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10 Classic Ways To Craft With Twine

Twine is one of the most classic of crafting essentials. It can help within a variety of different projects you can create for your home and it also helps to add a more traditional and rustic vibe. From wreaths to unique wall art, there are plenty of ways to try your hand at DIYing with this item in tow. We’ve compiled a quick list of easy ways to get creative all the while crafting with twine!

1. Twine Bowl.


Did you know that you can crate an entire bowl out of twine? It would be a wonderful addition to your home as a centerpiece ro side piece – and it’s easy enough that the kids can help make it! {found on May Arts}

2. Twine Apple.


Perfect as a back to school gift or to highlight the kids’ playroom, here’s just a little taste of what you can create with some baker’s twine! {found on Domestically Speaking}

3. Twine Wreath.


Any time of the year you can wrap your wreath to go along with the season and here’s a perfect example of an easy fall decor piece you can create in no time. {found on Merriment Design}

4. Twin Bottle.


Grab an old wine bottle and instead of throwing it away turn it into something new! Wrap it in twine and have fun embellishing it to your delight. {found on The Creative Ministry}

5. Twine Flowers.