your party by using metallic silver and gold crepe paper to create them.

8. Sparkling DIY NYE wreath

Sparkling diy nye wreath

We’ve often made DIY door wreaths for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and so on, so it only makes sense that we could celebrate NYE with a wreath to welcome our party guests with too, right? That’s why we loved this tutorial featured on Creative Sparks so much. That teach you how to make it from tinsel, noise makers, and Happy New Year hats.

9. Balloon popping countdown

Balloon popping countdown

Whether you do it all day as a family activity or just for the house of your party, we adore this interactive countdown wall idea from How Does She! Blow up one balloon for each hour and tape them to the wall with the hour written. When the clock strikes that hour, pop the balloon! We filled our midnight balloon with confetti so it was a little extra special to ring in the new year.

10. DIY light up candy lights

Diy light up candy lights

If you’re going to decorate the inside of your house to give your guests and awesome party experience, why not go ahead and add an extra welcoming touch to the outside of your house for when they’re coming and going too? We’re quite infatuated this year with the way Oh Happy Day used string lights and coloured cellophane to create awesome light up jumbo candies to hang around their porch.

11. Midnight Kisses NYE party favour

Midnight kisses nye party favour

We’ve always loved giving our friends little party favours as they leave at the end of the night, no matter the theme of the gathering the reason for celebrating. We know that sometimes favours are an after thought, though, so we fully appreciate a simply assembled idea with a little DIY card. That’s why we loved this “Midnight Kisses” idea outlined step by step on Create, Craft, Love!

12. Confetti clock cookies

Confetti clock cookies

Maybe you’ve been looking for a delicious homemade snack that you can made for the party, especially if kids are coming, that will have just as much theme and novelty as everything else you’ve planned? Well, sugar cookies are always delicious but we think you’ll get a special kick out of the way Repeat Crafter Me iced theirs to look like clocks about to write midnight and also filled them with star shaped sprinkles that look like confetti!

13. Glitter covered champagne bottles

Glitter covered champagne bottles

Have you actually been looking for simple, crafty ways to add a bit more glam to your scheme even though you have a lot to do? Well, we find that simple glitter can always help in this department! We adore the way I Wore Yoga Pants sparkled the entire outside of a few champagne bottles, leaving the labels readable, and then served everyone from the special bottles at midnight! until then, they’ll serve decoratively on the side table.

14. DIY foil fringe streamers

Diy foil fringe streamers

Sure, there are all kinds of pre-made streamers and so on that you can but at the store, but sometimes we find they don’t have the style we like in the colours we need. That’s why we were very happy to stumble upon this DIY fringed streamer idea from Bloesem Kids that’s made from simple metallic foil ribbon!

15. Champagne Jell-O shots with sparkling toppers

Champagne jell o shots with sparkling toppers

What if we told you we’d found something that served all at once as decor and a snack and refreshment combo? Well, it’s true! Take a look at how Erica’s Sweet Tooth made these squared off, bite sized champagne Jell-O shots that DIY sparkling toppers in each one. We love the pop of colour they add to the room until they’re all eaten up.

Do you know a fellow crafter or DIY enthusiast who’s throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year and loves getting creative with the decorations but could use some inspiration? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of awesome things to try!

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