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15 Meal Prep Recipes That Will Make Your Week Easier & Healthier

If you’re looking for some make-ahead lunches or dinners look now further than this helpful list. Below, you’ll find 15 meal prep recipes that will make your week both easier and healthier. And there’s nothing boring and bland here either. Everything has flavor without feeling guilty to every delicious bite.

1. Carnita Burrito Bowls

Meal prep carnita bowls

Fit Foodie Finds begins our food prep journey with this delicious carnitas bowl. You can pack some tortillas if you want to load up. Or keep it lower carb and stick to the bowl. Guac, sour cream, and some salsa on the side is a must!

2. Sheet Pan Tilapia & Veggies

One pan tilapia and veggies meal prep

These bowls filled with veggies and tilapia can be made so easily on one sheet pan. It’s full of flavor but you can indulge in it weeklong without an ounce of guilt. You can check out all of the delicious details over at Gimme Delicious.

3. Spring Rolls with Shrimp

Meal prep recipes healthy spring rolls with shrimp

These deconstructed spring roll bowls are so much fun to put together. Everything is fresh, nothing is processed, and they’re easy to put together for the week. Check out all of the details and grab the grocery list over at EatWell101.

4. Pesto Chicken Pita Pockets

Meal prep pesto chicken veggie pitas 3 600x900

Sweet Peas and Saffron featured these pesto chicken pita pockets and we’re loving the innovative idea. You can gobble up the bowl as is or you can pack some pita pockets (easily found at the supermarket) and create sandwiches to get your through your work day. You’ll look forward to break time when you have this bowl of flavor and goodness waiting for you.

5. Steak & Potatoes

Steak potatoes meal prep bowls

Everyone loves a classic meat and potatoes type of dish. And luckily, you can create a lunch version with a bit of help from Jar of Lemons. The serving size is perfect and the ingredients are both simple to find and good-for-us too. Take the leap and check out the easy prep instructions.

6. Peanut Butter Chicken

Peanut butter chicken meal prep

Peanut butter chicken seems like a unique bite, don’t you think? The chicken looks incredible, the salad looks like it’s full of flavor, and those fresh blueberries will act as just the right kind of sweet bite you’ll need by the end of the meal. We’re loving this colorful, delicious display and you can find more about it over at Fit Men Cook.

7. Italian Chicken

Italian chicken meal prep bowls

Easy Peazy Mealz went with some Italian inspiration for their meal prepping. There’s tons of great flavors inside but most importantly, there are bouts of fresh veggies inside too. Serve this up with a salad or some fresh fruit on the side.

8. Curried Chickpeas with Garlic Spinach

Curried chickpea meal prep bowls

If you’re looking for a veggie-based meal prep idea we’ve got you covered. We found this curried chickpea recipe over at Eating Bird Food and thought it looked pretty delicious. If you’re trying to cut out the meats but still want a well-founded meal then this one is for you!

9. Spinach, Beet, Chicken Power Salad

Meal prep spinach beet and chicken power salads

Sometimes we really do crave a salad full of good ingredients and fresh tastes. If that’s what you’re in the mood for then Healthy Seasonal Recipes has exactly what you’re looking for. This chicken, beet, and spinach salad has a lot of great ingredients that come together to create a new-favorite lunchtime treat.

10. Pizza Chicken

Pizza chicken meal prep

This pizza chicken meal from Meal Prep On Fleek looks pretty satisfying too. With a side of sautéed broccoli, you’ll have a meal that’s low carb but filling too. Check out the recipe and how-to after the jump, then let us know how you meal prepping for the week went with this one!

11. Garlic Parmesan Kale Pasta

Garlic parmesan kale pasta meal prep

Budget Bytes knows that just because we all want to eat a bit better doesn’t mean we have to cut out all the good stuff to make that happen. This pasta bowl is full of indulgence but also good ingredients that won’t bring the body down or have you leaving lunch feeling guilty.

12. Korean Beef

Korean beef bowl meal prep (1)

Damn Delicious took Korean beef as their inspiration for their meal prepping for the week. Again, you have all real, good-for-you ingredients but with all the flavors you love and are craving. Mix up lunch at work or school this week by preparing these beauties ahead of time.

13. Southwest Sweet Potato Bowl

Sweet potato vegan meal prep bowls

Salt & Lavender gives us another vegetarian-friendly recipe that we’re loving. Whether you eat meat or not, you’ll think this one is a masterpiece for your palate. You’ll love devouring these veggies completed with its southwestern kick.,

14. Greek Salad

Greek salad meal prep

If you’re still in the mood for a salad, then Laughing Spatula has another great one up their sleeve. This Greek salad has everything we love side. Tender chicken, fresh herbs, and a lot of flavorful, raw veggies too.

15. Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry

Teriyaki chicken stir fry meal prep

My Food Story ends our meal prep journey with a classic. A teriyaki stir fry bowl is always a healthy and satisfying way to top off our workday lunch. Veggies, rice or quinoa, and some glazed chicken – you’ll look forward to your break with this one too.


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