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15 Easy Steak Marinades To Jazz Up Your Meat & Potatoes

A classic dinner for the family and one to salivate over, a perfectly flavored and cooked piece of beef is music to so many ears (and tastebuds). Today we’re offering up 15 easy steak marinades that will jazz up your traditional meat and potatoes dishes. If you’re looking for something that takes those meals and raises them up a to an entirely new level in terms of deliciousness, these will most certainly do it! Take a peek and try one out this weekend.

1. Garlic & A Kick

Best grilled steak marinade recipe

Root + Revel features a favorited steak marinade and it comes with a lot of great flavors. Versatile for all kinds of themed dinners and times of the year, it’s got both garlicky touches and a kick! Check out the recipe after the jump.

2. Mojo

Grilled skirt steak mojo

Over at Serious Eats, you’ll find this “mojo” style marinade. Perfect for skirt steaks and served with some Mexican-flair, it’s the perfect way to serve up your summertime dishes with friends and family.

3. Apple Juice

Apple juice steak marinade

Who knew apple juice could be the perfect marinade for your steak? All you have to do to learn how to bring that to fruition is to check out CDKitchen and snag all of the details.

4. Ultimate Asian

Ultimate asian flank steak marinade

If you’re feeling like you want some Asian-inspiration on the table tonight, just check out this recipe from Just A Taste. It’ll brighten up your meat and you can serve it up with some white rice for a flavorful, healthy, and family-friendly meal. Jump on over now to peek at the ingredients for this “Ultimate Asian” marinade.

5. Chipotle Honey

Chipotle honey grilled marinade