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25 Gorgeous DIY Rugs

Rugs can be prohibitively expensive, and it’s often difficult to find one with the perfect colors for your room. So why not make your own? There are a ton of easy DIY rug ideas floating around the internet… and I’m going to share 25 of my favorites with you today. Here goes!

1. Coil + Crochet Rug

2 coil crochet rug

This stunning rug is made with lots and lots of scrap fabric, crocheted into a large round rug. The key is to use strong twine to wrap around your pieces of scrap fabric. Make your way over to My Poppet to find out exactly how to make one of these gorgeous rugs.

2. Spray Painted Rug

3 spray paint rug

Here’s a different technique – for this easy one, you will add pieces of contact paper to an existing rug and spray paint over them lightly to create this pretty effect. And you can customize the shapes however you like. Check out the full tutorial over at Adventures In Making.

3. Hand-Woven Rug

1 woven rug

This incredible rug is made on a wooden loom that is also handmade! Simply add nails to a frame and then add string and t-shirt yarn. Make your way over to A Beautiful Mess to find out how to make the loom, and to learn how to create the pattern shown above.

4. Crocheted Bath Rug

4 crochet bath rug rope

If you’re in need of a bath rug, then this might be the perfect project for you. All you’ll need to know is how to crochet… then grab some white clothesline from your home improvement store and get to work! Check out the full tutorial at Mama In A Stitch.

5. Aztec Crochet Rug

5 crochet pattern aztec rug

This pretty little rug is crocheted also, with a fun zig-zag pattern added in. The crocheted pom-poms on the ends add a nice touch as well. Make your way over to the Grow Creative blog to download the free crochet pattern and to read all about the process.

6. DIY Shag Rug

10 shag rug diy

If you have a lot of scrap yarn laying around, you might consider making one of these gorgeous, colorful DIY shag rugs. You’ll need rug canvas, a latch hook tool, yarn, and lots of patience! Head over to eHow to see how Lindsay created this beauty.

7. Giant Tassel Rug

8 giant tassel rug

Here’s an easier once, if patience is not your forté. You’ll buy a chunky rug to start with, and then make your own tassels using string or yarn and a clipboard. Head over to Earnest Home Co. to check out the tutorial and to read all about the process.

8. Bulky Knit Area Rug

7 hand knit rug

This large rug is made out of Bulky yarn, with two different types of knitting stitches used to create the variation in pattern. Make your way over to the Hands Occupied blog to check out the free pattern and to read tips and tricks about this lovely rug project.

9. Geometric Painted Rug

6 hand painted rug

This colorful area rug is made using a large piece of canvas, a rug gripper, and a few different acrylic craft paint colors. The triangles are then measured and marked using a ruler and pencil. Head over to October June to find out exactly how to complete this DIY.

10. Pom Pom Rug

9 pom pom rug

Here is another rug that utilizes yarn (and lots of it) so it would be great for anyone with excess skeins lying around. In the how-to, you will learn how to make these large pom poms, and then how to attach them all together. Check out the tutorial over at eHow.

11. Neon Welcome Mat

11 diy painted welcome mat

This eye-catching welcome mat is a great way to upcycle an old welcome mat that you don’t love anymore. All you’ll need is some painter’s tape and a couple of cans of neon spray paint. Head over to the Petit Elefant blog to check out the full rug tutorial.

12. Braided T-Shirt Rug

14 diy tshirt rug

This braided rug is made out of old t-shirts… talk about a great way to use what you already have! You’ll begin by creating strips of fabric and braiding them together, and then you’ll begin creating your rug. Head over to The Wonder Forest to find out more.

13. Geometric Painted Rug

12 diy geometric rug

This stylish rug has a bit of a southwest sort of vibe to it, with its geometric shapes and muted color. This one is very simple to make – all you’ll need is a plain white rug from IKEA, tape, and paint. Head over to It’s Pretty Nice to see the full tutorial.

14. Woven Circle Mat

15 woven circle mat

This brightly colored woven circle mat has a super trendy vibe, with its fun colors and tassels around the outside. For this project, you’ll need a piece of cardboard and lots of yarn and pom pom trim. Check out the full tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.

15. DIY Painted Rug

13 diy painted stencil rug

This project is so good that it actually looks like it’s store-bought! For this one you’ll again begin with a basic, plain white rug… and then you’ll make your own cardboard stencil to paint around. Head over to Upcycled Treasures to see the tutorial.

16. Attached Rugs

16 larger rug hack

This is more of a hack than a make-from-scratch tutorial. If you find a small rug or mat that you love but need a larger size for your space, use this hack to combine two rugs into one larger one. Head on over to Apartment Therapy to find out how to do it!

17. Fabric Rag Rug

19 fabric scrap rag rug

This rag rug is made from tons of little fabric scraps… so if you have excess fabric that you don’t need, give this one a try. And you can customize the colors so they compliment your space. Check out the full tutorial over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

18. Rope Coil Rug

20 rope rug

This lovely coiled rug is made with thick rope, and it’s super easy to make. Simply grab some canvas, glue, and rope and get to work using this photo tutorial found over at Craftionary. You’ll want to make one for every room in your house!

19. Custom Kitchen Rug

18 diy custom kitchen rug

Here is a great way to customize a small rug so that it has the exact design that you are looking for. Go buy a generic kitchen rug from the store along with a piece of heavy duty fabric and then check out this great tutorial from Dream A Little Bigger. 

20. Friendship Bracelet Rug

17 diy rag rug

This is a cool project which uses a technique you may be familiar with if you’ve ever made a friendship bracelet out of embroidery floss. Only for this project, you’ll use colorful fabric instead. Head over to The House That Lars Built to find out how to do it.

21. Chunky Circular Rug

23 circular rug

This cozy-looking circular rug is made with wool roving, which is basically un-spun yarn (so it’s thick and fluffy). And this project has a super helpful video tutorial. Make your way over to Fab Art DIY to check out more photos, information, and the video.

22. Fabric Rose Bath Mat

22 rose rug

This pretty bath mat is created by using a store-bought mat as the base, and then adding fabric in the shape of rosettes to the top. I’d recommend using jersey fabric or an old stretchy t-shirt so that the edges will curl nicely. Get the tutorial at Better Together. 

23. Stenciled Outdoor Rug

21 stenciled outdoor rug

If you’re in need of a stylish outdoor rug for your porch or patio, consider making your own by stenciling a plain, cheap-o one with spray paint. Make your way over to Everyday Dishes to find out how to make one yourself and to check out more photos.

24. Fabric and Rope Rug

25 rope fabric rug

This gorgeous rug is made with rope and fabric. Basically, you’ll wrap lots of fabric around a long piece of rope and then use a sewing machine to coil it into its round shape. Make your way over to A Beautiful Mess to check out the full photo tutorial.

25. Custom Phrase Doormat

24 custom saying rug

And last but certainly not least, this custom phrase doormat will make your friends smile as they walk into your house. You’ll need a plain IKEA doormat, a cameo cutting machine, and some paint. Head over to Dream A Little Bigger to see the tutorial.

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