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Interesting Crafts Made from Balloons

Balloons are a lot of fun in and of themselves, but they’re also a super versatile crafting tool! Until I started searching for options because I had leftover balloons from a party I had recently, I hadn’t even clued in to all of the different things I could make with them. Now I’m just really excited to get crafting with those spares!

As usualy, I figured I’d share my crafter’s joy with you. Check out my 15 favourite things that you can make with balloons of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

1. “Fire and ice” lantern

"fire and ice" lantern

Madin Crafts guides you through the process of creating a frozen orb or ice by filling a balloon with water, letting it freeze, and then peeling the balloon off. Place the resulting ice sphere on your flat walkway lights and suddenly you have an awesome and almost eerie winter glow!

2. Giant balloon lollipops

Giant balloon lollipops

Parents.com suggests throwing your little one a super colourful Candy Land themed birthday party, complete with a rainbow path surrounded by giant lollipops! Those lollipops, of course, are made from balloons wrapped carefully in plastic gift wrap. I like this idea so much that I almost want to put giant lollipops all over my house for no reason.

3. Macrame balloons

Macrame balloons

Balloons that are hung outside won’t last forever, particularly if bad weather springs up, but for the amount of time that they’re there, they’ll look great! I adore the idea of wrapping a nice, big, brightly coloured balloon in some equally colourful yarn macrame. It’s simple, it’s cheap to make, and it’s outlined in full right on You Are My Fav.

4. Lace doily candle votive

Lace doily candle votive

Sarah Crafted guides you through the process of using decoupage techniques to create a rounded lace votive for a tea light candle. Paste lace doilies across the rounded bottom of the balloon and set it aside to dry. Pop the balloon and carefully peel the rubber off of the inside and voila! A pretty little bowl awaits your candlelight.