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Pretty Cotton Candy Inspired Crafts and DIY Projects

When it comes to crafting with our kids, there are a few different categories or themes of DIY projects that they love making the most. We come from a family full of animal lovers, for example, so animal themed crafts and projects shaped like their favourite animals have always been a big hit. Even more than that, however, our kids have actually always loved crafting things that are themed after their favourite foods! Recently, we went to the fair and they had big, authentic fair style cotton candy for the first time, taking huge, fluffy bites and licking the spare sugar off their fingers long after the cotton candy was gone. We’re sure you can imagine, then, that they’ve been asking to create cotton candy themed things during every “crafternoon” we’ve had with them since! That’s why we’ve been scrolling through the Internet trying to collect as many cute cotton candy themed craft and DIY project ideas as we possibly can.

Just in case you love the idea of making cotton candy themed things with your kids just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest, sweetest looking designs, ideas, and tutorials we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Paper plate cotton candy

Paper plate cotton candy

Is the part of the cotton candy your kids loved the most definitely the awesomely fluffy texture and feeling of it, so you’ve been hoping to find a cotton candy themed craft that will help them mimic that cool feeling? Then it only makes sense to craft with… cotton! We love the way Glued to My Crafts glued cotton balls over a paper plate and painted the surface of them a bright, cheerful cotton candy pink.

2. Cotton candy lollipops

Mini cotton candy lollipops

If you’re going to make yourself and your kids something that’s cotton candy themed, would you rather actually make it using cotton candy, so you can all enjoy the delicious snack together? Then we have a feeling you’ll all get a pretty big kick out of this fantastic cotton candy lollipop idea featured on Lindsay Ann Bakes! They show you how to split a larger portion of delicious candy floss up onto smaller bites, wrapping it around the end of snack sticks like lollipops. We like this idea because it means we can let our kids have a little cotton candy treat after dinner in better portions, rather than having to watch they they don’t eat the whole darn tub while we’re not looking.

3. DIY cotton candy pinata

Diy cotton candy pinata

Are you actually looking for an awesome way to include cotton candy into the party decor for the next birthday party you throw for one of your kids, partially because they love it so much and partially because it adds such an adorable pastel aesthetic to the whole atmosphere? Well, one of our very favourite things to make and so at a kids’ party is a delicious candy pinata, so if you’re anywhere on the same page as us, we have a feeling you’ll squeal over this adorable DIY cotton candy pinata design outlined step by step on Studio DIY just as hard as we did! Talk about taking the whole idea of a “candy pinata” to a whole new level.

4. Unicorn cotton candy party favours

Unicorn cotton candy party favours

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about fun ways to portion out cotton candy into more snack-able sizes, but the whole reason you’re interested in the idea is that you’re wondering whether it might work for that birthday party we were talking about? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at how Living Locurto made these adorable unicorn party favours using little paper cups decorated with feathers, flowers, markers, and a cone shaped bag shaped like a rainbow unicorn horn.

5. DIY trufula trees

Diy trufula trees

Are your kids huge Dr. Seuss fans just like ours are? Then we’d be willing to bet that they love the story of The Lorax as well! We recently found this adorable painted cotton ball craft featured on Fun A Day that’s meant to look like the fluffy truffula trees from the story, but we were actually in the midst of looking for more cotton candy crafts and we thought… why not alter this idea to involve cotton candy? We helped our kids make an edible version of the truffula trees recently by replacing the cotton balls and paint with bundles of cotton candy.

6. Mixed media cotton candy

Mixed media cotton candy

Are you still thinking about how much your kids really love mixed media crafts and getting to make new things out of unconventional “tools” but none of what we’ve shown you so far has quite held your attention enough to decide you? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Glued to My Crafts combined the construction paper, disposable plates, and cotton ball idea you’ve seen before with fun drizzling paint techniques and actual, real life sprinkles, just for a super fun twist.

7. Cotton candy party garland

Cotton candy party garland

Are you still thinking about how much you love the idea of cotton candy themed party decor, so now you’re scrolling through our list hoping to find a DIY decor idea that goes along with the DIY cotton candy pinata design that you saw earlier and loved so much? Then we think you’ll be very pleased indeed with this idea from Oh Happy Day for using pulled and spun cotton balls and some pastel paint to make adorable miniature cones of cotton candy strung all along a garland.

8. Textured puffy paint cotton candy

Textured puffy paint cotton candy

Are your kids the kind of messy little crafters who absolutely adore any DIY design that lets them get as hands on as possible? Then we think perhaps this homemade puffy paint recipe outlined step by step on Crafty Morning will be right up your alley! Besides the fact that you’ll be able to paint the textured cotton candy onto your project, you’ll also be mixing the paint from scratch and customizing the colours as you please, making this basically the most hands on craft on the list.

9. Glow in the dark cotton candy cupcakes

Glow in the dark cotton candy cupcakes

Now that we’ve talked so much about about sweet, fragrant cotton candy themed things, are you absolutely craving some kind of delicious treat? Well, rather than just going out and buying a pack of cotton candy, why not make something a little extra awesome and creative, just to really make it worth your time? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Living Locurto made these cotton candy flavoured cupcakes that also feature a swirl of actual cotton candy wound around the end of a glow stick to make it look like a glowing tornado!

10. Cotton candy play dough

Cotton candy play dough

Besides the taste, are you also quite in love with the pastel colours the candy comes in and the unique, sweet smell of it? Well, if your kids are big fans of hands on projects like we were talking about earlier, we have a feeling that you’ll all get along very well indeed with this fantastic homemade cotton candy play dough recipe outlined step by step on Mama Miss! They show you how to make it in in pink, blue and a striping mixture of both.

11. DIY upside down cotton candy costume

Diy upside down cotton candy costume

Do your kids love cotton candy so much that you really have to watch how much they eat or you’re worried that they’ll actually turn into cotton candy? That’s a joke we remember our grandmother making when we were kids eating too much of one thing all the time, but we’ve always found it a funny mental image. That’s why we were so amused when we came across this adorably DIY costume featured on Hello Wonderful that will actually help you use cotton stuffing to turn your kids into their favourite sweet fluff for Halloween or a costume party.

12. Cotton candy marshmallow pops

Cotton candy marshmallow pops

Were you quite interested indeed when we showed you how to make cotton candy lollipops earlier on our list but you can’t help but wonder whether there’s a version of that idea that’s similar but with a little something extra? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Decorated Cookie made theirs to have a wonderfully sweet marshmallow centre! Their tutorial shows you how to carefully wrap the cotton candy around the outside of your skewered marshmallows like a pastel coloured cloud.

13. Kawaii cotton candy stitching characters

Kawaii cotton candy stitching characers

Have your best DIY skills actually always been rooted in soft fabric and material crafts like sewing and hand stitching, but you’re absolutely still the kind of novelty lover who is interested in food themed crafts even so? Then we have a feeling you’re probably already familiar with how awesome kawaii food characters are, but here’s one that we think will peak your interest even more than usual. Check out how Chunkylicious made these fantastic, happy little cotton candy characters!

14. Cotton candy ornaments

Cotton candy ornaments

Martha Stewart might have made made these adorable little ribbon tied cotton candy ornaments for a gender reveal party, but we love them so much that we actually think we’d use them for events of all kinds, or maybe even work them into the permanent decor of our kids’ playroom or bedrooms! Their tutorial guides you through the process of wrapping cotton stuffing around the end of a swirly paper straw, lightly spray painting it pink or blue, and tying it with a ribbon for some finishing detail.

15. Cotton candy freak shake

Cotton candy freak shake

If you’re going to put in lots of DIY work and creative effort to make yourself something super unique in order to pay tribute to your favourite candy, would you actually prefer to make it something else you can eat or drink because combination taste recipes have always been your favourite? Well, we think perhaps we’ve actually found the ultimate cotton candy delight that almost tastes more like the sweet fluff you love so much than cotton candy itself! Check out how Cara’s Party Ideas made this fantastic “cotton candy freak” shake that’s so bright and cheerful looking that we almost squealed when we first saw it. This is definitely a recipe for people with a big sweet tooth!

Do you know a fellow crafter and DIY enthusiast who loves and adores cotton candy just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of new ways to merge their creative skills with their favourite treat!

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