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DIY Copper Hexagon Art

This copper hexagon art is a life-saver for those of us that want a gallery set in a bit without splurging dollars on art. And mind you, copper foil looks like the real deal, take a look yourself. Oh! And did I mention that you only need some paint and copper foil to get along, can it get any simple. You can try with paint alone if metallic tone are not your thing. In a bid to not make it monotonous, I added in some pastel lavender.Diy copper hexagon art 1Diy copper hexagon art 2Let’s proceed ahead to see how we can make this simple but eye-catching art in no-time


  • Copper Contact paper ( Aluminium foil in copper )
  • Lilac paint
  • White glue
  • Brush
  • Scissors


1.Draw a hexagon shape on a piece of paper ( I refereed this tutorial) and lightly trace the hexagon template over a sheet of paper cut in accordance to your frame. I used the mat that came with the frame to guide me while I draw.Paint one side of the hexagon with a contrasting color of your choice ( preferably pastels ). I choose to go for lavender. It doesn’t have to be exact inside the hexagon as it will be covered by the copper foil but you do need to get the edges clean ( I placed my ruler for that reason )Diy hexagon copper art step 12.Trace the template over your copper foil and cut out a hexagon. Now you may want to hold the template over the hexagon copper foil so you could cut out 1/6th of the hexagon ( which we had already traced )Diy hexagon copper art step 23.Make sure that your paint has dried and now you can easily glue down your cut hexagon copper foil over the traced area. If you see any pencil marks gently erase them.Diy hexagon copper art step 3There you go, you are a proud owner of a beautiful hexagon art. What’s great about this hexagon copper art is that you can use it in your gallery of art or decorate a nursery, it fits in very well.  You can do the same with any other geometrical figures that you are fond of and perhaps align many smaller pieces of hexagons in one frame.The copper foils’ sheen and crinkles adds a lot of texture to the art and cannot be taken for a simple print out but something unique.Diy hexagon copper art 6Diy hexagon copper art 2Hope you liked this tutorial, do let us know if you happen to make this art for your home. We love to see your projects.

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