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10 DIY Birthday Cakes For Little Girls

If you’re little one’s birthday is creeping up and you want to create something from the heart … with your hands … why not try creating a beautiful cake just for them? From icing tricks to beautiful recipes, we’re sharing some DIY ways to do so. Princesses, modern styles and even a  bit of glitter can brighten a special gal’s big day. Let’s have a look at 10 different birthday cakes that can have your little girl happy as a clam at her birthday celebration!

My Little Pony.


This cake is all about the fondant. Bake a classic cake and then try your hand on cutting easy shapes and covering your layer with fondant – which is easier than you may think. Of course the pony and topping embellishments helps too. {found on Hostess with the Mostess}

Butterfly Art.


If you’re really good with icing, you can grab some gels and create easy, butterfly outlines all around your little one’s cake. It’s quick but it’s still very festive and fun with its color and youthful spirit. {found on Wedding Cake}

Disney Princess.


Bake your cakes, layer them up and ice them to perfection. The key here are the princess embellishments that are just make from simple sticker sheets! How easy can it be?! {found on Merriment Design}

Glitter Neco.


Use classic, candy Neccos to embellish you beautiful birthday cake! And make sure to add some glittering gold for a bit of modern style. A grown up cake for your growing girl could be the perfect addition. {found on Project Wedding}

Pink Ruffles.