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15 Crafts Made with Dried Flowers

When it comes to summer crafting, we usually spend our time off making bright, fun things inspired by the stunning weather and all the beautiful animals and greenery we see around us when we’re out enjoying the warm breeze and fresh air. Each year, we find that it’s undoubtedly the flowers that catch our attention the most and make us feel more inspired than basically anything else. Crafting with fresh flowers can certainly be done, but we find that the projects have a short shelf life. We’ve done our fair share of crafting with faux flowers in their place, but there’s just something so pretty and whimsical about the flowers being real, so replacing them with silk or plastic diminishes that magic a little bit. That’s why we’ve been so obsessed with the idea of crafting with dried and pressed flowers lately!

Just in case you’re just as intrigued with the idea of drying and pressing your own flowers so you can get creative and decorative with them, here are 15 of the best tutorials, designs, and concepts we’ve come across so far in our avid search for more fantastic projects to try out hands at.

1. Framed pressed flower initials

Framed pressed flower initials

If you’ve ever worked with pressed flowers before then we have no doubt that you’re probably already well aware of how stunning they are right off the bat. Part of the reason we love working with them so much is that you hardly need to do anything at all to them for the delicate little blossoms to look completely stunning. We’ve often arranged bouquets of pressed flowers on backing card and placed them in frames, but what if you’re looking for something that has a little more personalization to it? Check out Kin Community so see how adorable those same flowers can look when they’re arranged in the shape of a monogram or initial before you frame them!

2. Dried flower and branch garland

Dried flower and branch garland

Are you more than a little bit intrigued by the idea of working with dried flowers because their gorgeous immortality really pulls at your heart strings but you’re actually of the opinion that pressing them until they’re flattened out takes a bit of their appeal away? Well, luckily for all of us, She Knows is here to remind everyone that not all dried flower projects have to be pressed! Check out how they made this stunning wall hanger mobile that features dried flowers scattered up and down strings like beautiful garlands. We like the way that their use of a branch as a base for their hanger keeps things looking natural and almost rustic.

3. Pressed and dried flower phone case

Pressed and dried flower phone case

As you can probably tell already, once you’ve carefully pressed your flowers and let them dry, the possibilities for what you can make are basically endless! If you can think of something that’s doable using decoupage techniques, that same thing can also be done using pressed flowers rather than paper or fabric. This gorgeous pressed flower phone case is the perfect example of what we mean! Check out iCreative Ideas to learn how they arranged, affixed, and sealed their flowers to make sure they don’t peel off with use.

4. DIY dried flower shadow box

Diy dried flower shadow box

Are you very intrigued indeed with the idea of leaving your dried flowers in their natural shape rather than pressing them but you have pets who you know would have way too much fun with the garland mobile idea we showed you earlier? In that case, perhaps you’d be better off with a display idea that will protect the flowers a little more so your furry friends can’t ruin them immediately. We’d suggest taking a look at how Fabulessly Frugal arranged and display their dried flowers carefully in a shadow box.