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15 Engagement Gifts That You Can DIY For the Happy Couple

Whether it’s your best friends or your cousin, a little congratulatory present is such a nice gesture. If you have some close pals that just got engaged, whip up something fun to celebrate with! Below you’ll find 15 engagement gifts that you can DIY for the happy couple. Put a smile on their face and add to their “happy” with one of these fun ideas.

1. Laundry Baskets

Diy couple laundry baskets

Studio DIY shows us how to create some really snazzy laundry baskets. These will give the happy couple a fun giggle and get their engagement off on the right foot – with clean socks.

2. Instagram Photo Box

Diy instagram photo box

Grab some of their fav instagram photos and turn it into a fun little gift! Check out the details by hopping over to Style Me Pretty and following along with the directions.

3. Agate Coasters

Diy agate coasters

Learn how to make a set of these stunning agate coasters by heading on over to Brit + Co. These will be such a beautiful addition to the couples’ space. And it’ll be a great spot for their champagne glasses as they toast to their new life together.

4. Sharpie Mugs

Diy sharpie mugs for couple

A Beautiful Mess has a slew of great ideas to grab a hold of, but this one is a classic. Grab a couple of mugs and a few sharpies – then personalize! You’ll just have to pop them in the oven before gifting.

5. Clay Ring Bowl

Diy ring bowl

You could even create this gorgeous clay ring bowl with a little help from Intimate Weddings. It’ll be such a beautiful reminder of their happy news. Don’t be afraid to add a little color to it either!

6. ‘Love You, Mean It’ Throw Pillows

Couple throw pillow diy

But First Coffee whipped up some fun throw pillows that are perfect for a couple’s congratulatory gift as well. They’ll cherish these cuties forever and you could use any saying you’d like to personalize them with.

7. Bundt Cake Kit

Diy bundt cake kit

Darling Doodles Design showed off this bundt cake kit that we’re really digging as well. It starts off the shopping for their kitchen essentials but it’s also a date night! They can whip up the dessert together and celebrate the good news.

8. Tea Wreath

Diy tea wreath

A tea wreath could be a lot of fun as well. This one is super simple to put together as well. Check out the details at Kojo Designs.

9. Luggage Tags

Diy luggage tags

Oh No Rachio will show you how to make some luggage tags for the happy couple. Personalize them and make sure they each have their own set to enjoy and … embark on a honeymoon with one day! We love the fabric, you can get really creative with it!

10. Instagram Calendar

Diy instagram calendar

A Beautiful Mess will show you how to make an Instagram calendar for the lovebirds. Pick their best photos and utilize them! They can use this calendar for their year of planning ahead!

11. Paint Chip MagnetsDiy paint chip magnets

What about some rad magnets? How About Orange will teach you how to create some of these pantone-inspired bits. How cute would these look on a fridge?

12. Canvas Portrait

Diy canvas portrait

A Beautiful Mess will also show you how to make a canvas portrait! Pick out your favorite photo of the couple and turn it into a new piece of home decor. They’ll really love this sentiment.

13. Pineapple Cutting Board

Pineapple cutting board diy

Brit + Co made a pineapple cutting board that could be a fabulous congratulatory gift for the newly-engaged duo. Learn how to create it and then personalize it with colors you know they’ll love!

14. Chunky Throw Blanket

Diy chunky throw blanket

The Budget Decorator will show you how to make one of these fab chunky blankets. These are super trendy and it’s a great gift if the news comes near the holidays or cooler weather. You’ll be making movie night so much cozier!

15. Picnic Basket

Diy picnic basket

Lovely Indeed has our final snazzy idea up their sleeves – and it may be out favorite. Who knew you could whip up a picnic basket? It’s kind of a genius idea for an engagement gift too.

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